Warren Eastman Hearnes
Warren Eastman Hearnes (1923-2009)

Inducted - Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Sculptor: William J. Williams

Where is Warren Eastman Hearnes in the Hall of Famous Missourians?

Warren Eastman Hearnes, Missouri's 46th governor, was the first governor in the state to serve two consecutive terms (1965-1973) and the first governor to serve in all three branches of state government. He began his political career in 1950 as the State Representative from Mississippi County and rose to the position of Majority Floor Leader (1957-1961) in that body during his ten years of legislative service. Then he served one term as Missouri Secretary of State (1961-1965) before winning the gubernatorial election. As governor, he was responsible for landmark improvements in education and mental health in the state and signed the state's first civil rights act and air pollution law. He also created the State Division of Highway Safety and established four year colleges in St. Joseph and Joplin. At the urging of First Lady Betty C. Hearnes, he established the Missouri Arts Council, the second of its kind in the nation, and authorized an extensive restoration of the Governor's Mansion, which preserved this landmark for future generations.