96th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Bills Indexed by Subject

BillSponsor Bill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
HB1049Allen, Sue SCS HCS HB 10495/18/2012 Placed on Informal Calendar
  4128S.06C - Changes the laws regarding bullying in schools and establishes specific components that a district must include in its antibullying policy
HB1103Crawford, Sandy HB 11037/12/2012 Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
  4239L.01T - Changes the laws regarding the maintenance of private roads and real estate appraisers and appraisal management companies
HB1110Barnes, Jay HCS HB 11104/12/2012 Second Rd/Refer: Vet Affairs, Pensions,& Urban Affairs (S)
  4685L.03P - Allows a circuit court to establish a veterans treatment court to dispose of criminal cases which stem from substance abuse or mental illness of military veterans or current military personnel
HB1131Fisher, Barney HB 11317/5/2012 Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
  4892L.01T - Requires the date that services for remuneration were first performed by a newly hired employee to be included on his or her withholding form
HB1146Gatschenberger, Chuck HB 11464/4/2012 Voted Do Pass (H)
  4327L.01I - Specifies that the intrastate manufacturing of certain incandescent lightbulbs is not subject to federal law or regulation
HB1183Parkinson, Mark HB 11833/29/2012 Referred: Elections (H)
  4650L.01I - Excludes the year 2012 from the requirement that a statewide presidential preference primary be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in February of each presidential election year
HB1185Parkinson, Mark HB 11854/30/2012 Executive Session Held (S)
  4583L.01P - Adds citizenship information to the sexual offender registration form and requires the State Highway Patrol to report to the federal government any non-U.S. citizen on the sexual offender registry
HB1224Brattin, Rick HB 12245/2/2012 HCS Voted Do Pass (H)
  4746L.01I - Requires all employers and business entities to enroll and actively participate in a federal work authorization program and imposes stricter penalties for employing unauthorized aliens
HB1383Cox, Stanley HCS HB 13835/16/2012 Placed on Informal Calendar
  5279L.04P - Changes the laws regarding information that must be made available on the Missouri Accountability Portal
HB1395Korman, Bart HCS HB 13955/1/2012 Public Hearing Held (S)
  4644H.04P - Changes the laws regarding the Department of Natural Resources
HB1405Brown, Michael HB 14055/2/2012 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  4972L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Universal Health Assurance Program to provide a publicly financed, statewide insurance program for all residents of this state
HB1515Schad, Rodney HCS HB 15154/30/2012 Public Hearing Held (S)
  5415L.04P - Changes the laws regarding crimes and criminal procedures
HB1534Bahr, Kurt HB 15345/18/2012 Placed on Informal Calendar
  4754L.03P - Declares the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as unauthorized by the United States Constitution and creates criminal penalties for persons enforcing or attempting to enforce the act
HB1612Burlison, Eric HCS HB 16125/3/2012 Rules - Reported Do Pass (H)
  5182L.03C - Changes the laws regarding the resetting of a sign for any phase or portion of construction or reconstruction of any street or highway and requires the words "Thank You Troops" to be added to specified signs
HB1617Oxford, Jeanette Mott HB 16173/8/2012 Referred: Tax Reform (H)
  5205L.01I - Eliminates the state income tax deduction for federal income tax liability beginning January 1, 2013
HB1672Fuhr, Gary HB 16722/27/2012 Voted Do Pass (H)
  5681L.01I - Changes the auditing requirement for a law enforcement agency on the proceeds from federal forfeitures to only a reporting requirement
HB1708Bahr, Kurt HB 17082/23/2012 Referred: Elementary and Secondary Education (H)
  4245L.01I - Prohibits the State Board of Education from adopting and the implementation of the standards for public schools developed by the Common Core Standards Initiative
HB1719Scharnhorst, Dwight HB 17194/17/2012 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  5786L.01I - Authorizes Missouri to enter into the Interstate Compact on the Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote Act
HB1730Cox, Stanley HB 17303/21/2012 Referred: Health Insurance (H)
  5762L.01I - Establishes protections for the religious beliefs and moral convictions of certain persons and entities regarding specified health care coverage
HB1742Rowland, Lyle HB 17422/29/2012 Referred: General Laws (H)
  5807L.01I - Recognizes the Northern Chickamauga Cherokee Nation as a tribe within the State of Missouri
HB1752Cauthorn, John HB 17524/5/2012 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  5799L.01I - Authorizes the Hazardous Waste Management Commission to adopt rules and regulations to ensure that Missouri is in compliance with the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
HB1814Scharnhorst, Dwight HB 18144/18/2012 Referred: Small Business (H)
  5954L.01I - Prohibits the Department of Health and Senior Services from enforcing or enacting a rule or regulation relating to lead abatement that is stricter than those required by federal law
HB1877Sommer, Chrissy HCS HB 18775/9/2012 Rules - Reported Do Pass (H)
  5864L.03C - Specifies that a recipient of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits who makes an electronic benefit transaction at any casino or gaming establishment will be ineligible for benefits for three years
HB1928Holsman, Jason HB 19284/18/2012 Referred: Health Care Policy (H)
  6135L.01I - Adds home nursing visits and follow-up care as needed for certain at-risk newborns to the list of covered services under the MO HealthNet Program
HB1936Molendorp, Chris HB 19364/2/2012 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  6071L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the accreditation requirements for reinsurance companies and specifies when an insurance company can take credit or reduce liability due to reinsurance
HB1962Parkinson, Mark HB 19624/12/2012 Referred: Elections (H)
  6210L.01I - Changes the presidential primary election date from the first Tuesday after the first Monday in February to the general municipal day on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in April
HB1981Sommer, Chrissy HB 19814/12/2012 Referred: Elections (H)
  6229L.01I - Changes the presidential primary election to the general municipal election day on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in April of each presidential election year
HB2031Flanigan, Tom HB 20314/24/2012 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  6256L.01I - Specifies that the presidential primary will be held in February and requires presidential preference primary results to take precedence over any presidential preference caucus
HB2066Curtman, Paul HB 20664/17/2012 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  6281L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Liberty Preservation Act which prohibits state enforcement of specified sections of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012
HB2075Johnson, Delus HB 20754/18/2012 Referred: General Laws (H)
  6297L.02I - Establishes the Daylight Saving Time Elimination Act
HCR3Scharnhorst, Dwight HCS HCR 35/1/2012 Public Hearing Held (S)
  4695L.02C - Submits to Congress a proposed federal balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution
HCR4Gatschenberger, Chuck HCR 42/15/2012 Referred: General Laws (H)
  4880L.01I - Submits an official application by the State of Missouri for the calling of a convention for proposing amendments to the United States Constitution
HCR6Rowland, Lyle HCR 65/1/2012 Public Hearing Held (S)
  4080L.01I - Strongly urges Congress and the Administration to immediately seek long-term and short-term solutions to the rapidly rising fuel costs in this country
HCR7Rowland, Lyle HCR 74/17/2012 Public Hearing Held (S)
  4079L.01I - Claims sovereignty for the State of Missouri under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government
HCR9Curtman, Paul HCR 92/20/2012 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  4379L.02I - Urges the United States Congress to pass the Federal Reserve Transparency Act to require a complete audit of the Federal Reserve
HCR10Smith, Clem HCR 104/26/2012 Referred: Urban Issues
  4544L.01I - Urges Congress to address the pervasiveness of sickle cell trait and disease and the need to increase public awareness of the available programs and screenings
HCR14Shively, Tom HCR 145/18/2012 Referred: Utilities (H)
  5344L.01I - Opposes the FCC reforms regarding broadband deployment in rural and hard-to-reach areas and urges the Missouri Congressional delegation to support to expand broadband and DSL in rural areas
HCR15Cauthorn, John HCR 154/12/2012 Referred: Financial Institutions (H)
  4078L.01I - Urges the United States Congress to protect citizens from the financial hardships caused by the Federal Reserve System of paper money unbacked by gold and silver
HCR16Walton Gray, Rochelle HCR 165/18/2012 Referred: General Laws (H)
  4920L.01I - Requests the Missouri Congressional delegation to support the efforts of the National Women's History Museum to secure a permanent home in the nation's capital at the National Mall
HCR26Oxford, Jeanette Mott HCR 262/15/2012 Referred: Veterans (H)
  5208L.01I - Urges the State of Missouri to recognize the yellow with three stripes heritage and freedom flag as the official flag of the Vietnamese-American community
HCR28Oxford, Jeanette Mott HCR 283/22/2012 Referred: Health Insurance (H)
  5209L.01I - Urges the United States Congress to enact the Improved and Expanded Medicare for All Act
HCR30Hampton, Kent HCS HCR 304/3/2012 Referred: Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics (S)
  4445H.03C - Strongly urges the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to re-examine the flood plan, manage the rivers to avoid devastating flooding, and rebuild damaged levies
HCR31Schieffer, Ed HCR 315/17/2012 Adopted (S)
  5548L.01I - Urges Congress to support a plan for the Upper Mississippi River Basin that provides flood-control without adverse impacts on existing levees and communities
HCR32Cookson, Steve HCS HCR 323/7/2012 Referred: Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics (S)
  5627H.02C - Calls on the United States Congress to allocate at least 40% of the Land and Water Conservation Fund moneys to the State Assistance program for state and local capital parks projects
HCR34Bahr, Kurt HCR 343/8/2012 Referred: Elementary and Secondary Education (H)
  4244L.01I - Rejects any policies and procedures that would be incumbent on Missouri based on the Common Core Standards Initiative required for participation in Race to the Top
HCR35McNeil, Margo HCR 354/12/2012 Referred: Tourism and Natural Resources
  5751L.01I - Urges the Department of Natural Resources to consider the need to require groundwater monitoring at all new and existing coal ash ponds and require cleanup for ponds that are leaking dangerous chemicals
HCR37Barnes, Jay HCR 374/12/2012 Adopted (S)
  5541L.01I - Supports the approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline to ensure America's oil independence, improve our national security, reduce the cost of gasoline, and create new jobs
HCR38McCreery, Tracy HCR 383/29/2012 Referred: General Laws (H)
  5705L.01I - Urges Congress to propose an amendment to the United States Constitution to clearly state that corporations are not human beings and do not have the same rights as citizens of the United States
HCR39Nasheed, Jamilah HCR 393/29/2012 Referred: General Laws (H)
  5757L.01I - Strongly urges Congress to pass the Community Access Preservation (CAP) Act to ensure that public, educational, and governmental (PEG) programming channels continue to be available to the entire community
HCR42Rowland, Lyle HCR 425/17/2012 Adopted (S)
  5782L.02I - Endorses the "Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children's Bill of Rights"
HCR45Sommer, Chrissy HCR 453/8/2012 Referred: Budget (H)
  5996L.01I - Petitions the United States Congress to propose a federal balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution
HCR46Franklin, Diane HCR 465/17/2012 Adopted (S)
  6026L.01I - Strongly urges Ameren, FERC, and affected property owners at the Lake of the Ozarks to cooperate and coordinate a swift resolution to the shoreline management plan that respects the rights of property owners
HCR47Allen, Sue HCR 475/1/2012 Public Hearing Held (S)
  6185L.01I - Strongly urges the Department of Defense and the Missouri Congressional delegation to protect, promote, and leverage Missouri's military bases and agencies during the upcoming federal defense budget
HCR48Houghton, Jay HCR 484/18/2012 Referred: Agriculture Policy (H)
  5917L.02I - Opposes the passage of the Egg Products Inspection Act of 2012, H.R. 3798, which would nullify existing state law and deny states the ability to enact laws to regulate egg factory production
HCR49Fallert, Joe HCR 495/17/2012 Adopted (S)
  6196L.01I - Calls on Congress to disapprove the EPA's Mercury and Air Toxics Standards regulation and ensure that the EPA replaces it with a sensible regulation
HCR50Bahr, Kurt HCR 504/11/2012 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  6181L.01I - Urges the United States Congress to propose the Parental Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution to the states for ratification
HCR52Cookson, Steve HCR 524/25/2012 Referred: Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics (S)
  6219L.03I - Strongly urges the National Park Service to draft its final General Management Plan for the Ozark National Scenic Riverways to recognize the importance the riverways provide to the state
HCR54Brown, Wanda HCR 545/2/2012 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  6279L.01I - Strongly urges Congress to modify the eligibility requirements for SNAP food stamp benefits which result in less benefits for our citizen households than comparable noncitizen households
HCR55Nolte, Jerry HCR 555/18/2012 Adopted (H)
  6312L.01I - Strongly urges strict enforcement of federal trade laws to protect domestic information technology and urges use all state powers to protect manufacturers and state agencies from illegal software
HCR59Schatz, Dave HCR 595/18/2012 Referred: General Laws (H)
  6337L.01I - Opposes the proposed United States Department of Labor regulations which would prohibit certain youth agricultural labor and employment
SB461Keaveny, Joseph SB 4611/5/2012 Second Read and Referred: Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections (S)
  4382S.01I - Allows the City of St. Louis to control its police force without state intervention
SB467Cox, Stanley HCS SS SCS SB 4675/14/2012 House Conference Committee Appointed (H)
  4291L.06C - Requires agencies that receive federal grants to track and disclose the usage of the funds and the Governor to report withholdings
SB535Chappelle-Nadal, Maria SB 5351/5/2012 Second Read and Referred: Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections (S)
  4645S.01I - Allows the City of St. Louis to control its police force without state intervention
SB600Lembke, Jim SB 6001/26/2012 Second Read and Referred: Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence (S)
  4122S.01I - Requires federal agents to personally notify the sheriff in the county where a federal warrant is to be served
SB625Jones, Caleb HCS SCS SB 6257/10/2012 Approved by Governor (G)
  5110H.03T - Modifies the amount of retirement benefits transferred when employees transfer between certain retirement systems
SB741Parson, Mike SB 7412/2/2012 Introduced and First Read (S)
  5644S.01I - Provides that law enforcement agencies only have to procure an independent audit of federal seizures if the proceeds from the federal seizures exceed $500,000
SB756Engler, Kevin SB 7562/7/2012 Introduced and First Read (S)
  5673S.01I - Modifies provisions regarding certain higher education employees' retirement
SB808Lembke, Jim SB 8082/16/2012 Introduced and First Read (S)
  5129S.01I - Implements recall elections for U.S. Senators
SB819Nieves, Brian SB 8192/22/2012 Introduced and First Read (S)
  5814S.01I - Prohibits state enforcement of provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012
SB852Crowell, Jason SB 8522/28/2012 Introduced and First Read (S)
  6019S.01I - Places newly hired St. Louis City firemen into a new retirement system if the city adopts such a new system
SB853Crowell, Jason SB 8532/28/2012 Introduced and First Read (S)
  6020S.01I - Removes St. Louis City firemen hired after August 28, 2012 from the current retirement system and places them in a new system
SCR15Schieffer, Ed SCR 155/18/2012 Adopted (H)
  5400S.01I - Urges Congress to support a plan for the Upper Mississippi River Basin that provides flood-control without adverse impacts on existing levees and communities
SCR16Asbury, Randy SS SCR 165/1/2012 Rules - Reported Do Pass (H)
  5281S.02F - Urges the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to modify its river management protocol to make flood control a top priority
SCR18Rupp, Scott SCR 181/24/2012 Offered (S)
  5322S.01I - Rescinds Missouri's 1983 call for a constitutional convention
SCR21Pearce, David SCR 213/1/2012 Reported Do Pass (S)
  5516S.01I - Urges Congress to support greater domestic development of North American sources of oil and approve the Keystone XL pipeline project
SCR23Munzlinger, Brian SCR 232/15/2012 Introduced and First Read (S)
  5833S.01I - Urges Congress to further address the issue of allowing the interstate sale of state-inspected meat and poultry
SCR25Hampton, Kent SCR 255/8/2012 Adopted (H)
  5849S.03I - Urges the federal government to manage the Mississippi River to protect against devastating flood events
SCR27Ridgeway, Luann SCR 273/1/2012 Offered (S)
  6126S.01I - Applies for a constitutional convention for proposing an amendment to the United States Constitution to require a balanced budget and restrict increases in taxes
SJR39Cunningham, Jane SJR 393/22/2012 Reported Do Pass (S)
  4838S.01I - Prohibits laws interfering with freedom of choice in health care
SJR45Nieves, Brian SJR 454/12/2012 Reported Do Pass (S)
  4759S.02I - Prohibits Missouri state government from recognizing, enforcing, or acting in furtherance of certain actions of the federal government
SJR49Rupp, Scott SJR 492/7/2012 Introduced and First Read (S)
  5676S.02I - Prohibits laws interfering with religious beliefs