Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 503 -- Physician Assistants

Sponsor:  Sater

This bill expands the definition of "supervision" of physician
assistants to allow supervising physicians to be available via
telecommunications for consultation, assistance, or intervention.

Supervising physicians must be present a minimum of 20% of the
clinic's hours for practice supervision and collaboration when
utilizing physician assistants.  No physician will supervise more
than three physician assistants; however, this provision does not
apply to physician agreements with hospital employees.

Physician assistants must practice within 30 miles of the
supervising physician, with the mileage limit for practicing in
federally designated health professional shortage areas being 50

The bill requires, after January 1, 2006, that applicants for a
physician's assistant license have a master's degree in a health
or medical science related field.

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