96th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Bills Indexed by Subject

BillSponsor Bill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
HB1065McGhee, Mike HB 10654/4/2012 Voted Do Pass (H)
  4300L.01I - Authorizes a corporation or unincorporated association to be represented in small claims court for certain actions by its president or vice-president for any claim of $500 or less
HB1293Leara, Mike HB 12934/18/2012 Referred: Judiciary (H)
  4634L.01I - Requires suits in inverse condemnation or involving dangerous conditions of public property against a municipal corporation to be brought only in the county where the land or any part of the land lies
HB1469Cross, Gary L. HB 14693/27/2012 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  4275L.02I - Authorizes a landlord to bring an action to remove a tenant without being represented by an attorney and to file a claim in small claims court for the ejectment of a tenant to obtain possession of a premises
HB1514Wieland, Paul HB 15145/2/2012 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  5529L.01I - Allows for the establishment of a series limited liability company
HB1561Diehl, John HB 15614/18/2012 Referred: General Laws (H)
  5011L.01I - Allows for the organization of a low-profit limited liability company or L3C
HB1571Oxford, Jeanette Mott HB 15714/24/2012 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  5204L.01I - Establishes the Good Jobs First Act which provides development subsidies to certain corporations
HB1578Largent, Scott HB 15782/29/2012 Voted Do Pass (H)
  5297L.01I - Exempts reimbursement payments made under a contract to provide respite care for children in foster care from individual and corporate income tax
HB1639Nolte, Jerry SCS HCS HB 16395/18/2012 Reported Do Pass (S)
  4535S.12C - Establishes the Broad-Based Tax Relief Act of 2012, reduces the tax on business income and corporate income, and changes the laws regarding the collection of money owed to the state
HB1676Nichols, Mary HB 16764/11/2012 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  5632L.01I - Requires a homeowner and community improvement association to be organized as a nonprofit corporation and to comply with those liability insurance and alternative dispute resolution provisions
HB1717Kelley, Mike HCS HB 17174/26/2012 Second Read and Referred: Ways and Means (S)
  5148L.02P - Changes the laws regarding the withholding tax filing requirements and income tax deductions for certain small businesses
HB1727McCreery, Tracy HB 17274/12/2012 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  5553L.01I - Changes the laws regarding taxation
HB1850Wyatt, Zachary HB 18505/1/2012 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  5937L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Energy Efficiency Performance Standard
HB1861Nolte, Jerry HB 18614/18/2012 Referred: International Trade and Job Creation (H)
  6035L.01I - Establishes the Broad-Based Tax Relief Act of 2012 which reduces the tax on business income and corporate income for sole proprietors, partners, and shareholders in S corporations
HB1999Zerr, Anne HB 19993/28/2012 Referred: Economic Development (H)
  4684L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Missouri Science and Innovation Reinvestment Act
HB2089Hughes IV, Leonard HB 20894/26/2012 Referred: Small Business (H)
  6294L.01I - Allows certain small businesses to be eligible to claim any state tax credit, deduction, and other exemption from tax that specified corporations are allowed to claim
HCR38McCreery, Tracy HCR 383/29/2012 Referred: General Laws (H)
  5705L.01I - Urges Congress to propose an amendment to the United States Constitution to clearly state that corporations are not human beings and do not have the same rights as citizens of the United States
SB661Schmitt, Eric SCS SB 6613/29/2012 SCS Reported Do Pass (S)
  5177S.03C - Creates a phased-in individual income tax deduction for business income and reduces the corporate income tax rate over a five-year period
SB722Jones, Timothy HCS SCS SB 7225/17/2012 Third Read and Passed with Amendments (H)
  5353L.08C - Bars entities that invest in the energy sector in Iran from contracting with the state and political subdivisions
SB901Lembke, Jim SB 9013/1/2012 Introduced and First Read (S)
  6073S.01I - Modifies the requirements for a county, city, town, or village to issue revenue bonds and the ability of industrial development corporations to issue bonds