98th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
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HB1584 Hill, Justin CCS SCS HCS HB 1584 5/11/2016 House Message (H)
 4219H.04S - Modifies provisions relating to private probation services for misdemeanor offenders
SB621 Romine, Gary CCR HCS SS SB 621
 4556S.08S - Modifies provisions relating to telehealth services
SB627 Nasheed, Jamilah CCR#2 SB 627
 4501S.03S - Requires each public institution of higher education to develop and implement a policy to advise students and staff on available suicide prevention programs
SB639 Riddle, Jeanie CCR HCS SB 639
 4825S.08S - Allows political subdivisions to assign operation of a retirement plan to the Missouri Local Government Employees' Retirement System
SB640 CCR HCS SB 640
 4715S.04S - HCS SB 640
SB650 Pearce, David CCR#2 SCS SB 650
 4342S.05S - Modifies the A+ Schools Program by removing the requirement that the student's attendance of public high school occur in the three years immediately prior to graduation
SB677 Sater, David CCR HCS SB 677
 4546S.04S - Establishes requirements for authorized entities to stock epinephrine (EPI) auto-injectors for use in emergencies
SB703 Munzlinger, Brian CCR HCS SCS SB 703
 4096S.06S - Changes the laws regarding agriculture
SB799 Kraus, Will CCR HCS SS SB 799
 4490S.06S - Changes the laws regarding business fees
SB864 Sater, David CCR HCS SB 864
 5462S.03S - Changes the laws regarding the dispensing of medication
SB873 Pearce, David CCR HCS SB 873
 4373S.04S - HCS SB 873
 4460S.05S - Changes the laws regarding elementary and secondary education
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