98th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Bills Indexed by Subject

BillSponsor Bill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
HB1690Chipman, Jason HB 16902/1/2016 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  4700H.01I - Requires the Office of Administration to contract for a Government Efficiency and Reform review and analysis of the executive branch of state government
HB1925Rowden, Caleb HB 19252/1/2016 Public Hearing Scheduled, Bill not Heard (H)
  5306H.01I - Requires all departments and divisions of the state, including statewide offices, to post copies of contracts entered into for provision of legal services from outside firms on Missouri Accountability Portal
HB1999White, Bill HB 19994/6/2016 Voted Do Pass (H)
  5630H.01I - Requires the Commissioner of Administration to procure a blanket bond or crime insurance policy to protect the state against loss from the acts or omissions of any state-compensated person within the judiciary
HB2072Hinson, Dave HB 20725/13/2016 Referred: Ways and Means
  5286H.02I - Eliminates tax credits, converts all domestic and social tax credits into deductions, and reduces the top tax rate of the Missouri individual income tax
HB2094Chipman, Jason HB 20944/12/2016 Referred: Civil and Criminal Proceedings
  4711H.01I - Changes provisions relating to representation by public defenders
HB2164Marshall, Nick HB 21645/13/2016 Referred: Government Oversight and Accountability
  5775H.01I - Requires the Office of Administration to install and maintain audio and visual recordings of the capitol office entrances for specified elected officials
HB2184Fitzwater, Paul HB 21841/28/2016 Referred: Government Oversight and Accountability
  5871H.01I - Changes the law regarding land purchases made on behalf of state departments
HB2228Barnes, Jay HB 22283/8/2016 Reported Do Pass with Amendments (H)
  5577H.01I - Specifies that state employees shall receive ten consecutive work days of paid leave upon the birth or adoption of a child
HB2251Curtman, Paul HB 22513/29/2016 Reported Do Pass (H)
  5749H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the sale of general obligation bonds
HB2289Parkinson, Mark HB 22894/26/2016 Referred: Select Committee on General Laws
  5806H.01I - Changes the laws regarding state procurement
HB2530Curtman, Paul HB 25305/13/2016 Referred: Ways and Means
  4468H.01I - Establishes the Corporate Welfare Elimination Act, which terminates corporate tax credits by placing a sunset on each credit
HB2620Jones, Caleb HB 26203/14/2016 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  6247H.01I - Establishes the State Obligation Recovery Center to recover obligations owed to the state
HB2805Engler, Kevin HB 28054/13/2016 Referred: Select Committee on Commerce
  6872H.02I - Changes the laws regarding land clearance projects
HJR54Shumake, Lindell HCS HJR 545/12/2016 Referred: Senate Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight
  4080H.02P - Proposes a constitutional amendment authorizing $50 million in bonds for veterans homes
HJR56Burlison, Eric HCS HJR 563/1/2016 HCS Reported Do Pass (H)
  4731H.02C - Proposes a constitutional amendment to limit general revenue appropriations and mandate state income tax rate reductions in certain situations
SB682Ross, Robert HCS SB 6825/11/2016 Reported Do Pass (H)
  4683H.03C - HCS SB 682
SB704Rowden, Caleb HCS SS SCS SB 7045/11/2016 Reported Do Pass with Amendments (H)
  4101H.04C - Modifies laws relating to public funds