99th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Bills Indexed by Subject

BillSponsor Bill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
HB1245Bangert, Gretchen HCS HB 12453/15/2018 Referred: Rules - Administrative Oversight
  4290H.03C - Establishes a Career Readiness Task Force
HB1267Lichtenegger, Donna HB 12675/8/2018 Placed on Informal Calendar
  4114H.01P - Changes the laws by adding virtual institutions to the "Access Missouri Financial Assistance Program"
HB1273Kendrick, Kip HCS HB 12735/3/2018 Placed Back on Formal Perfection Calendar
  4620H.02C - Grants authority to the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority to issue loans to refinance certain public or private student loans, education grants, and certain bonds, notes, or other obligations.
HB1274Kendrick, Kip HB 12745/18/2018 Referred: Higher Education
  4615H.01I - Establishes the "Student Loan Bill of Rights"
HB1275Kendrick, Kip HB 12755/3/2018 Executive Session Held (S)
  4619H.01P - Establishes a work-study program within the Department of Higher Education
HB1358Davis, Charlie HCS HB 13584/18/2018 Executive Session Held (S)
  4168H.03P - Creates new provisions relating to password protection
HB1368Basye, Chuck HCS HB 13685/3/2018 Executive Session Held (S)
  4626H.02P - Changes the law regarding the Missouri Returning Heroes Education Act
HB1415Lauer, Jeanie SS HB 14157/10/2018 Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
  4033S.02T - Allows teachers to count hours spent in externships with local businesses as professional development hours
HB1450May, Karla HB 14504/10/2018 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  5040H.01I - Requires the state to match federal funding for land grant institutions in this state and prohibits the state from seeking a waiver or requiring an institution to seek a waiver of the match obligation
HB1455Lauer, Jeanie HCS HB 14554/17/2018 Returned to Committee of Origin (S)
  4043H.03P - Requires high schools and public institutions of higher education to provide information related to careers and salaries to students
HB1458Lauer, Jeanie HB 14581/17/2018 Referred: Higher Education
  4661H.01I - Requires public institutions of higher education to make instructor evaluations available to enrolled students of such institutions
HB1465Cookson, Steve SS SCS HB 14656/1/2018 Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
  5132S.03T - Modifies various provisions relating to degree offerings at public institutions of higher education
HB1474Brattin, Rick HB 14742/28/2018 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  4356H.01I - Eliminates tenure for new employees at public institutions of higher education and specifies information that public institutions of higher education must make available to the public
HB1528Dohrman, Dean HCS HB 15282/7/2018 Referred: Rules - Administrative Oversight
  5087H.03C - Requires students at public and private institutions of higher education to demonstrate proficiency in the provisions and principals of American civics as a condition of graduation
HB1560Morris, Lynn HB 15605/9/2018 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  5273H.01I - Prohibits discrimination against children who are not immunized
HB1678Chipman, Jason HB 16781/4/2018 Referred: Higher Education
  4355H.01I - Establishes the "Curriculum Transparency Act"
HB1679Chipman, Jason HB 16795/1/2018 Executive Session Held (S)
  4322H.01P - Prohibits public institutions of higher education from requiring students to purchase a meal plan when a student presents medical documentation of a food allergy or sensitivity, or a medical dietary issue
HB1680Chipman, Jason HB 16801/31/2018 Motion to Do Pass Failed (H)
  4323H.01I - Prohibits public institutions of higher education from requiring students to live on campus, except for first-year freshmen who may be required to live in campus housing for their first year
HB1688Eggleston, J. HB 16885/18/2018 Referred: Higher Education
  4473H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to institutional performance measures for institutions of higher education
HB1697Washington, Barbara HB 16975/1/2018 Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight
  5314H.01I - Designates the third week of September as Historically Black College and University Week
HB1712Pfautsch, Donna HCS HB 17124/10/2018 Reported Do Pass (H)
  4133H.03C - Requires persons applying for teaching certificates to teach pre-K through sixth grade to meet certain literacy-oriented coursework and exam requirements.
HB1716White, Bill HB 17164/4/2018 Referred: Rules - Administrative Oversight
  5134H.01I - Prohibits non-Missouri medical schools from entering into exclusive contracts with Missouri health care providers for the placement of medical students
HB1744Hansen, Jim SS HB 17446/1/2018 Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
  5478S.03T - Modifies the A+ Schools Program by removing the requirement that the student's attendance of public high school occur in the three years immediately prior to graduation
HB1771Morgan, Judy HB 17715/18/2018 Referred: Higher Education
  4731H.01I - Establishes the Missouri Tuition Equity Act
HB1791Ellington, Brandon HB 17915/18/2018 Referred: Higher Education
  5570H.01I - Establishes the Missouri DREAM Trust Fund and the Missouri Dream Trust Fund Commission
HB1792Ellington, Brandon HB 17925/18/2018 Referred: Higher Education
  5571H.01I - Repeals provisions that prohibit students who are unlawfully present in the United States from receiving postsecondary education public benefits
HB1811Smith, Clem HB 18115/17/2018 Dropped from Calendar - Pursuant to House Rules (H)
  5377H.01I - Establishes the College Credit Disclosure Act that requires a higher education institution to disclose its unaccredited status to students before enrollment
HB1876Lichtenegger, Donna HB 18762/13/2018 Reported Do Pass (H)
  5615H.01I - Modifies various provisions relating to degree offerings at public institutions of higher education
HB1904Walker, Nate HB 19041/17/2018 Referred: Professional Registration and Licensing
  5574H.01I - Allows the Missouri Dental Board to issue dental faculty permits to individuals who are employed by accredited dental schools, colleges, or programs in Missouri
HB1940Corlew, Kevin HCS HB 19404/10/2018 Executive Session Held (S)
  5737H.02P - Establishes the Cronkite New Voices Act
HB1942Dohrman, Dean HCS HB 19422/15/2018 Referred: Rules - Administrative Oversight
  5659H.02C - Allows institutions of higher education to designate one or more faculty or staff members as campus protection officers
HB2034Curtman, Paul SS SCS HCS HB 20346/1/2018 Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
  5739S.09T - Modifies provisions relating to industrial hemp
HB2074Kelly, Hannah HB 20741/17/2018 Referred: General Laws
  5030H.01I - Prohibits public institutions of higher learning from discriminating against a religious student organization or denying a religious student association any benefit available to any other student association
HB2076Chipman, Jason HB 20761/24/2018 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  4324H.01I - Specifies that public institutions of higher education shall not require their students to pay fees related to health care if they show proof of health insurance coverage
HB2115Bernskoetter, Mike HCS HB 21153/27/2018 Reported Do Pass (H)
  5872H.02C - Modifies provisions of the Missouri Higher Education Savings Program
HB2284Dohrman, Dean HCS HB 22844/25/2018 Reported Do Pass (H)
  6065H.02C - Modifies the Campus Free Expression Act
HB2305Carpenter, Jon HB 23052/26/2018 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  6127H.01I - Authorizes a tax deduction for certain veterans who receive income through student loan forgiveness
HB2348Davis, Charlie HCS HB 23483/7/2018 Referred: Rules - Administrative Oversight
  6269H.02C - Changes the cap on tuition charged at public institutions of higher education
HB2354Frederick, Keith HCS HB 23544/19/2018 Reported Do Pass (H)
  6173H.02C - Requires the department of higher education to promulgate rules establishing the Coordinating Board for Mental Health Issues in Higher Education
HB2360Redmon, Craig HB 23605/3/2018 Executive Session Held (S)
  6251H.01P - Changes the laws regarding public safety officers who are eligible for a survivor's and disabled employee's educational grant
HB2375Ellington, Brandon HB 23755/18/2018 Referred: Higher Education
  6239H.02I - Establishes the "Make America Great Again Act" and repeals provisions that prohibit persons who are unlawfully present in the United States from receiving certain benefits
HB2378Walker, Cora Faith HB 23785/18/2018 Referred: Special Committee on Urban Issues
  6313H.01I - Requires teacher-training institutions in this state receiving state aid to require students to demonstrate proficiency on the concepts of trauma-informed approach and trauma-specific interventions
HB2408Fitzpatrick, Scott HB 24084/18/2018 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  4417H.02I - Establishes the "Bright Flight Promise Program" and phases out the Missouri Higher Education Academic Scholarship Program
HB2412Corlew, Kevin HB 24123/7/2018 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  5446H.03I - Modifies provisions relating to the A+ schools program
HB2423Moon, Mike HB 24233/15/2018 Referred: Higher Education
  5874H.01I - Expands the Campus Free Expression Act
HB2464Curtis, Courtney Allen HB 24645/4/2018 Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight
  6330H.01I - Establishes the "Equity in Higher Education Funding Program"
HB2474Curtis, Courtney Allen HB 24745/18/2018 Referred: Higher Education
  5796H.02I - Establishes the Urban Education Institute
HB2495Justus, Jeffery HB 24954/18/2018 Reported Do Pass (H)
  6350H.01I - Establishes the "Private College Campus Protection Act" which allows private institutions of higher education to appoint persons to be members of a campus police department
HB2512Butler, Michael HB 25125/18/2018 Referred: Higher Education
  6476H.01I - Requires student organizations at public institutions of higher education to appoint one or more members to serve as mandated reporters for purposes of reporting campus domestic violence and sexual assault
HB2515Curtis, Courtney Allen HB 25155/18/2018 Referred: Higher Education
  6417H.01I - Prohibits public institutions of higher education from subjecting video game competitors to institutional or athletic organizational rules regarding student athletes
HB2626Burnett, Ingrid HB 26265/18/2018 Referred: Higher Education
  6580H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to higher education tuition
HB2647Quade, Crystal HB 26475/18/2018 Referred: Higher Education
  6691H.01I - Establishes the "Enough is Enough Act"
HB2649Rowland, Lyle HB 26494/10/2018 Public Hearing Completed (H)
  6341H.01I - Changes the cap on tuition charged at public institutions of higher education
HB2741Curtis, Courtney Allen HB 27415/18/2018 Referred: Crime Prevention and Public Safety
  5817H.01I - Provides that students who report an incident of sexual assault to law enforcement or to an institution of higher education shall not be subject to discipline or other consequences for violations of any drug or alcohol policy of the institution
HCR106Shull, Noel J HCR 1065/18/2018 Referred: Economic Development
  6680H.02I - Authorizes the issuance of public bonds for half of the financing of a new conservatory building at UMKC
SB547Curtman, Paul HCS SS SCS SB 5475/11/2018 Placed on Informal Calendar
  5165H.07C - Modifies provisions relating to industrial hemp
SB807Lichtenegger, Donna CCS HCS SCS SBs 807 & 5777/6/2018 Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
  5054S.06T - Modifies provisions relating to higher education