Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 518 -- Highway Work Zone Protection

Sponsor:  St. Onge

This bill changes the laws regarding highway work zones.
"Worker" or "highway worker" is defined as any person who is
working in a construction or work zone or any employee of the
Department of Transportation working on a state highway or state
highway right-of-way.

Any person guilty of a moving violation within a construction or
work zone for the first offense will be subject to a $35 fine and
$75 for a second or subsequent violation.  A fine for speeding in
a construction or work zone will be $250 for the first offense
and $350 for a second or subsequent violation.  Passing in a zone
will be a class C misdemeanor.  The bill establishes the crime of
endangerment of a highway worker and specifies the circumstances.

A surcharge must be accessed on all traffic violations in the
state.  The Work Zone Safety Trust Fund is created for the
deposit of the surcharges and other revenues to be used for
funding enforcement of all traffic laws in construction or work

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