Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 2036 -- Urban Flight Scholarship Program

Sponsor:  Moore

This bill establishes the Urban Flight Scholarship Program for up
to 100 college education students who meet the grade point
requirement and agree to teach in certain urban or metropolitan
school districts.  The scholarship may also be granted to certain
community college students or people who have completed a
bachelor's degree and make the commitment to pursue a career in
teaching.  The scholarship covers up to four years of tuition and
fees at a Missouri college or university and is forgiven at a
rate of one year of scholarship for every two years of teaching;
otherwise, the scholarship is converted to a loan which is to be
repaid at 9.5% interest a year.  The Department of Elementary and
Secondary Education will administer the program and provide 75%
of the scholarship amount, subject to appropriation.  The school
district with which the recipient contracts will provide the
remaining 25%.  The department may defer interest under certain
conditions and may sell the loan to the Missouri Higher Education
Loan Authority (MoHELA).

The Urban Flight Scholarship Program Fund is created and will
consist of all moneys appropriated, gifts, contributions, grants,
or bequests which are to be used solely for awarding scholarships
under this program.

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Missouri House of Representatives
93rd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
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