Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 292 -- Falsifying a Drug or Alcohol Test

Sponsor:  Roorda

This bill creates the crime of altering or falsifying a drug or
alcohol test, a class D felony.  The crime is committed when a
person knowingly alters or falsifies a drug or alcohol test by:

(1)  Using any device designed to alter or falsify the test;

(2)  Submitting an altered or false biological sample;

(3)  Submitting a sample collected from another person or an
animal; or

(4)  Submitting false documents or making false material
statements with the intent to alter or falsify a test.

The bill also makes it a class A misdemeanor to sell or transport
a biological sample with the intent to alter or falsify a test or
to sell or transport an adulterant for these samples.  An
adulterant is any substance that can be added to a sample to
corrupt it.

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