101st General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Bills Indexed by Subject

BillSponsor Bill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
HB190Ellebracht, Mark HB 1901/7/2021 Read Second Time (H)
  0173H.01I - Requires driver's license applicants eighteen years of age and younger who have never held a driver's license to complete a driver's education program approved by the Missouri highways and transportation commission
HB191Ellebracht, Mark HB 1911/7/2021 Read Second Time (H)
  0174H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the administrative procedures for driver's license suspensions and revocations
HB201McGirl, Mike HB 2013/25/2021 Second read and referred: Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety
  0285H.01P - Adds corrections officers to the list of persons whose motor vehicle and driver's license records are to be kept confidential
HB262Black, John HB 2624/13/2021 Public Hearing Held (S)
  0246H.01P - Requires designations of veteran status to be placed on the front of official driver's licenses and ID cards
HB294Roberts, Lane HCS HB 2942/24/2021 Referred: Rules - Administrative Oversight
  0577H.02C - Modifies the penalty for certain traffic offenses
HB448Tate, Nate HB 4481/7/2021 Read Second Time (H)
  1352H.01I - Establishes an administrative penalty for possessing, duplicating, or manufacturing or contracting to manufacture a false instruction permit, driver's license, or non-driver's license
HB526Haffner, Mike HB 5264/12/2021 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  0464H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to traffic violations
HB622Rogers, Wes HB 6221/7/2021 Read Second Time (H)
  0576H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the offense of driving while revoked
HB788Tate, Nate HB 7881/13/2021 Read Second Time (H)
  1729H.01I - Authorizes the department of revenue to collect a technology fee for certain motor vehicle and driver's licensing transactions with proceeds to fund the implementation of a modernized integrated motor vehicle and driver licensing system
HB798Bland Manlove, Ashley HB 7983/25/2021 Referred: Downsizing State Government
  1726H.01I - Prohibits text messaging while driving for all drivers
HB817Davis, Michael HB 8171/28/2021 Referred: Transportation
  1533H.01I - Allows drivers to elect to pay an increased fine in lieu of receiving points on their driving record for certain traffic violations.
HB858Ellebracht, Mark HB 8581/26/2021 Read Second Time (H)
  1719H.01I - Authorizes CDL applicants to submit medical examiner's certification electronically
HB891Griesheimer, Aaron HB 8911/27/2021 Read Second Time (H)
  1827H.01I - Modifies the offense of aggravated endangerment of a highway worker
HB924Knight, Jeff HB 9241/28/2021 Read Second Time (H)
  1633H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to revenue
HB1031Gunby, Trish HB 10312/3/2021 Read Second Time (H)
  2193H.01I - Requires state license fee offices located in counties of the third classification to have certain office hours
HB1089Hovis, Barry HB 10892/10/2021 Read Second Time (H)
  2121H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to emergency orders to suspend peace officer licenses
HB1108Bland Manlove, Ashley HB 11082/10/2021 Read Second Time (H)
  1720H.01I - Modifies the penalties for the offense of driving while revoked
HB1150West, Richard HB 11504/8/2021 Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight
  2317H.01I - Establishes an optional license plate sticker for persons who have a driver's license with a deaf or hard of hearing notation