Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 357 -- Liquor Control

Co-Sponsors:  Deeken, Kelly (36), Bishop, Riback Wilson (25),
Cooper (155), Holand

This bill establishes the Fund for the Reduction of
Alcohol-Related Problems.  The fund will receive moneys through
appropriation from increased fees for selling intoxicating
liquor.  Moneys in the fund must be used only for the study and
reduction of alcohol-related problems through statutory programs.
The fund will be administered by the State Treasurer.

The fee for selling both 3.2% and 5% beer is increased from 6
cents per gallon to 24 cents per gallon.  The fee for selling
spirituous liquor is increased from $2 per gallon to $4 per
gallon.  The fee for selling wine is increased from 42 cents per
gallon to 78 cents per gallon.

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