99th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Bills Indexed by Subject

BillSponsor Bill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
HB1255Schroer, Nick HCS#2 HB 12554/12/2018 Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight
  4836H.03C - Requires children under the age of 18 to be prosecuted for most criminal offenses in juvenile courts unless the child is certified as an adult
HB1261Schroer, Nick HCS HB 12615/3/2018 Executive Session Held (S)
  4881H.02P - Relating to Professional Registration and a waiver of occupational fees for certain individuals
HB1286Engler, Kevin SCS HCS HB 12866/1/2018 Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
  4486S.03T - Modifies provisions of law relating to the detonation of explosives and actions for private nuisances brought against certain permittees
HB1289Engler, Kevin HCS HB 12894/30/2018 Second read and referred: Senate Local Government and Elections
  5005H.02P - Modifies provisions for ballot initiatives and referendums.
HB1300Conway, Kathie SCS HCS HB 13005/17/2018 Reported Do Pass (H)
  4345S.03C - Requires boat title and registration fees collected annually in excess of one million dollars to be deposited in the Water Patrol Division Fund
HB1301Conway, Kathie HB 13014/11/2018 Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight
  4346H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the distribution of moneys from the Crime Victims' Compensation Fund to the state forensic laboratory account
HB1324Roberts, Steven HB 13245/18/2018 Referred: Judiciary
  4092H.01I - Allows the circuit court in St. Louis City to collect a fee not to exceed twenty dollars, rather than fifteen, to go toward the law library
HB1364Kidd, Bill SS SCS HCS HB 13646/1/2018 Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
  4591S.06T - Modifies provisions relating to hazardous waste fees paid to the Missouri Emergency Response Commission
HB1374Ruth, Becky HB 13741/24/2018 Referred: Budget
  4801H.02I - Establishes the Waterways Trust Fund
HB1390Fitzpatrick, Scott HB 13901/4/2018 Referred: General Laws
  4871H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to fantasy sports contests
HB1444Eggleston, J. HCS HB 14445/17/2018 Dropped from Calendar - Pursuant to House Rules (H)
  4835H.05C - Repeals the requirement that all motor vehicles must obtain an inspection before the vehicle may be licensed
HB1459Love, Warren HB 14595/18/2018 Referred: Transportation
  4058H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to outdoor advertising
HB1522Davis, Charlie HB 15225/18/2018 Referred: Judiciary
  4193H.01I - Increases municipal court costs from $12 to $17.50
HB1539Morris, Lynn HB 15391/24/2018 Referred: Insurance Policy
  4984H.01I - Requires all motor vehicle insurers to notify the Department of Revenue of lapsed policies in order to allow the owner to provide proof of insurance or surrender the license plates if no proof is provided.
HB1587Helms, Steve HCS HB 15871/30/2018 Referred: Rules - Administrative Oversight
  4745H.02C - Creates new provisions of law related to professional registration
HB1591Wood, David HCS HB 15914/26/2018 Public Hearing Held (S)
  5347H.02P - Modifies provisions relating to the operation of watercraft
HB1607Korman, Bart HB 16074/23/2018 Executive Session Held (S)
  5367H.01P - Extends the termination date of certain natural resources funds and fees.
HB1656Cornejo, Robert HCS HBs 1656 & 20754/17/2018 Executive Session Held (S)
  5465H.02P - Establishes the "Professional Employer Organization Act"
HB1696Unsicker, Sarah HB 16965/18/2018 Referred: Ways and Means
  4694H.01I - Changes the laws regarding real property to require the filing of a certificate of value before transferring interest in real property
HB1705Green, Alan HB 17055/18/2018 Referred: Special Committee on Homeland Security
  5194H.01I - Modifies provisions of law relating to the REAL ID Act of 2005
HB1711Moon, Mike HB 17113/15/2018 Action Postponed (H)
  4793H.01I - Establishes a terrorist offender registry
HB1747Wood, David HB 17471/11/2018 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  5564H.01I - Extends the expiration date on various federal reimbursement allowances
HB1801Miller, Rocky HB 18013/6/2018 Reported Do Pass (H)
  5559H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the expiration date of certain fees collected by the Department of Natural Resources
HB1824Fitzwater, Travis HB 18242/28/2018 Referred: Ways and Means
  5406H.02I - Changes the laws regarding taxation
HB1891Wessels, Fred HB 18915/3/2018 Reported Do Pass (H)
  5679H.01I - Allows the circuit court in St. Louis City to collect a fee not to exceed twenty dollars, rather than fifteen, to go toward the law library
HB1898Swan, Kathryn HB 18985/18/2018 Referred: Health and Mental Health Policy
  5638H.01I - Establishes the Controlled Substance Abuse Prevention Fund
HB1918Davis, Charlie HCS HB 19182/13/2018 Referred: Rules - Administrative Oversight
  5653H.02C - Changes the laws regarding business fees so that certain fees are waived for veterans
HB1948Rhoads, Shawn HB 19481/17/2018 Referred: Utilities
  4600H.01I - Changes the law regarding the uniform wireless communication infrastructure deployment act.
HB1991Rhoads, Shawn SS SCS HCS HB 19916/1/2018 Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
  5710S.08T - Modifies provisions relating to wireless facilities and related infrastructure
HB2028Houx, Dan HB 20285/18/2018 Referred: Professional Registration and Licensing
  5494H.01I - Creates provisions relating to the registration of roofing contractors
HB2041Fitzwater, Travis HB 20412/28/2018 Returned to Committee of Origin (H)
  4939H.01I - Allows the Department of Natural Resources to promulgate rules for the management and closure of coal combustion residual surface impoundments and landfills
HB2045Nichols, Mary HB 20455/18/2018 Referred: Judiciary
  5789H.01I - Repeals the definition of municipal ordinance violations which were added to the calculation limiting the percentage of annual general operating revenue that can come from fines and court costs for minor violations and allows for confinement for minor traffic violations
HB2101Beard, Nathan HB 21016/22/2018 Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
  5843H.01T - Specifies that guardian ad litem fees shall not be automatically waived in certain civil actions
HB2107Cornejo, Robert HB 21074/25/2018 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  5894H.01I - Creates provisions relating to the registering of roofing contractors
HB2152Korman, Bart HB 21525/18/2018 Referred: Transportation
  5705H.01I - Authorizes the Department of Transportation to set fees for drivers' licenses and license plates
HB2176Engler, Kevin HB 21765/18/2018 Referred: General Laws
  5976H.01I - Creates the Missouri Video Lottery Control Act
HB2243Houghton, Jay HB 22434/26/2018 Executive Session Held (S)
  5943H.01P - Modifies certain provisions relating to county recording fees
HB2251Fraker, Lyndall HB 22515/18/2018 Referred: Judiciary
  5928H.01I - Establishes the Consumer Legal Funding Model Act
HB2260Sommer, Chrissy HB 22605/18/2018 Referred: Health and Mental Health Policy
  6098H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Brain Injury Fund
HB2262Cornejo, Robert HB 22624/4/2018 Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight
  6106H.01I - Increases the court cost collected for the statewide court automation fund from $7 to $25
HB2288Hannegan, Tom HB 22885/18/2018 Referred: Transportation
  6140H.01I - Allows counties, cities, towns, and villages to charge an additional $1 fee on car rentals, with the proceeds to be used for road and bridge improvements
HB2321McDaniel, Andrew HB 23215/18/2018 Referred: General Laws
  5800H.01I - Establishes the Missouri Compassionate Care Act regarding the licensure of medical cannabis centers and cultivation and production facilities to provide medical cannabis to certain patients
HB2337Stephens, Mike SCS HCS HBs 2337 & 22725/14/2018 Placed on Informal Calendar
  6277S.03C - Modifies fee requirements for insurance companies.
HB2338Ellebracht, Mark HB 23385/18/2018 Referred: Judiciary
  6260H.01I - Specifies that guardian ad litem fees shall not be automatically waived in certain civil actions
HB2406Alferman, Justin HB 24064/4/2018 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  6323H.02I - Establishes provisions relating to sports wagering
HB2450Messenger, Jeffrey HB 24503/5/2018 Referred: Ways and Means
  6247H.01I - Adjusts motor vehicle licensing and registration fees for inflation
HB2476Curtis, Courtney Allen HB 24765/18/2018 Referred: General Laws
  5794H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the sunshine law.
HB2482Korman, Bart HB 24823/8/2018 Referred: Transportation
  5831H.02I - Allows the department of transportation to, by rule, adjust certain transportation fees by the percentage of inflationary increase or decrease.
HB2483Korman, Bart HB 24833/8/2018 Referred: Transportation
  5627H.01I - Establishes a "miles driven" fee to be paid at the time of registration of a motor vehicle with a model year of 2020 and later
HB2485Korman, Bart HB 24853/8/2018 Referred: Transportation
  6225H.01I - Changes the law regarding motor vehicle decal fees
HB2535Plocher, Dean HB 25354/4/2018 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  6481H.04I - Establishes provisions relating to sports wagering
HB2573Rone, Don HB 25734/24/2018 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  6577H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to pesticide registration fees
HB2600Korman, Bart HB 26003/8/2018 Referred: Transportation
  6440H.01I - Establishes a miles per gallon-based vehicle registration fee
HB2602Korman, Bart HB 26025/18/2018 Referred: Transportation
  6408H.01I - Doubles the current driver's license fees and adds an administrative fee
HB2669Austin, Kevin HB 26694/24/2018 Reported Do Pass (H)
  6676H.01I - Creates new provisions allowing for the creation of benefit corporations
HJR77Marshall, Nick HJR 775/18/2018 Referred: Elections and Elected Officials
  6039H.01I - Specifies that any issue to increase any tax, license, fee, or levy requiring voter approval under Article X of the Missouri Constitution must be placed on the ballot only on the general election day