98th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Bills Indexed by Subject

BillSponsor Bill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
HB212Alferman, Justin HB 2122/10/2015 Referred: Select Committee on State and Local Governments
  0710H.01I - Specifies procedures regarding how a vacant county commissioner position shall be filled
HB218Wilson, Kenneth SCS HB 2185/7/2015 Executive Session Held (S)
  0464S.03C - Allows any sheriff or deputy sheriff to assist another county's law enforcement when requested and specifies that the assisting county is responsible for all expenses and liability
HB251Entlicher, Sue HB 2511/8/2015 Withdrawn (H)
  0436H.01I - Specifies that an individual must not hold the position of County Treasurer if he or she holds the Office of Sheriff, Marshal, Clerk, or Collector
HB287Conway, Pat HB 2874/21/2015 Action Postponed (H)
  0632L.02I - Allows any registered voter who is eligible to vote in a particular election to do so by absentee ballot without being required to state a reason
HB347Newman, Stacey HB 3475/15/2015 Referred: Select Committee on General Laws
  0849L.01I - Requires that all sales or transfers of firearms be processed through a licensed firearms dealer
HB416Adams, Joe HB 4161/21/2015 Referred: Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
  0870H.01I - Creates a citizens police review board in the Department of Public Safety to investigate civilian deaths resulting from an officer-involved shooting
HB433Entlicher, Sue HB 4335/15/2015 Referred: Local Government
  1214H.01I - Specifies that a sheriff, marshal, clerk, or collector, or the deputy of those officers, must be eligible to hold the office of treasurer of any county
HB517Higdon, Galen SS SCS HCS HBs 517 & 7547/6/2015 Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
  1366S.06T - Changes the laws regarding taxation
HB536Redmon, Craig HB 5364/29/2015 Public Hearing Held (S)
  1301H.01P - Specifies that the Mid-America Port Commission must have one commissioner appointed by the Governor and two elected from the county commissions of the commission's jurisdiction from specific port authorities
HB537Dohrman, Dean HB 5374/22/2015 HCS Voted Do Pass (H)
  0071H.04I - Modifies provisions relating to the use of geographic records
HB613Crawford, Sandy SCS HCS HB 6137/6/2015 Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
  1344S.06T - Changes the laws regarding the collection of property taxes
HB711Dunn, Randy HB 7113/11/2015 Referred: Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
  1565H.01I - Requires police departments, sheriff's offices, and the State Highway Patrol to collect and report to the Attorney General information regarding the parties involved in incidents in which force was used
HB729Curtis, Courtney Allen HB 7295/15/2015 Referred: Elections
  1042L.01I - Requires a runoff election for county executive, prosecuting attorney, and county assessor in St. Louis County if no candidate receives at least 50% of the votes cast
HB730Phillips, Don HB 7305/15/2015 Referred: Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
  1693H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the state sexual offender registry and its requirements
HB749Jones, Caleb HB 7493/16/2015 Referred: Select Committee on Judiciary
  0665H.01I - Exempts prosecuting attorneys and certain judges from certain provisions of the crime of unlawful use of a weapon
HB852Pace, Sharon HB 8522/11/2015 Referred: Civil and Criminal Proceedings
  0038L.01I - Allows an affidavit to be filed to appoint a special prosecutor to determine if a prosecuting attorney should recuse himself or herself if the attorney's impartiality might reasonably be questioned
HB872Berry, T.J. HB 8722/12/2015 Referred: Economic Development and Business Attraction and Retention
  2041H.01I - Authorizes tax incentives for data storage centers
HB876Conway, Kathie HB 8765/15/2015 Referred: Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
  2048H.01I - Allows the Deputy Sheriff Salary Supplementation Fund to be used to supplement the per diem paid to county sheriffs to house state prisoners
HB908Curtis, Courtney Allen HB 9085/15/2015 Referred: Civil and Criminal Proceedings
  0825L.01I - Expands the Incentive Subsidy Program to encourage municipal and juvenile courts to seek assistance from the Division of Youth Services in order to utilize community early intervention programs for youth
HB981Rowden, Caleb HB 9814/7/2015 Reported Do Pass (H)
  1802H.01I - Specifies that any county commissioner who serves on another board or commission must be permitted to vote on all matters without causing a conflict of interest
HB1108Moon, Mike HB 11085/15/2015 Referred: Elections
  2275L.02I - Requires local election authorities to use an electronic device at each polling place to capture a photograph or digital image of each voter casting a vote
HB1109McDaniel, Andrew HB 11093/17/2015 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  2461H.01I - Establishes salary requirements for the sheriffs of Pemiscot and Dunklin counties
HB1118King, S. Nick HB 11183/31/2015 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  2457H.01I - Specifies additional circumstances that allow the county collector of revenue to waive or refund any penalty or interest added to a tax bill
HB1179Alferman, Justin HCS HB 11795/5/2015 Second read and referred: Senate Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections
  2553H.02P - Modifies the law relating to public office vacancies
HB1186Walton Gray, Rochelle HB 11865/15/2015 Referred: Emerging Issues
  2561L.01I - Changes the laws regarding abandoned property
HB1207Dogan, Shamed HB 12074/22/2015 Referred: Select Committee on Judiciary
  2579H.02I - Requires law enforcement agencies to have a written policy regarding the investigation of officer-involved deaths
HB1210Hinson, Dave HB 12105/15/2015 Referred: Local Government
  2200H.01I - Changes the law regarding erection of public buildings so that county commissions no longer need to appoint superintendents for that purpose but can instead contract for services to oversee and direct the execution of a building project
HB1219Redmon, Craig HB 12195/15/2015 Referred: Emerging Issues
  2426H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to fees for concealed carry permits
HB1263McCann Beatty, Gail HB 12635/15/2015 Referred: Banking
  2622L.01I - Creates the Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Code
HB1280Parkinson, Mark HB 12805/15/2015 Referred: Local Government
  2665H.01I - Specifies the procedure for the recall of holders of elective office in certain cities in St. Charles County
HB1316Brown, Wanda HB 13164/14/2015 Referred: Select Committee on State and Local Governments
  2411H.02I - Changes the law regarding vacancies in offices filled by appointment of the governor
HJR51Pogue, Jeff HJR 515/15/2015 Referred: Elections
  2533L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment allowing an elected public official of this state or any of its political subdivisions to be removed from office by recall petition
SB21Chappelle-Nadal, Maria SB 214/22/2015 Third Read and Passed (S)
  0564S.01I - Modifies and enacts provisions relating to law enforcement officers
SB80Dixon, Bob SCS SB 803/19/2015 SCS Reported Do Pass (S)
  0158S.03C - Modifies provisions relating to county prosecuting attorneys
SB92Emery, Ed SB 9212/1/2014 Prefiled in the Senate (S)
  0378S.02I - Modifies bond requirements for certain county offices
SB120Walsh, Gina SB 12012/3/2014 Prefiled in the Senate (S)
  0374S.01I - Requires law enforcement agencies to adopt written policies for investigating officer-involved deaths and modifies provisions related to victims' rights
SB202Dixon, Bob SB 2021/7/2015 Introduced and First Read (S)
  1194S.01I - Allows sheriffs and deputies to assist in other counties throughout the state
SB289Schatz, Dave SB 2891/21/2015 Introduced and First Read (S)
  1548S.01I - Modifies the law relating to public office vacancies
SB338Munzlinger, Brian SB 3381/28/2015 Introduced and First Read (S)
  1285S.03I - Modifies the provisions relating to the election of political party committees
SB384Munzlinger, Brian SB 3842/3/2015 Introduced and First Read (S)
  0966S.01I - Provides five percent salary increases for county office holders and raises the maximum allowable salary for sheriffs
SB405Andrews, Allen SB 4057/6/2015 Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
  2009S.01T - Raises the outer threshold amount for a county to be eligible to collect a greater percentage of the total taxes collected as a fee
SB454LeVota, Paul SB 4542/17/2015 Introduced and First Read (S)
  1642S.01I - Modifies the membership of the county political party committees in Jackson County
SB495Hegeman, Dan SB 4952/24/2015 Introduced and First Read (S)
  1794S.01I - Requires candidates for public administrator to provide an affidavit stating that the candidate meets the bonding requirements
SCR17Andrews, Allen SCR 175/13/2015 House Message (H)
  2043S.01I - Urges schools, little league and recreational programs, law enforcement, and prosecutors to do all they can to put an end to threats and assaults on sports officials