96th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Bills Indexed by Subject

BillSponsor Bill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
HB117Ellinger, Rory HB 1174/12/2011 Referred: Special Standing Committee on Renewable Energy
  0484L.01I - Establishes requirements for environmentally sustainable construction for certain state-funded buildings
HB147Cauthorn, John HB 1472/17/2011 HCS Voted Do Pass (H)
  0027L.01I - Requires the Commissioner of the Office of Administration or other state purchasing agent to buy forest products, bricks, or aluminum produced in Missouri with certain exceptions
HB269Molendorp, Chris HB 2693/30/2011 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  0903L.01I - Adds certain not-for-profit organizations to the term "public entity" as it relates to tort immunity and limits the state's liability in tort claims involving motor vehicles and dangerous conditions
HB478Wyatt, Zachary HB 4783/8/2011 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  0569L.01I - Prohibits state departments from contracting with or providing money to any entity that has been found guilty of or pled guilty to violating any election, tax, or immigration law of this state
HB493Wieland, Paul HB 4934/7/2011 Voted Do Pass (H)
  1190L.01I - Requires the Commissioner of the Office of Administration to develop a statewide system or to contract with a third party to allow all state agencies and departments to accept electronic payments
HB700Colona, Mike HB 7003/3/2011 Referred: Crime Prevention and Public Safety (H)
  1464L.01I - Establishes a commission on the death penalty and places a moratorium on all executions until January 1, 2014
HB750Hinson, Dave HB 7504/12/2011 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  1735L.01I - Allows the Commissioner of the Office of Administration, upon voter approval, to increase the wireless fee per telephone user from not to exceed 50 cents to not to exceed 75 cents per month
HB797Korman, Bart HB 7974/5/2011 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  1950L.01I - Transfers all powers, duties, and functions of the Land Survey Program within the Department of Natural Resources to the Department of Agriculture
HB809Hughes IV, Leonard HB 8093/31/2011 Referred: Urban Issues
  1826L.01I - Establishes the Minority Business Enterprise and Women's Business Enterprise Oversight Review Committee to assist these business enterprises in bidding on state contracts
HB830Lampe, Sara HB 8304/12/2011 Referred: Agri-Business (H)
  1982L.01I - Establishes the Farm-to-Table Advisory Board to increase awareness of local agriculture and promote the incorporation of locally grown agricultural products into school and state institution cafeterias
HB898Smith, Clem HB 8984/12/2011 Referred: Elementary and Secondary Education (H)
  2001L.01I - Establishes the Council on Digital Inclusion
SB22Wright-Jones, Robin SB 222/16/2011 Public Hearing Held (S)
  0252S.01I - Requires newly constructed state buildings to meet certain green building standards
SB47Wright-Jones, Robin SB 472/16/2011 Public Hearing Scheduled, Bill not Heard (S)
  0242S.01I - Modifies the law relating to minority and women's business enterprises
SB119Schaefer, Kurt SB 1194/14/2011 Reported Do Pass (S)
  0730S.01I - Assigns certain characteristics to the treatment of conservation easements under the law
SB162Guernsey, Casey HCS#2 SCS SB 1625/11/2011 Reported to the Senate with... (H)
  0830L.06C - Creates the Farm-to-Table Advisory Board
SB172Crowell, Jason SB 1722/14/2011 Public Hearing Held (S)
  0155S.01I - Modifies the State Legal Expense Fund
SB315Chappelle-Nadal, Maria SB 3152/24/2011 Second Read and Referred: Small Business, Insurance, and Industry (S)
  0181S.01I - Bars discriminatory employers from receiving public works contracts and requires employers to provide cause to terminated employees
SB316McKenna, Ryan SB 3162/24/2011 Second Read and Referred: General Laws (S)
  1666S.01I - Creates a four day work week for state employees
SB345Wright-Jones, Robin SB 3454/13/2011 Public Hearing Held (S)
  1596S.01I - Creates the Council on Digital Inclusion
SB380Green, Tim SB 3803/3/2011 Second Read and Referred: Ways and Means and Fiscal Oversight (S)
  1846S.01I - Requires the state treasurer to transfer the balance in any fund in excess of 200% of the previous fiscal year's expenditures into the state general revenue fund
SB388Wasson, Jay SB 3884/5/2011 Public Hearing Held (S)
  1588S.01I - Eliminates, combines, and revises certain state boards, commissions, committees, and councils