99th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: May 12, 2017

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB27Christofanelli, PhilHB 27
 0461H.01I - Allows the governing body of any established political party to choose to adopt a closed primary system
HB31Cross, Gary L.HB 31
 0571H.01I - Authorizes a tax deduction for the full amount of federal taxes paid
HB33Cross, Gary L.HB 33
 0622H.01I - Provides that no person or entity that rents or leases real property shall be required to obtain a business license by any political subdivision of the state
HB53Love, WarrenHB 53
 0084H.01I - Establishes the Missouri Heritage Protection Act
HB62Berry, T.J.HB 62
 0126H.01I - Changes the laws regarding marriage and replaces marriage licenses with contracts of domestic union
HB64Berry, T.J.HB 64
 0112H.01I - Authorizes a sales tax exemption for items used in the production or transmission of electricity to customers
HB90Rehder, HollyCCR SS HCS HBs 90 & 68
 0046H.17S - Establishes the Narcotics Control Act
HB101Swan, KathrynHB 101
 0530H.01I - Specifies that all new and existing tax credits shall be approved by the General Assembly as part of the budget process
HB115Shull, Noel JSS SCS HCS HB 115
 0485S.08T - Modifies provisions relating to the sale of intoxicating liquor in airports
HB116Rowland, RoryHB 116
 0304H.01I - Changes the compensation a juror may receive from $6 to $27
HB117Rowland, RoryHB 117
 0214H.01I - Allows the ethics commission to publish financial interest statements online
HB134Berry, T.J.HB 134
 0122H.01I - Allows electrical corporations to recover certain costs through the rate case process
HB135Berry, T.J.HB 135
 0116H.01I - Repeals the provisions that allow the use of the death penalty in Missouri
HB145Berry, T.J.HB 145
 0113H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Net Metering and Easy Connection Act
HB148Hurst, TomHB 148
 0139H.01I - Abolishes the doctrine of adverse possession in Missouri
HB149Hurst, TomHB 149
 0133H.01I - Changes the laws regarding foreign ownership of agricultural land
HB155Corlew, KevinHB 155
 0648H.01I - Establishes the "Interstate 70 Public-Private Partnership Act"
HB158Green, AlanHB 158
 0631H.01I - Requires the Commissioner of Administration to procure a blanket bond or crime insurance policy to protect the state against loss from the acts or omissions of any state-compensated person within the judiciary
HB160Kelley, MikeHB 160
 0144H.01I - Authorizes a higher limit for the Show Me Green Sales Tax Holiday on the purchase of new appliances
HB161Davis, CharlieHB 161
 0182H.01I - Modifies definitions to give veterans priority in low-income housing tax credits
HB167Peters, JoshuaHB 167
 0527H.01I - Increases the state minimum wage to $15 per hour
HB168Peters, JoshuaHB 168
 0709H.01I - Establishes the "Missouri Promise Act"
HB172Davis, CharlieHB 172
 0644H.01I - Increases municipal court costs from $12 to $17.50
HB173Conway, PatHB 173
 0716H.01I - Allows any registered voter who is eligible to vote in a particular election to do so by absentee ballot without being required to state a reason
HB179Phillips, DonHB 179
 0794H.01I - Prohibits an individual in this state from wearing a mask, hood, or covering that conceals the person's identity during an unlawful assembly or riot
HB184Franks Jr., BruceHB 184
 0798H.01I - Requires the Secretary of State to establish a system for automatic voter registration
HB185Franks Jr., BruceHB 185
 0805H.01I - Requires reporting of lost or stolen firearms
HB198Butler, MichaelHB 198
 0623H.01I - Creates the Quality Policing Act that establishes reporting and conduct guidelines for law enforcement agencies
HB202Pogue, JeffHB 202
 0293H.01I - Requires all public restrooms, other than single occupancy restrooms, to be gender-divided
HB203Pogue, JeffHB 203
 0295H.01I - Forbids the placement of refugees without the approval of the Missouri General Assembly
HB204Pogue, JeffHB 204
 0288H.01I - Requires all sales, transfers, or other conveyances of lands owned by the state, and acquisition of lands by the state, to be approved by the General Assembly
HB205Pogue, JeffHB 205
 0289H.01I - Allows a person authorized to solemnize marriages to refuse to solemnize a marriage which is contrary to the religious beliefs or sincerely held moral convictions of such person
HB221Moon, MikeHB 221
 0721H.01I - Requires United States Senators who represent Missouri to provide the General Assembly with certain information
HB222Moon, MikeHB 222
 0734H.01I - Prohibits the enforcement of any federal regulation by any state department or agency unless the enforcement is approved by the General Assembly
HB234Alferman, JustinHB 234
 0751H.02I - Changes the laws regarding the filling of commissioner offices
HB236Lavender, DebHB 236
 0877H.01I - Requires organizations that provide pregnancy-related services to provide medically accurate information regarding reproductive health options in order to receive state funding
HB240Beck, DougHB 240
 0718H.01I - Changes the laws regarding tax increment financing districts
HB241Beck, DougHB 241
 0906H.01I - Modifies the crime of unlawful transfer of weapons to include transfer of a firearms to any person on the terrorist screening center's no fly list
HB242Merideth, PeterHB 242
 0788H.01I - Specifies that the Secretary of State will create a website and allow citizens of Missouri to electronically sign ballot measures that are approved for circulation
HB266Brattin, RickHB 266
 0657H.02I - Eliminates tenure for new employees at public institutions of higher education and specifies information that public institutions of higher education must make available to the public
HB271Sommer, ChrissyHB 271
 0379H.02I - Specifies continuing education training for school board members, with additional training required for members serving districts with provisional accreditation
HB276Fraker, LyndallHB 276
 0907H.01I - Authorizes a sales tax exemption on initiation fees or dues of private country clubs, golf courses, and golf clubs not open to the public
HB277Cross, Gary L.HB 277
 0620H.01I - Specifies that an individual who has been evicted from a rental property must have written permission from the owner of the property to be on the premises in the future
HB278Houghton, JayHB 278
 0842H.01I - Allows all honorably discharged veterans to fish and hunt without a permit, with certain exceptions
HB279Houghton, JayHB 279
 0819H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to captive cervids
HB283Anderson, SonyaHB 283
 0974H.01I - Changes the laws regarding feral hogs
HB284Brown, CloriaHB 284
 0961H.01I - Prohibits anyone from using a hand-held electronic wireless communication device while driving unless the device is equipped for hands-free operation and is being used in that manner
HB296Justus, JefferyHB 296
 0861H.01I - Changes the laws regarding tax credits so that if the income tax rate is lowered, all tax credits are reduced proportionally
HB299Moon, MikeHB 299
 0935H.01I - Specifies how courts may rule in contractual disputes involving the law of other countries
HB300Moon, MikeHB 300
 0735H.01I - Provides that if a business enterprise posts to prohibit the possession of concealed firearms on the property, the posting entity assumes responsibility for the safety of a person permitted to carry a firearm if harmed on the property
HB302Hill, JustinSS#2 SCS HCS HBs 302 & 228
 0056S.12F - Establishes a Blue Alert System
HB311Korman, BartHB 311
 0592H.01I - Authorizes a sales tax holiday for products made in the USA
HB312Walker, NateHB 312
 0962H.01I - Restricts the use of handheld communications devices while driving unless the device is equipped for hands-free operation and is being used in that manner
HB320Neely, JimHB 320
 0988H.01I - Modifies penalty provisions relating to the offense of criminal nonsupport
HB328Morris, LynnHB 328
 0980H.01I - Authorizes a sales tax exemption for initiation dues of certain not for profit clubs and groups
HB331Morris, LynnHB 331
 1054H.01I - Changes the laws regarding vaccines
HB332Morris, LynnHB 332
 1055H.01I - Changes the laws regarding vaccines and disorder monitoring
HB335Sommer, ChrissyHB 335
 0890H.01I - Changes the law regarding public notice requirements for certain hearings conducted by legislative bodies of municipalities
HB342Dogan, ShamedHB 342
 0746H.01I - Allows a candidate to file for candidacy in more than one political party primary
HB344Dogan, ShamedHB 344
 0724H.01I - Prohibits the levying of an earnings tax on nonresidents of St. Louis City on January 1, 2019
HB361Newman, StaceyHB 361
 0231H.01I - Prohibits persons from selling, delivering, or transferring to a person under 18 years of age firearm ammunition or accessories
HB362Newman, StaceyHB 362
 0234H.02I - Specifies that a person commits the offense of endangering the welfare of a child if he or she fails to secure a dangerous or deadly weapon
HB363Newman, StaceyHB 363
 0229H.01I - Requires that all sales or transfers of firearms be processed through a licensed firearms dealer
HB364Newman, StaceyHB 364
 0232H.01I - Creates provisions requiring permits to purchase firearms
HB365Newman, StaceyHB 365
 0223H.02I - Establishes extreme risk protection orders and gun violence seizure warrants, and prohibits certain persons involved in domestic violence from possessing a firearm
HB366Newman, StaceyHB 366
 0228H.01I - Establishes guidelines a person must follow to purchase a firearm in the state of Missouri
HB367Newman, StaceyHB 367
 0218H.01I - Establishes the Enough is Enough Act regarding college sexual assault policies
HB368Newman, StaceyHB 368
 0851H.01I - Changes the laws regarding abortion
HB369Newman, StaceyHB 369
 0852H.01I - Changes the laws regarding abortion
HB370Newman, StaceyHB 370
 0219H.01I - Establishes programs and services to increase preventive health care services in the state
HB371Newman, StaceyHB 371
 0227H.01I - Establishes the Compassionate Assistance for Rape Emergencies (CARE) Act
HB372Newman, StaceyHB 372
 0226H.01I - Requires a pharmacy to fill a valid and lawful prescription for any FDA-approved drug or device to prevent pregnancy including emergency contraceptives without delay
HB373Newman, StaceyHB 373
 0875H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the dispensing of contraceptives
HB374Newman, StaceyHB 374
 0224H.02I - Changes the laws regarding the disclosure of health care services
HB375Newman, StaceyHB 375
 0222H.01I - Requires the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations to establish the Equal Pay Commission
HB376Newman, StaceyHB 376
 0220H.01I - Prohibits an employer from taking an adverse employment action based on an employee's reproductive health care decision
HB377Newman, StaceyHB 377
 0225H.01I - Establishes the Pregnant Workers' Fairness Act
HB378Brown, CloriaHB 378
 0960H.02I - Prohibits text messaging while driving unless the device is equipped with technology allowing for hands-free texting and is being used in that manner
HB392Adams, JoeHB 392
 0531H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the use of force by a law enforcement officer
HB393Adams, JoeHB 393
 0537H.01I - Creates a citizens police review board in the Department of Public Safety to investigate civilian deaths resulting from an officer-involved shooting
HB394Adams, JoeHB 394
 0601H.01I - Prohibits prosecuting attorneys from charging a felony for prostitution if the person charged with prostitution was under the control of an agent
HB395Adams, JoeHB 395
 0536H.01I - Establishes the Missouri Universal Health Assurance Program to provide a publicly financed, statewide insurance program for all residents of the state
HB399McDaniel, AndrewHB 399
 1063H.01I - Establishes the Authorized Electronic Monitoring in Long-Term Care Facilities Act
HB400McDaniel, AndrewHB 400
 0982H.01I - Exempts federally licensed firearms dealers who sell or transfer firearms from running a National Instant Criminal Background Check if a valid concealed carry permit is presented
HB416Ellebracht, MarkHB 416
 0938H.01I - Authorizes a waiver for certain property taxes if paid within thirty days of the due date
HB417Peters, JoshuaHB 417
 0818H.01I - Prohibits a health insurer and any wellness program associated with a health insurer from sharing with an employer of an insured information relating to such insured’s usage of contraceptives
HB421Peters, JoshuaHB 421
 0567H.01I - Authorizes an income tax exemption for residents who are at least seventy years old
HB452Austin, KevinSS HCS HB 452
 1145S.03T - Modifies definitions of "employee" and "physician employee" in actions against health care providers for personal injury or death
HB453Morgan, JudyHB 453
 1070H.01I - Establishes the Missouri Tuition Equity Act
HB454Morgan, JudyHB 454
 1102H.01I - Requires children in the City of St. Louis and Kansas City school districts to enroll in a school by the age of five
HB464McCreery, TracyHB 464
 0394H.01I - Changes the laws regarding taxation
HB466Cookson, SteveHB 466
 1024H.01I - Increases funding under the school funding formula for school districts with an assessed valuation per student that fell within the lowest 10% of all school districts in the 2004-05 school year
HB470Butler, MichaelHB 470
 0624H.02I - Changes the laws regarding the minimum wage
HB471Butler, MichaelHB 471
 0680H.01I - Changes the laws regarding public nuisance penalties
HB473Smith, ClemHB 473
 0739H.01I - Changes the laws regarding school accreditation and student transfers
HB477Merideth, PeterHB 477
 1094H.01I - Requires a judge or a jury to determine if a person's life would constitute a threat to another or society prior to issuing a sentence of death
HB483Dunn, RandyHB 483
 1178H.01I - Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to conduct cancer studies in the area surrounding any leak of a petroleum storage tank in a residential area
HB484Dunn, RandyHB 484
 1034H.01I - Changes the laws regarding consumer credit interest rates to cap payday loans at a 36% interest rate
HB487Dunn, RandyHB 487
 1016H.01I - Prohibits employers from inquiring into or considering the criminal records of applicants before offering a conditional offer of employment
HB489Dunn, RandyHB 489
 1014H.01I - Changes the laws regarding MO HealthNet services
HB492Bondon, JackHB 492
 0777H.01I - Modifies provisions of law relating to campaign finance
HB496Dunn, RandyHB 496
 0995H.01I - Requires the Secretary of State to establish a system for automatic voter registration
HB497Dunn, RandyHB 497
 0996H.01I - Adopts an agreement to elect the president by national popular vote
HB498DeGroot, BruceHB 498
 1154H.01I - Specifies that an attorney who presents a current valid Missouri Bar membership card to courthouse security is not subject to any security screening, with an exception
HB500Bangert, GretchenHB 500
 1257H.01I - Increases the maximum upper limit used to calculate the Senior Citizens Property Tax Credit, commonly known as circuit breaker
HB501Newman, StaceyHB 501
 0816H.01I - Changes the law relating to absentee voting and advanced voting in Missouri
HB504Ellington, BrandonHB 504
 0797H.01I - Requires uniformed law enforcement officer to wear a video camera while on duty to record any interaction between a law enforcement officer and a member of the public
HB506Ellington, BrandonHB 506
 0863H.01I - Establishes the Missouri Innocence Commission
HB507Ellington, BrandonHB 507
 1113H.01I - Modifies when a person may be eligible for parole if such person was under twenty-one years of age when the offense was committed and was sentenced after January 1, 1976
HB510Ellington, BrandonHB 510
 0368H.01I - Requires a peace officer to obtain written consent prior to conducting a consensual search of a vehicle
HB516Ellington, BrandonHB 516
 0760H.01I - Increases the state minimum wage to $15 per hour
HB517Ellington, BrandonHB 517
 0365H.01I - Establishes the Missouri Supporting Families Income Tax Holiday Act, which allows an exemption from state withholding taxes for state employees in a specified month determined by the Department of Revenue
HB518Ellington, BrandonHB 518
 0756H.01I - Prohibits employers from discriminating in providing compensation based on gender for the same work
HB520Ellington, BrandonHB 520
 0316H.01I - Requires election authorities to make available at least one electronic voting machine per polling location for blind or visually impaired voters at an election in order to comply with federal law
HB521Ellington, BrandonHB 521
 0335H.01I - Requires all food and food products sold in Missouri that are or contain genetically modified products to be labeled as such
HB523Ellington, BrandonHB 523
 0372H.02I - Allows certain small businesses to be eligible to claim any state tax credit, deduction, or other exemption from tax that specified corporations are allowed to claim
HB525Ellington, BrandonHB 525
 0374H.01I - Requires same-day service for driver's license issuance and renewal
HB527Ellington, BrandonHB 527
 0314H.01I - Establishes the Customer Utility Protection Act
HB528Ellington, BrandonHB 528
 0903H.01I - Creates provisions relating to racial profiling, searches and seizures, and traffic stops from law enforcement
HB530McCann Beatty, GailHB 530
 0857H.01I - Prohibits confidentiality agreements preventing persons who collect on a judgment or claim paid out by the State Legal Expense Fund to discuss the judgment or claim
HB531Nichols, MaryHB 531
 1208H.01I - Requires the secretary of state to establish a system of automatic voter registration
HB532Nichols, MaryHB 532
 1214H.01I - Requires that no tax change be implemented before the Study Commission on State Tax Policy issues its final report or December 31, 2017, whichever occurs first
HB533Nichols, MaryHB 533
 1207H.01I - Doubles the fine for littering with cigarettes or cigars
HB534Higdon, GalenHB 534
 0110H.01I - Requires driver's education for all driver's license applicants who have never held a driver's license issued by the state of Missouri or any other state or territory of the United States or foreign country
HB541May, KarlaHB 541
 1060H.02I - Establishes the Joint Committee on Missouri Division of Workers' Compensation
HB543Barnes, JayHB 543
 1119H.01I - Dissolves the Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority on January 1, 2019
HB546Hansen, JimHB 546
 1194H.01I - Prohibits text messaging while driving for all drivers
HB553Ross, RobertHB 553
 1273H.01I - Requires the Department of Natural Resources to sell certain lands acquired through environmental settlement funds
HB559Arthur, LaurenHB 559
 1213H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to employee wages
HB579Redmon, CraigHB 579
 0983H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the motor fuel tax
HB593McDaniel, AndrewHB 593
 1291H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the concealed carrying of firearms
HB594McGaugh, Joe DonHB 594
 1105H.01I - Provides that a person who is injured by a product has 10 years after the sale or lease of the product to bring a suit for damages
HB605Rone, DonHB 605
 0793H.01I - Requires the Department of Agriculture to review each herbicide sold in the state to determine if it is an inherently volatile herbicide, and to develop usage restrictions for such herbicides
HB606Rone, DonHB 606
 0341H.01I - Prohibits the commercial sale of any herbicide-resistant agricultural seed if there is not an approved herbicide for use on crops resulting from such seed
HB620Kendrick, KipHB 620
 0421H.02I - Establishes the "Student Loan Bill of Rights"
HB621Kendrick, KipHB 621
 0426H.01I - Grants authority to the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority to issue loans to refinance certain public or private student loans, education grants, and certain bonds, notes, or other obligations.
HB624Alferman, JustinHB 624
 1313H.01I - Authorizes the Gasconade R-II school district, which crosses county boundaries, to use the county that yields the highest dollar value modifier under the school foundation formula
HB625Stevens, MarthaHB 625
 0391H.01I - Changes the laws regarding consumer credit interest rates
HB633Austin, KevinHB 633
 1390H.01I - Modifies school districts' local effort figures
HB636Merideth, PeterHB 636
 1347H.01I - Provides for the expansion of MO HealthNet services beginning January 1, 2018
HB638McCann Beatty, GailHB 638
 0499H.01I - Requires the secretary of state to establish a system for automatic voter registration
HB639McCann Beatty, GailHB 639
 0498H.02I - Establishes provisions for lifetime parole supervision for offenders serving sentences of life without parole after a minimum of 25 years of confinement
HB641Miller, RockyHB 641
 0263H.01I - Requires the nonprevailing party in a civil suit to pay court costs and attorney's fees of the prevailing party
HB644Smith, ClemHB 644
 1229H.01I - Allows any registered voter who is eligible to vote in a particular election to do so by absentee ballot without being required to state a reason
HB646Fitzwater, PaulHB 646
 1209H.01I - Establishes the "Youth Sports Brain Injury Prevention Act"
HB652Ellebracht, MarkHB 652
 1401H.01I - Raises the minimum wage, subject to the number of hours worked per week
HB655Engler, KevinHB 655
 1420H.01P - Extends the expiration date of tax credits for donations to pregnancy centers
HB658McCreery, TracyHB 658
 0416H.01I - Prohibits certain individuals from possessing a firearm due to domestic violence and requires police officers to remove firearms at the scene of a domestic violence call
HB663McCreery, TracyHB 663
 1431H.01I - Prohibits a person employed by an entity that has been investigated by state or federal authorities from being appointed as the commissioner of securities
HB667Love, WarrenHB 667
 1338H.01I - Implements the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement
HB669Korman, BartHB 669
 1316H.02I - Changes educational requirements for a person to apply for enrollment as a land surveyor-in-training
HB681Wiemann, JohnHB 681
 1160H.01I - Changes the law regarding the voter registration information that can be computerized
HB683Roeber, RebeccaHB 683
 0765H.01I - Establishes recall elections for school board members
HB684Neely, JimHB 684
 1445H.01I - Changes the laws regarding managed care under the MO HealthNet program
HB693Berry, T.J.HB 693
 1484H.01I - Requires trucks and motor vehicles subject to inspection to be physically weighed on truck scales and prohibits the use of electronic weigh station bypass systems
HB718Curtman, PaulHB 718
 0783H.01I - Establishes the Corporate Welfare Elimination Act, which terminates corporate tax credits by placing a sunset on each credit
HB728Korman, BartHB 728
 1512H.01I - Allows the department of transportation to sell naming rights for highways and bridges not already named
HB731Chipman, JasonHB 731
 1351H.01I - Establishes guidelines filling vacancies in the General Assembly and for nominations to the United States Congress
HB737Stevens, MarthaHB 737
 1305H.01I - Changes the laws regarding MO HealthNet services
HB742McCreery, TracyHB 742
 1519H.01I - Applies the offense of unlawful possession of firearms to certain additional categories of individuals in possession of firearms
HB744Brattin, RickHB 744
 1435H.01I - Allows the Coordinating Board for Higher Education to authorize community colleges to offer baccalaureate degrees
HB745Brattin, RickHB 745
 1503H.01I - Requires that all school restrooms, locker rooms, and shower rooms accessible for use by multiple students shall be designated for and used by male or female students only
HB748Eggleston, J.HB 748
 1090H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to institutional performance measures for institutions of higher education
HB749Korman, BartHB 749
 1558H.01I - Creates the Divided Highway Transportation Fund and designates how moneys in the fund must be disbursed
HB751Roeber, RebeccaHB 751
 0115H.01I - Changes election procedures for school board members
HB755Cookson, SteveHB 755
 1572H.01I - Modifies provisions related to teacher retirement
HB756McCreery, TracyHB 756
 1442H.01I - Specifies that the annual audit of the Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority shall be conducted by the State Auditor
HB759Morgan, JudyHB 759
 1547H.01I - Establishes the "Respect Women's Abortion Decisions Act"
HB763Brown, RichardHB 763
 1336H.01I - Implements the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement
HB764Marshall, NickHB 764
 1617H.01I - Establishes a regulatory system for transportation network companies
HB767Pfautsch, DonnaHB 767
 1619H.01I - Allows the Department of Health and Senior Services to perform unannounced inspections of long-term care facilities pursuant to a complaint
HB770McGaugh, Joe DonHB 770
 1585H.01I - Specifies that any regulation that is revenue producing shall have a sunset provision and will require legislative approval for re-issuance
HB771Korman, BartHB 771
 1513H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the alternative fuel decal fee for plug-in electric hybrid vehicles
HB774McCreery, TracyHB 774
 0397H.01I - Allows a health care provider to transfer a long-acting reversible contraceptive to a patient other than the patient to whom it was initially prescribed in certain circumstances
HB776Roberts, StevenHB 776
 1646H.01I - Allows a law enforcement agency to file a motion, on its own behalf in circuit court, to properly dispose of seized property
HB779Hannegan, TomHB 779
 1624H.01I - Allows counties, cities, towns, and villages to charge an additional $1 fee on car rentals, with the proceeds to be used for road and bridge improvements
HB787Davis, CharlieHB 787
 1717H.01I - Authorizes a tax deduction for firefighters who complete training during the year
HB798Marshall, NickHB 798
 1649H.01I - Specifies that any issue to increase any tax, license, fee, or levy requiring voter approval under Article X of the Missouri Constitution must be placed on the ballot only on the general election day
HB808Redmon, CraigHB 808
 1733H.01I - Provides that service of process on a defendant after the statute of limitations has expired or after the expiration of an extension of time to commence an action shall be made within 120 days of filing the petition
HB810Nichols, MaryHB 810
 1686H.01I - Changes the laws regarding tax increment financing so that requirements regarding project approval apply equally throughout the state
HB816Marshall, NickHB 816
 1683H.01I - Authorizes a person to engage in the practice of specified professions without being licensed if he or she does not hold himself or herself out as being licensed
HB820Cookson, SteveHB 820
 1043H.01I - Establishes the public school parental choice act
HB822Nichols, MaryHB 822
 1655H.01I - Repeals the definition of municipal ordinance violations which were added to the calculation limiting the percentage of annual general operating revenue that can come from fines and court costs for minor violations and allows for confinement for minor traffic violations
HB825Hannegan, TomHB 825
 1625H.01I - Authorizes a tax credit for certain senior citizens equal to the property tax increase resulting from a higher assessment on their primary residence
HB830Spencer, BryanHB 830
 1689H.01I - Changes provisions of law relating to assessments of public school students
HB831Baringer, DonnaSCS HCS HB 831
 1767S.04C - Modifies provisions related to the retirement of police officers
HB833Fraker, LyndallHB 833
 1755H.01I - Authorizes a sales tax exemption on initiation fees or dues of private country clubs, golf courses, and golf clubs not open to the public
HB835Korman, BartHB 835
 1761H.01I - Changes the laws regarding property tax and the apportionment of mileage between jurisdictions on tractors and trailers
HB836Korman, BartHB 836
 1487H.01I - Establishes the I-70 Regional Transportation District
HB837Korman, BartHB 837
 1515H.01I - Establishes a "miles driven" fee to be paid at the time of registration of a motor vehicle with a model year of 2019 and later
HB838Mitten, GinaHB 838
 0692H.01I - Requires a peace officer to provide an oral advisement and obtain written consent for a voluntary search of a person not under arrest or the person's effects or vehicle
HB840Mitten, GinaHB 840
 0824H.01I - Changes the laws regarding eligibility for MO HealthNet benefits
HB841Mitten, GinaHB 841
 0740H.01I - Changes the laws regarding taxation of feminine hygiene products
HB842Mitten, GinaHB 842
 0762H.01I - Creates a right to unpaid leave for employees that are affected by domestic violence
HB844Dunn, RandyHB 844
 1005H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to policies on youth suicide awareness and prevention in schools
HB845Frederick, KeithHB 845
 1758H.01I - Creates new provisions relating to the regulation of securities
HB851McCreery, TracyHB 851
 1483H.01I - Changes provisions related to fees for repair of sewer service lines
HB853Roberts, StevenHB 853
 1737H.01I - Authorizes a tax deduction for the cost of firearm training or firearm safety courses
HB859Pogue, JeffHB 859
 1174H.01I - Establishes the "Second Amendment Preservation Act"
HB860Pogue, JeffHB 860
 1795H.01I - Changes the laws regarding jurisdiction ceded to the United States within the Ozark National Scenic Riverways
HB861Pogue, JeffHB 861
 1794H.01I - Changes the laws regarding foreign ownership of agricultural land
HB862Kidd, BillHB 862
 1456H.02I - Requires teachers and principals to complete two hours of suicide prevention education each school year
HB866Fitzwater, TravisHB 866
 1562H.01I - Changes the definitions of marital and family therapy
HB870Korman, BartHB 870
 0260H.01I - Changes the laws regarding sales tax so that a percentage of revenue collected is dedicated to the state road fund
HB872Davis, CharlieHB 872
 1450H.01I - Creates a definition of secondary school to include grades not lower than fifth grade nor higher than twelfth grade
HB874Helms, SteveHB 874
 1701H.01I - Changes the laws regarding tax distribution agreements between political subdivisions
HB877Neely, JimHB 877
 1839H.01I - Modifies the definition of tattoo
HB881Schroer, NickHB 881
 1742H.01I - Provides that failure to wear a safety belt or misuse of a safety belt may be considered evidence of comparative negligence or may be admitted to mitigate damages
HB883Marshall, NickHB 883
 1763H.01I - Prohibits certain candidates for office from engaging in certain campaign fundraising techniques
HB891Cookson, SteveHB 891
 1824H.01I - Provides for cost of living increases for public school retirees
HB892Chipman, JasonHB 892
 1341H.02I - Changes the law regarding the general municipal election day
HB894Korman, BartHB 894
 0253H.01I - Establishes a "None of the Above" option on all ballots cast in the state of Missouri
HB900Rowland, RoryHB 900
 1778H.01I - Changes the minimum amounts of automobile liability insurance required
HB911Ellington, BrandonHB 911
 1880H.01I - Changes certain laws regarding complaints filed with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights regarding discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation or gender identity
HB917Neely, JimHB 917
 1860H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the sexual offender registry
HB922Kelley, MikeHB 922
 1721H.01I - Designates March 17th as "sleep day" in the Missouri
HB929Merideth, PeterHB 929
 0837H.01I - Repeals certain provisions relating to the stand your ground law and the constitutional carry law
HB930Houx, DanHB 930
 1902H.01I - Changes the law regarding proxy voting in elections filing vacancies
HB931Arthur, LaurenHB 931
 1362H.01I - Requires reporting of expenditures in excess of one thousand dollars for the purpose of electioneering activities
HB932Fraker, LyndallHB 932
 1903H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the costs of boarding prisoners
HB933Fraker, LyndallHB 933
 1812H.01I - Allows a metropolitan planning organization to be considered a political subdivision for purposes of the Missouri local government employees' retirement system
HB941Korman, BartHB 941
 0255H.01I - Creates various funds dedicated to transportation
HB943Razer, GregHB 943
 1949H.01I - Designates September 13 of each year as "Truman the Tiger Day" in Missouri
HB944Green, AlanHB 944
 1911H.01I - Establishes the Missouri Prompt Pay Act relating to payment dates for contractors and subcontractors
HB949Ellebracht, MarkHB 949
 1957H.01I - Establishes the Sarah Steelman Transparency and Disclosure Act
HB954Ross, RobertHB 954
 1959H.01I - Conditions the consent given to the United States to acquire certain state lands on the state receiving an exemption to federal REAL ID requirements
HB955Unsicker, SarahHB 955
 1975H.01I - Changes the laws regarding real property to require the filing of a certificate of value before transferring interest in real property
HB961Christofanelli, PhilHB 961
 1827H.01I - Changes the law regarding municipal elections
HB966Crawford, SandyHB 966
 1936H.01I - Requires the State Treasurer to issue letter rulings regarding the administration of the Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act
HB968Eggleston, J.HB 968
 1956H.01I - Increases the membership of the Highways and Transportation Commission to eight commissioners
HB969Neely, JimHB 969
 1951H.01I - Requires 20% of all fees an attorney charges for his or her services to be deposited into a fund that will be used to provide financial support for certain recipients
HB972Miller, RockyHB 972
 1994H.01I - Prohibits private nuisance actions from being brought when the property owner has a related government issued permit
HB974Frederick, KeithHB 974
 2023H.01I - Requires a health carrier provider to pay identical benefits to similarly licensed nonparticipating or nonpreferred providers who meet the necessary requirements
HB980Brattin, RickHB 980
 1989H.01I - Changes the law regarding sanctuary policies for municipalities
HB982Brattin, RickHB 982
 1726H.01I - Changes the laws regarding tax credits so that tax credits are nontransferable
HB988Frederick, KeithHB 988
 1966H.02I - Changes the laws regarding residential dwelling rentals
HB992Korman, BartHB 992
 1657H.02I - Changes the law regarding taxation so that definitions of sales and use tax exemptions are modified and the motor fuel tax is increased
HB993Korman, BartHB 993
 1656H.01I - Changes the law regarding taxes so that the tax top income tax rate is reduced and the motor fuel tax is increased by amount to offset the income tax reduction
HB995Eggleston, J.HB 995
 1399H.01I - Changes the laws regarding rates charged by health care providers
HB1003Brattin, RickHB 1003
 1040H.02I - Changes the laws regarding tax increment allocation redevelopment
HB1005Green, AlanHB 1005
 2071H.01I - Requires gas corporations to repair pipelines and equipment necessary for a customer to benefit from the service even if the customer is not up to date with payments
HB1006Green, AlanHB 1006
 2073H.01I - Creates a tort cause of action for injuries that result from harassment in the workplace
HB1014Moon, MikeHB 1014
 1932H.01I - Requires the Missouri State Museum to include a display on the history of abortion
HB1018Green, AlanHB 1018
 2098H.01I - Establishes the Missouri Minority Business Enterprise Loan Program
HB1020Quade, CrystalHB 1020
 2026H.01I - Enhances the penalties for certain offenses if the offenses were targeted toward certain victims
HB1022Ellebracht, MarkHB 1022
 1491H.01I - Prohibits lobbyists from making expenditures on behalf of public officials for more than five years
HB1024Ellebracht, MarkHB 1024
 2068H.01I - Modifies the computation of heritage value in condemnation proceedings
HB1025Green, AlanHB 1025
 2103H.01I - Establishes the Bonding Review Board to determine whether sufficient financial assets exist to back individual sureties and to rate providers of individual sureties
HB1026Green, AlanHB 1026
 2104H.01I - Changes the laws regarding tax increment financing districts
HB1028Merideth, PeterHB 1028
 0814H.01I - Authorizes the Community Police Tax Credit for law enforcement officers who live in a high-crime area
HB1029Unsicker, SarahHB 1029
 2123H.01I - Abolishes the death penalty and specifies that any person sentenced to death before August 28, 2017, must be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole
HB1031Butler, MichaelHB 1031
 0661H.01I - Establishes the Missouri Parent/Teacher Involvement Act
HB1032Green, AlanHB 1032
 2106H.01I - Modifies provisions of law relating to the REAL ID Act of 2005
HB1034Engler, KevinHB 1034
 2064H.01I - Modifies provisions of law relating to motor vehicle dealers
HB1035Carpenter, JonHB 1035
 2111H.01I - Changes the laws regarding sales tax levied on United States Coast Guard registered boats and vessels
HB1038Franks Jr., BruceHB 1038
 2081H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to good time credit
HB1041McDaniel, AndrewHB 1041
 2148H.01I - Changes the law regarding the voter identification requirements
HB1047Neely, JimHB 1047
 2155H.01I - Prohibits elected federal officials from receiving any benefits under a retirement plan accrued as an elected state official once vested in a federal retirement plan
HB1051Unsicker, SarahHB 1051
 2115H.01I - Allows voters to transfer their voter registration between jurisdictions after the registration deadline has passed
HB1052Unsicker, SarahHB 1052
 2079H.01I - Requires state agencies to support competitive employment in integrated settings for persons with disabilities
HB1053Cookson, SteveHB 1053
 2084H.01I - Requires school districts with students who earn industry-recognized certifications to transfer moneys for certain purposes
HB1054Moon, MikeHB 1054
 2157H.01I - Requires employees to pay for unemployment insurance
HB1055Houghton, JayHB 1055
 2177H.01I - Changes the law regarding initiative petitions
HB1072Brattin, RickHB 1072
 2134H.01I - Implements the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement and dedicates the resulting revenue to the State Road Fund
HB1075Alferman, JustinHB 1075
 2236H.01I - Specifies that emergency services are covered under MO HealthNet if medically necessary according to the prudent layperson standard
HB1078Fitzwater, TravisHB 1078
 1107H.01I - Creates the 47th Judicial Circuit consisting of Callaway and Audrain counties
HB1089Plocher, DeanHB 1089
 1112H.01I - Changes provisions relating to acts that may be performed by a licensed practical nurse and modifies provisions relating to the Missouri State Board of Nursing
HB1095May, KarlaHB 1095
 1938H.01I - Creates provisions regarding the legalization of marijuana and establishes certain licensing requirements
HB1098Grier, DerekHB 1098
 2229H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the resale of event tickets
HB1101Rowland, RoryHB 1101
 2213H.01I - Requires public school buses to be operated by human drivers
HB1102Frederick, KeithHB 1102
 2237H.01I - Establishes the "Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Act"
HB1104Bangert, GretchenHB 1104
 1561H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to solar energy systems in certain planned communities
HB1107Moon, MikeHB 1107
 2204H.01I - Eliminates the criminal penalty for carrying a concealed weapon into any area where firearms are restricted under Section 571.107, RSMo
HB1108Corlew, KevinHB 1108
 2102H.01I - Modifies provisions of law relating to campaign finance
HB1109Christofanelli, PhilHB 1109
 2235H.01I - Removes certain roads from the responsibility of the state highways and transportation commission and directs certain sales and use tax funds into the state road fund
HB1117Morgan, JudyHB 1117
 2253H.01I - Adds provisions relating to petitions for removal from the sexual offender registry
HB1118Merideth, PeterHB 1118
 1452H.01I - Requires the Missouri Secretary of State to develop standards for electronic notarization and standards for any two-way live video and audio conferencing communication
HB1120Smith, CodyHB 1120
 2226H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the statute of limitations for certain offenses
HB1121Unsicker, SarahHB 1121
 2258H.01I - Modifies provisions related to discipline of students
HB1122Unsicker, SarahHB 1122
 2254H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to discipline of students
HB1126McDaniel, AndrewHB 1126
 2191H.01I - Creates the offense of tampering with farm equipment
HB1127Taylor, JeredHB 1127
 2292H.01I - Allows for the slaughter and processing of feral hogs for human consumption at facilities inspected by the USDA or Missouri Department of Agriculture
HB1128Pogue, JeffHB 1128
 1797H.01I - Changes the laws regarding income tax so that tax rates are reduced if tax revenues exceed the revenues of any of the three previous years
HB1129Pogue, JeffHB 1129
 2074H.01I - Imposes a one-year moratorium on state land purchases and requires the General Assembly to be notified of any requests to purchase land by any state agency
HB1130Pogue, JeffHB 1130
 2069H.01I - Requires the Department of Natural Resources to sell certain lands acquired through environmental settlement funds
HB1131Burnett, IngridHB 1131
 2156H.01I - Modifies the length of terms of office for certain members of the Kansas City Public School board of directors to ensure that terms are staggered
HB1137Schroer, NickHB 1137
 2187H.01I - Requires certain persons to report the use of an emergency opioid antagonist to a police or sheriff's department in order to generate a police report
HB1138Moon, MikeHB 1138
 2257H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the acquisition of land by the U.S. government
HB1142Dohrman, DeanHB 1142
 2267H.01I - Modifies provisions related to training of school board members
HB1143Vescovo, RobHB 1143
 2154H.01I - Requires an electronic record retained by a municipal court to not disclose the home address of the party if such party prefers such record to be closed
HB1144Morris, LynnHB 1144
 2297H.01I - Removes the termination date for the Missouri Rx Prescription Drug Program
HB1145Bangert, GretchenHB 1145
 2290H.01I - Requires the department of elementary and secondary education to establish a grant program to extend instructional time in underperforming districts
HB1146Swan, KathrynHB 1146
 1757H.02I - Changes the laws regarding teacher compensation
HB1149Smith, ClemHB 1149
 2320H.01I - Requires certain police officers to be paid a minimum wage of twenty dollars per hour
HB1150Corlew, KevinHB 1150
 2304H.01I - Modifies the definition of special victim
HB1159Morris, LynnHB 1159
 2302H.01I - Modifies and creates provisions relating to the MO HealthNet pharmacy program
HB1161Bahr, KurtHB 1161
 2294H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to academic performance standards
HB1165Houghton, JayHB 1165
 2321H.02I - Requires school boards to establish a policy related to abusive conduct directed toward school employees
HB1166Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 1166
 2200H.01I - Changes the law regarding the right of suffrage for former felons
HB1167Kidd, BillHB 1167
 2279H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to hazardous waste fees paid to the Missouri Emergency Response Commission
HB1170Franks Jr., BruceHB 1170
 2276H.01I - Designates the Sheriff of the City of St. Louis and deputies as law enforcement officers eligible for certain training and licensure
HB1171Razer, GregHB 1171
 2190H.01I - Requires statewide elected officials who travel outside Missouri to conduct state business to disclose certain information about the travel
HB1173Arthur, LaurenHB 1173
 1371H.01I - Prohibits and repeals abortion laws and regulations that place a burden on a woman's access to abortion if no legitimate health benefits are conferred
HB1174Neely, JimHB 1174
 2338H.01I - Changes the laws regarding maintenance orders
HB1175Walker, Cora FaithHB 1175
 2244H.02I - Encourages primary care providers to utilize the Adverse Childhood Experience Questionnaire to assess a MO HealthNet participant's health risks
HB1176Pogue, JeffHB 1176
 2107H.01I - Expands child neglect to include a child that is born with a controlled substance in the child's fluids because the pregnant mother knowingly used a controlled substance before birth
HB1177Pogue, JeffHB 1177
 2065H.01I - Changes the laws regarding abortion
HB1178McCreery, TracyHB 1178
 2172H.01I - Changes the laws regarding consumer products so that certain manufacturers are required to provide repair information to certain individuals and businesses
HB1179Merideth, PeterHB 1179
 2296H.03I - Requires the department of public safety to engage in discussions with local government officials and law enforcement agencies to develop a memorandum of understanding concerning the use of automated license plate reader systems and crime cameras by law enforcement on public roadways within the state
HB1180Mitten, GinaHB 1180
 0730H.01I - Requires legislative lobbyists and legislative liaisons to complete sexual harassment training offered by the Missouri Ethics Commission
HB1181Mitten, GinaHB 1181
 1800H.01I - Requires the Secretary of State to establish a system for automatic voter registration
HB1182Mitten, GinaHB 1182
 1695H.02I - Changes the laws regarding income tax rates
HB1183Mitten, GinaHB 1183
 0728H.01I - Establishes a recall process for elected officials of fourth class cities
HB1185Trent, CurtisHB 1185
 2332H.01I - Provides that a managed care plan's network is adequate if the health carrier is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care
HB1187Burnett, IngridHB 1187
 2339H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the development of historic property by prohibiting certain cities from waiving a review process
HB1188Dogan, ShamedHB 1188
 2309H.01I - Allows a health care provider to transfer a long-acting reversible contraceptive to a patient other than the patient to whom it was initially prescribed in certain circumstances
HB1190Rhoads, ShawnHB 1190
 2333H.01I - Establishes the Business Premises Safety Act
HB1191Smith, ClemHB 1191
 2354H.01I - Requires certain police officers to be paid a minimum wage of twenty dollars per hour
HB1194Chipman, JasonSS#2 HCS HBs 1194 & 1193
 2328S.09T - Prohibits political subdivisions from requiring a minimum wage that exceeds the requirements of state law
HB1195Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 1195
 2214H.01I - Requires certain air pollution sources that emit mercury to pay an annual fee
HB1196Rehder, HollyHB 1196
 2268H.01I - Enacts new provisions of law relating to professional employer organizations
HB1198Berry, T.J.HB 1198
 2271H.01I - Enacts new provisions of law relating to professional employer organizations
HB1202Roberts, StevenHB 1202
 2349H.01I - Changes the laws regarding eligibility for MO HealthNet benefits
HB1204May, KarlaHB 1204
 1071H.01I - Dissolves the Land Reutilization Authority of the City of St. Louis, Missouri
HB1205Brattin, RickHB 1205
 2326H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the terms of office for certain local officials
HB1206Brattin, RickHB 1206
 2323H.01I - Changes the law regarding city clerks
HB1209Matthiesen, MarkHB 1209
 1652H.02I - Requires all moneys, except administrative costs, from minor traffic violations on state-maintained roads or highways to be sent to the Director of the Department of Revenue
HB1217Curtman, PaulHB 1217
 1650H.01I - Modifies provisions related to state aid for schools
HB1218Gray, AlanHB 1218
 2222H.01I - Specifies that a state employee who works 10 hour days and 40 hours per week cannot be required to take two hours of vacation leave for paid holidays
HB1220Walker, NateHB 1220
 2344H.01I - Changes provisions relating to the Missouri State Board of Nursing
HB1221Roberts, StevenHB 1221
 2347H.01I - Establishes the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Pilot Program
HB1222Roberts, StevenHB 1222
 2351H.01I - Establishes the Death with Dignity Act to allow patients with terminal illnesses to end their life in a humane and dignified manner
HB1223Kelley, MikeHB 1223
 2346H.01I - Allows the family of a pregnant woman to civilly commit her for treatment if she is abusing drugs
HB1225Roberts, StevenHB 1225
 2350H.01I - Establishes a pilot program in St. Louis City to be known as the Intervention and Compliance Unit Pilot Program to address rising serious violent crime in the city
HB1226Ellington, BrandonHB 1226
 2352H.01I - Allows MO HealthNet participants with sickle cell disease who are 18 years of age or older to receive benefits
HB1227DeGroot, BruceHB 1227
 2341H.01I - Modifies provisions related to workers' compensation
HB1229Franks Jr., BruceHB 1229
 2337H.01I - Authorizes a tax credit for establishing a new business in a distressed community
HB1231Grier, DerekHB 1231
 1819H.01I - Changes the laws regarding property taxation so that personal property tax is repealed and its revenues are replaced by license fees
HCB3Fitzpatrick, ScottSS HCB 3
 2360S.03T - Modifies provisions relating to funds for vulnerable senior citizens
HCR11Love, WarrenHCR 11
 0922H.01I - Urges Congress to support and pass the Marketplace Fairness Act, which would require out-of-state retailers to collect sales taxes
HCR18Morgan, JudyHCR 18
 1520H.01I - Resolves that abortion shall be recognized as an essential component of women's health care
HCR23Morgan, JudyHCR 23
 1640H.01I - Establishes Missouri's ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution
HCR37DeGroot, BruceHCR 37
 2118H.01I - Specifies that no state funds shall go to National Public Radio
HCR38Beard, NathanHCR 38
 2122H.01I - Recognizes that pornography leads to individual and societal harms
HCR40Rowland, RoryHCR 40
 2210H.02I - Urges the General Assembly to place photos of future generations in the composite photo each year to remind the lawmakers of why they ran for office
HCR41Pogue, JeffHCR 41
 2086H.01I - Discourages the directorship of Missouri Department of Conservation Director Sara Parker Pauley for her involvement with the misappropriation of environmental settlement funds
HCR42Pogue, JeffHCR 42
 2093H.02I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to repeal the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments of the Constitution of the United States
HCR43Pogue, JeffHCR 43
 2058H.01I - Calls for a special session for the purpose of eliminating the state's involvement in the institution of marriage
HCR44Pogue, JeffHCR 44
 2070H.02I - Urges the Board of Public Buildings to remove the metal detectors and security at the entrance of the capitol building
HCR45Roberts, StevenHCR 45
 2345H.01I - Designates May 31 each year as "Missouri No Smoking/Tobacco Day" in order to increase awareness of the dangers of tobacco use
HJR1Cross, Gary L.HJR 1
 0656H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to eliminate taxation on personal property
HJR3McGaugh, Joe DonHJR 3
 0593H.01I - Delineates procedures a court must follow when assessing a claim that the government has enforced a law that limits a person's constitutional rights
HJR4McGaugh, Joe DonHJR 4
 0587H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to assert the right of Missourians to hunt and fish
HJR5Kelley, MikeHJR 5
 0159H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment that ends the recognition of daylight saving time after 2020
HJR6Franks Jr., BruceHJR 6
 0328H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment that prohibits certain candidates and officials from receiving campaign contributions when the General Assembly is in regular session
HJR8Moon, MikeHJR 8
 0781H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to prohibit the levying of a tax or fee on any constitutional right
HJR9Moon, MikeHJR 9
 0659H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to require that the conservation sales tax be renewed by voters every six years
HJR12Bahr, KurtHJR 12
 0178H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to reduce the number of state representatives to four representatives from each senate district
HJR14Bahr, KurtHJR 14
 0176H.02I - Proposes a Constitutional amendment to expand the term limits for the General Assembly to 16 years total between the two houses, instead of 8 years in any one house
HJR15McDaniel, AndrewHJR 15
 0991H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment specifying that a person cannot be required to become or refrain from becoming a member of or paying dues to a labor organization as a condition or continuation of employment
HJR16White, BillHJR 16
 0972H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring the election of all supreme court, courts of appeal, circuit court, and associate circuit judges
HJR17Brattin, RickHJR 17
 0766H.01I - Authorizes a property tax exemption for individuals who have owned real property for thirty years and individuals who have owned personal property for ten years
HJR21Ellington, BrandonHJR 21
 0329H.02I - Proposes a constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana for persons 21 years of age or older
HJR24Ross, RobertHJR 24
 1279H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to remove the property tax exemption for real property owned by the Department of Natural Resources or Department of Conservation
HJR25Ross, RobertHJR 25
 1280H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to repeal the Conservation Commission's authority to acquire land
HJR28Taylor, JeredHJR 28
 0973H.01I - Proposes constitutional amendments to repeal all income taxes and enact new sales taxes
HJR30Moon, MikeHJR 30
 1528H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting searches of persons upon entering the Missouri State Capitol or on capitol grounds
HJR31Marshall, NickHJR 31
 1333H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting searches of persons upon entering the Missouri State Capitol or on capitol grounds
HJR32Cookson, SteveHJR 32
 1591H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to eliminate personal property tax
HJR34Marshall, NickHJR 34
 1651H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment changing the laws regarding sessions of the General Assembly
HJR37Curtman, PaulHJR 37
 1658H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to cap annual appropriations and reduce income tax rates based on revenue growth
HJR38Houghton, JayHJR 38
 1846H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring the conservation sales and use tax to be reauthorized every 10 years and divides the revenue with the Highways and Transportation Commission
HJR41Pogue, JeffHJR 41
 2061H.01I - Allows both the General Assembly and the people to submit referendums on federal laws
HJR42Lavender, DebHJR 42
 2280H.01I - Proposes a Constitutional amendment relating to the members of the General Assembly
HJR43Merideth, PeterHJR 43
 2250H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment establishing nonpartisan procedures for apportioning the state into state legislative and United States Congressional districts on the basis of population
HJR44Pogue, JeffHJR 44
 2165H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the amount of property tax state entities pay on state lands
HJR45Grier, DerekHJR 45
 1919H.01I - Proposes an amendment exempting motor vehicles from personal property taxation
HJR46Grier, DerekHJR 46
 1918H.01I - Proposes an amendment that guarantees local jurisdictions will not lose revenue if motor vehicle personal property tax is repealed and its revenues replaced by license fees
SB8Munzlinger, BrianCCS SB 8
 0101S.03T - Modifies the law relating to flashing lights on motor vehicles and equipment
SB11Wasson, JayCCR HCS SCS SB 11
 0509S.06S - Modifies the language relating to agreements that may be entered into by municipalities that participate in industrial development projects
SB16Kraus, WillSS SCS SB 16
 0031S.04T - Exempts delivery charges from sales and use taxes
SB22Chappelle-Nadal, MariaHCS SS SB 22
 0608H.13C - Changes the law regarding contaminated homes
SB30Sater, DavidCCR HCS SB 30
 0478S.03S - Allows for consolidation of road districts within a county
SB34Cunningham, MikeCCS HCS SS SB 34
 0089S.07T - Creates and modifies provisions relating to criminal offenses
SB35Cunningham, MikeCCS HCS SS SB 35
 0090S.09T - Changes the law regarding state purchases of land
SB52Nasheed, JamilahSCS SB 52
 0715S.02T - Creates several provisions relating to suicide awareness and prevention
SB65Schatz, DaveSB 65
 0251S.01T - Exempts vessels propelled by outboard jet motors and vessels not originally manufactured with adequate guards or railing from the provisions prohibiting passengers from riding in certain areas of a boat
SB84Kraus, WillHCS SCS SB 84
 0052H.03C - Restricts the use of cell site simulator devices
SB88Brown, DanSCS SB 88
 0367S.02T - Establishes a two year statute of limitations for claims of malpractice or negligence against veterinarians
 0355S.03T - Extends the expiration date on a provision that allows counties to decrease their annual budgets
SB108Romine, GarySCS SB 108
 0514S.02T - Grants reemployment rights to members of the military
SB112Schatz, DaveCCS#2 HCS SCS SB 112
 0169S.09T - Changes the laws regarding political subdivisions
SB114Schatz, DaveCCR HCS SB 114
 0148S.06S - Changes the laws regarding political subdivisions
SB125Wasson, JayHCS SB 125
 0299H.04C - Modifies and creates provisions relating to the regulation of certain professions
SB128Dixon, BobCCS SCS#2 SB 128
 0528S.05T - Modifies various provisions regarding judicial proceedings
SB139Sater, DavidCCS HCS SCS SB 139
 0471S.05T - Modifies provisions relating to health care
SB222Riddle, JeanieCCS SB 222
 0469S.03T - Modifies provisions relating to motorized vehicles
SB225Schatz, DaveCCS HCS SB 225
 0915S.04T - Modifies provisions relating to transportation
SB229Riddle, JeanieSCS SB 229
 0918S.02P - Modifies the law relating to working hours for employees at certain mental health facilities
SB283Hegeman, DanCCS HCS SB 283
 1203S.05T - Modifies provisions relating to political subdivisions
SB309Walsh, GinaHCS SCS SB 309
 1122H.03C - Modifies provisions relating to public employee retirement systems
SB326Kraus, WillHCS SB 326
 1495H.03C - Creates new provisions relating to low-profit limited liability corporations
SB329Kehoe, MikeSB 329
 1559S.01T - Modifies provisions relating to motor vehicle franchise practices
SB332Hegeman, DanHCS SB 332
 1492H.03C - Changes the laws regarding taxation, corporations, and filing false documents
SB355Romine, GaryCCR HCS SCS SB 355
 1582S.04S - Modifies provisions of law relating to road signs and outdoor advertising
SB376Hoskins, DennySB 376
 1709S.01T - Designates the Missouri historical dog and wonder dog
 1876S.06T - Modifies provisions relating to the conveyance of state property
 2231S.03T - Modifies provisions relating to health care
SB503Munzlinger, BrianCCS SB 503
 2199S.02T - Modifies provisions relating to emergency services
SCR4Kehoe, MikeSCR 4
 1141S.01T - Applies to Congress for the calling of an Article V convention of states to propose certain amendments to the United States Constitution which place limits on the federal government
SCR26Kehoe, MikeSCR 26
 2389S.01I - Authorizes independent certified public accountant or certified public accounting firm to conduct an audit of State Auditor's office
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