100th General Assembly, 2nd Extraordinary Session
House Substitutes on Senate Bills

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
SB1Rupp, ScottHCS SS#2 SCS SB 1
 0225H.09C - Modifies the law relating to workers' compensation
SB9Pearce, DavidHCS SCS SB 9
 0234H.07C - Allows University of Missouri Extension Councils to form extension districts made up of cooperating counties
SB12Schaefer, KurtHCS SB 12
 0184H.04C - Provides immunity from civil liability for court appointed attorneys
SB17Munzlinger, BrianHCS SCS SB 17
 0283L.06C - Establishes the Career and Technical Education Advisory Board Council
SB18Munzlinger, BrianHCS SB 18
 0072H.02C - Requires agencies to track federal fund usage, requires political subdivisions and charter schools to disclose indebtedness, requires the Governor to report withholdings, and removes the Auditor from the Board of Fund Commissioners
SB20Dixon, BobHCS SS SCS SBs 20, 15 & 19
 0063H.10C - Changes the laws regarding specified tax credits
SB23Parson, MikeHCS SB 23
 0336H.03C - Allows Pettis County to use revenue from the county transient guest tax on salaries
SB24Parson, MikeHCS SB 24
 0361H.08C - Allows third and fourth class counties to adopt building codes upon a voter approval and exempts agricultural structures from county building codes
SB26Kraus, WillHCS SS#2 SCS SBs 26, 11 & 31
 0363H.11C - Modifies laws regarding taxation
SB33Lamping, JohnHCS SCS SB 33
 0097H.03C - Modifies provisions relating to public accommodations and service dogs for persons with mental disabilities
SB34Cunningham, MikeHCS SS SB 34
 0337H.03C - Requires the Division of Workers' Compensation to develop and maintain a workers' compensation claims database
SB41Munzlinger, BrianHCS SB 41
 0100H.03C - Modifies the laws regarding certain private nuisance actions
SB42Munzlinger, BrianHCS SCS SB 42
 0094H.05C - Allows setoff of income tax refunds and lottery payouts for unpaid debts to county jails and bars debtors from holding a concealed carry endorsement or license to hunt or fish
SB43Munzlinger, BrianHCS SB 43
 0198H.02C - Increases the weight allowance for vehicles equipped with idle reduction technology from 400 pounds to 550 pounds to reflect change in federal law
SB45Dixon, BobHCS SCS SB 45
 0055H.05C - Creates an exception for the thirty-first judicial circuit from reimbursing the state for salaries of family court commissioners
SB51Munzlinger, BrianHCS SB 51
 0197H.03C - Modifies provisions of law relating to the regulation of motor vehicles
SB57Romine, GaryHCS SB 57
 0119H.06C - Allows the marshal of certain cities to abate nuisances without notification and bill the property owner for the abatement
SB67Dixon, BobHCS SB 67
 0052L.04C - Modifies provisions relating to higher education
SB73Schaefer, KurtHCS SB 73
 0445H.02C - Prohibits law enforcement agencies from establishing roadside checkpoint or road block patterns based upon a particular vehicle type, including the establishment of motorcycle-only checkpoints
SB75Brown, DanHCS SB 75
 0366H.02C - Authorizes school districts and charter schools to provide training and education about firearms safety and addressing potentially dangerous or armed intruders
SB83Parson, MikeHCS SS SCS SB 83
 0491H.11C - Modifies provisions of law relating to taxation of real property
SB86Keaveny, JosephHCS SCS SB 86
 0087H.06C - Specifies that plans use the funded ratio as of the most recent periodic actuarial valuation before implementing a benefit increase and authorizes plans to make benefit increases despite having a funded ratio below the require level
SB88Schaaf, RobHCS SCS SB 88
 0609H.03C - Modifies provisions relating to fees health care professionals are allowed to charge for medical records
SB89Munzlinger, BrianHCS SCS SB 89
 0113H.04C - Allows nursing home districts to establish and maintain senior housing in any third or fourth classification county
SB90McKenna, RyanHCS SB 90
 0655H.04C - Allows council members in third class cities to serve four-year terms upon passage of an ordinance or ballot proposal
SB99Keaveny, JosephHCS SB 99
 0160H.02C - This act will make the St. Louis City public administrator an appointed position
SB100Keaveny, JosephHCS SB 100
 0212H.03C - Adds interest in health savings plans and inherited accounts to the list of exemptions in bankruptcy proceedings
SB110Brown, DanHCS SB 110
 0521H.06C - Establishes procedures to follow in child custody and visitation cases for military personnel
SB112Rupp, ScottHCS SB 112
 0461H.05C - Reauthorizes the New Markets Tax Credit and modifies provisions relating to it
SB116Kraus, WillHCS SS SCS SB 116
 0630H.06C - Modifies the law relating to uniformed military and overseas voters
SB117Kraus, WillHCS SCS SB 117
 0664H.05C - Allows individuals who are separating from the military to have resident student status for purposes of attending public institutions of higher education
SB118Kraus, WillHCS SCS SB 118
 0465H.07C - Authorizes the creation of veterans treatment courts
 0665L.06C - Modifies provisions relating to educational accountability
SB127Sater, DavidHCS SB 127
 0486H.02C - Authorizes a statewide dental delivery system under MO HealthNet
SB148Wasson, JayHCS SB 148
 0639H.03C - Requires Department of Revenue to notify insurers of any discovered motor vehicle owners and lienholders so that insurers can notify owners and lienholders of their intent to obtain salvage titles or junking certificates
SB157Sater, DavidHCS SCS SB 157 and SB 102
 0549H.11C - Modifies documentation requirements for scrap metal purchases
SB161Pearce, DavidHCS SB 161
 0231H.06C - Requires the Joint Committee on Legislative Research to conduct an actuarial analysis to study the cost impact of mandating health insurance coverage for eating disorders
SB182Kehoe, MikeHCS SCS SB 182
 0935H.10C - Changes the laws regarding local sales and use taxes on the sale of motor vehicles, trailers, boats, or outboard motors regardless of whether it was purchased in Missouri
SB186Brown, DanHCS SCS SB 186
 1112H.03C - Authorizes funeral establishments and coroners to release information to veterans' service organizations and limits liability for the organizations and funeral establishments
SB188Romine, GaryHCS SB 188
 0939H.04C - Requires local prosecutor to receive copy of petition for conditional release of sexually violent predators
SB205Sater, DavidHCS SB 205
 1194H.02C - Requires all children over 15 years of age in foster care or in the Division of Youth Services to receive a visit to a state university or community or technical college in Missouri
SB210Lamping, JohnHCS SS SCS SB 210
 1218L.07C - Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to hold public meetings in each congressional district on the Common Core State Standards
SB222Lamping, JohnHCS SB 222
 0921H.03C - Modifies provisions relating to domestic violence
SB224Curls, ShalonnHCS SCS SB 224
 0860H.04C - Increases the salaries that may be paid to the Kansas City Police Department and repeals a provision that actions taken against the police chief are not subject to review
SB229Brown, DanHCS SCS SB 229
 1110H.03C - Modifies provisions relating to the Mental Health Employment Disqualification Registry
SB241Lager, BradHCS SS SCS SB 241
 0957H.16C - Creates the Uniform Wireless Communications Infrastructure Deployment Act and modifies provisions relating to telecommunications
SB245Justus, JolieHCS SS SB 245
 1182H.03C - Adds law school clinics to the list of organizations who may waive court expenses without filing a motion
SB251Kraus, WillHCS SS SB 251
 0105H.05C - Updates provisions relating to public assistance fraud and abuse
SB252Kraus, WillHCS SS SB 252
 0626H.06C - Prohibits the Department of Revenue from retaining copies of source documents used to obtain driver's licenses and modifies other driver's license provisions
SB256Silvey, RyanHCS SCS SB 256
 1371H.04C - Modifies provisions relating to the Safe Place for Newborns Act
SB258LeVota, PaulHCS SCS SB 258
 1317H.04C - Reduces the membership of the Kansas City School District board of education and changes the election date for school board members
SB262Curls, ShalonnHCS SS SB 262
 1383H.07C - Prohibits health carriers from denying coverage for a health care service on the basis that the service was provided through telemedicine if the same service would be covered when delivered in person
SB275Walsh, GinaHCS SB 275
 1449H.02C - Modifies eligibility criteria for energy efficiency incentive programs offered by electric companies to low income customers
SB282Wasson, JayHCS SS SB 282
 1480H.05C - Increases penalties for moving violations and traffic offenses occurring within an active emergency zone
SB294Schmitt, EricHCS SB 294
 1534H.05C - Allows the Public Service Commission to intervene in certain legal proceedings
SB317Romine, GaryHCS SCS SBs 317 & 319
 1506H.06C - Allows motorists to provide proof of insurance by mobile electronic devices and allows for the use of electronic notice and documents under certain conditions
SB330Wasson, JayHCS SB 330
 1611H.04C - Modifies provisions relating to collaborative practice arrangements between a physician and an advanced practice registered nurse by allowing a waiver to the proximity requirement
SB342Parson, MikeHCS SB 342
 1511H.03C - Raises the loan amount available through the Missouri agricultural and small business development authority for livestock feed and crop input from forty thousand to one hundred thousand dollars
SB401Rupp, ScottHCS SS SB 401
 1908H.06C - Establishes a licensure system for navigators
SJR16Kehoe, MikeHCS SS#2 SCS SJR 16
 1261H.09C - Imposes a temporary one cent sales and use tax for transportation purposes

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