96th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: April 01, 2011

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB357Leara, MikeHB 357
 0855L.01P - Changes the laws regarding enhanced enterprise zones
HB366Silvey, RyanTalboy, MikeHCS HB 366
 1090L.03P - Changes the laws regarding economic development
HB613Holsman, JasonMcNeil, MargoHCS HB 613
 1472L.21C - Establishes the Renewable Energy Act and repeals the Renewable Energy Standard enacted by Proposition C in 2008
HB924Nolte, JerryTalboy, MikeHB 924
 2067L.01I - Extends the issuance of job retention tax credits and authorizes economic incentives for job retention projects within high-risk metropolitan statistical areas
HB957Barnes, JayRiddle, JeanieHB 957
 2005L.01I - Establishes the Ratepayer Fairness Act which allows an aluminum smelting facility to keep any special utility rate at the ratepayer class as long as it employs 200 employees
HB958Burlison, EricHB 958
 2059L.01I - Extends the income tax credit for a person who makes a contribution to a child advocacy center, a crisis care center, or an entity funded from the Court Appointed Special Advocate Fund to August 28, 2018
HB959Pollock, DarrellDugger, TonyHB 959
 2079L.01I - Prohibits any person who has pled guilty or nolo contendere to or has been found guilty of specified offenses from election or appointment to certain city offices in a third or fourth class city
HB960Ruzicka, DonHB 960
 2085L.01I - Specifies that the statute of limitations will be two years for a class A misdemeanor and one year for a class B or class C misdemeanor instead of one year for any misdemeanor
HB961Atkins, BertHB 961
 2068L.01I - Allows a rotation list to be used by law enforcement when requesting wrecker or towing services and requires a towing company to remove debris from the road when responding to an accident
HB962Kratky, MicheleFallert, JoeHB 962
 1519L.01I - Authorizes an income tax credit for certain costs incurred in the renovation of a taxpayer's rented dwelling or residence
HB963Fitzwater, PaulBurlison, EricHB 963
 2127L.01I - Allows for a special license plate for a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
HB964Aull, JoeHB 964
 2089L.01I - Changes the laws regarding school district annexation petitions
HB966Funderburk, DougHB 966
 2116L.01I - Requires the Director of the Department of Revenue to enter into the multistate Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement and the department to implement the compliance provisions
HB967Smith, JasonHB 967
 2058L.02I - Changes the appellate procedures for an issue initially decided by the Missouri Public Service Commission
HB968Schad, RodneyPollock, DarrellHB 968
 1210L.03I - Changes the classification of certain new watercraft from personal property to residential property for property taxation purposes
HB969Franklin, DianeBrown, CloriaHB 969
 2069L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the establishment of a law enforcement district under the Missouri Law Enforcement District Act
HB970Funderburk, DougHB 970
 2109L.01I - Changes the laws regarding the collection of sales and use taxes relating to nexus with Missouri
HB971Johnson, DelusHB 971
 2114L.02I - Establishes the Missouri Jobs for Education Program
HB972Johnson, DelusHB 972
 2115L.02I - Allows private web site development companies to be awarded contracts to operate the Internet web sites of the Department of Economic Development
HB973Korman, BartNolte, JerryHB 973
 1820L.02I - Authorizes a state sales and use tax exemption on all retail sales of any "Made in USA" product except motor vehicles for a seven-day period in July 2012 and July 2013
HB974Hough, LincolnLampe, SaraHB 974
 2029L.01I - Authorizes Missouri to enter into the Interstate Compact on the Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote Act
HB975Curtman, PaulMcCaherty, JohnHB 975
 1800L.01I - Establishes the Small Business and Entrepreneurial Growth Act to provide assistance for the expansion of certain small businesses
HB976Johnson, DelusHB 976
 2072L.01I - Authorizes a reduction in the corporate income tax rate from 6.25% until the rate is eliminated based on the total of state sales and use tax collected in a fiscal year
HB977Johnson, DelusHB 977
 2075L.01I - Requires a wholesale motor vehicle auction to provide a title at the time of purchase and changes the laws regarding a licensed dealer's hours of operations and the dealer's official telephone number
HB978Carter, ChrisSchoeller, ShaneHB 978
 1915L.01I - Requires the development of caseload standards by the departments of Health and Senior Services and Mental Health
HB979Brattin, RickKoenig, AndrewHCS HB 979 & 885
 1937L.05C - Authorizes Missouri to enter into the multistate Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement, eliminates all state tax credits, phases in a flat income tax rate, and increases the state sales and use tax by .25%
HB980Leach, MelissaDieckhaus, ScottHB 980
 2128L.01I - Requires a school district to have a policy regarding the placement of twins and other multiple-birth siblings
HB981Leach, MelissaDieckhaus, ScottHB 981
 2104L.01I - Requires twins or other multiple-birth siblings to be placed in the same classroom if the parent or legal guardian makes a timely request
HB982Jones, CalebTorpey, NoelHB 982
 2081L.01I - Restricts the authority of radiology benefit managers to deny diagnostic testing ordered and recommended by a licensed physician
HB983Meadows, TimHB 983
 1682L.01I - Prohibits a person who is not lawfully present in the United States from bringing a claim or seeking legal or equitable relief in a court of this state
HB984Meadows, TimHB 984
 1874L.01I - Requires all food and food products sold in Missouri that are or contain genetically modified products to be labeled indicating that the food is or contains genetically modified products
HB985Anders, IraMontecillo, GeniseHB 985
 2102L.01I - Revises the laws restricting the residency of a sexual offender
HB986Wallingford, WayneLant, BillHB 986
 2017L.01I - Establishes the Missouri Employment Work Pass Program to assist unemployed persons in obtaining employment and to encourage small businesses to hire unemployed persons
HB987Rowland, LyleCross, Gary L.HB 987
 1979L.02I - Establishes the Common Interest Owners Bill of Rights Act
HB988Wieland, PaulHB 988
 2002L.01I - Prohibits a licensed insurance company from issuing any policy or certificate of long-term care insurance unless the risks and rates have been approved by the Director of the Department of Insurance
HB989Webber, StephenHB 989
 2125L.02I - Establishes the Missouri Commission on Workforce Preparedness within the Department of Economic Development to study how higher education is meeting the needs of Missouri employers
HB990Fallert, JoeHB 990
 2139L.01I - Adds automotive lubricants to the list of petroleum products regulated by the Department of Agriculture
HB991Lichtenegger, DonnaSchupp, JillHB 991
 0126L.01I - Changes the laws regarding mechanic's liens on residential real property
HB992May, KarlaCarter, ChrisHB 992
 2124L.01I - Designates June of each year as "Bone Marrow Awareness Month"
HB993Meadows, TimHB 993
 1023L.01I - Specifies that Jefferson County cannot adopt any charter provision or any order or ordinance that prohibits the county from contracting out the county's probation services with a private entity
HB994McNary, ColeStream, RickHB 994
 2110L.01I - Changes the laws regarding school accreditation
HB995Walton Gray, RochelleHB 995
 1961L.01I - Establishes the Task Force on Alternative Confinement for Victims of Human Sex Trafficking within the Department of Public Safety
HB996Harris, BenMeadows, TimHB 996
 1316L.01I - Establishes the Common Interest Owners Bill of Rights Act
HB997Kirkton, JeanneHB 997
 2042L.01I - Changes the laws regarding child support for higher education
HB998Kirkton, JeanneHolsman, JasonHB 998
 2135L.01I - Establishes a public campaign financing system for state elections which allows a candidate to voluntarily agree to campaign finance limitations in exchange for public funding
HB999Schad, RodneyHCS HB 999
 2082L.07P - Changes the laws regarding sexual offender registration
HB1000Diehl, JohnHB 1000
 2030L.01I - Changes the composition of Congressional districts based on the 2010 census
HB1001Diehl, JohnHB 1001
 2031L.01I - Changes the composition of Congressional districts based on the 2010 census
HB1002Talboy, MikeHB 1002
 2119L.02I - Requires the Missouri Lottery Commission to establish a statewide video lottery terminal network
HB1003Hampton, KentGuernsey, CaseyHB 1003
 2108L.01I - Revises the laws regarding private nuisances when it originates from property used for farming, agriculture, crop, or animal production purposes and when a court must visit an alleged affected property
HB1004Lampe, SaraHB 1004
 2138L.01I - Repeals several obsolete provisions regarding education
HB1005Lampe, SaraHB 1005
 2137L.01I - Changes the laws regarding education
HB1006Schatz, DaveHolsman, JasonHB 1006
 2087L.01I - Establishes the Joint Committee on Renewable Technology and Industrial Onsite Energy Generation
HB1007Long, ThomasHB 1007
 2126L.01I - Removes the provisions which require non-merit state agencies to adopt dismissal procedures similar to those for merit employees
HB1008Rowland, LyleSCS HB 1008
 2121S.04T - Allows the Highways and Transportation Commission to enter into infrastructure improvement agreements to reimburse funds advanced for the benefit of a county, political subdivision, or private entity
HB1009Marshall, NickHB 1009
 2146L.01I - Prohibits any department or political subdivision of the state from contracting any liability of the state in excess of $1 million in any one-year period without the consent of the General Assembly
HB1010Bahr, KurtKoenig, AndrewHB 1010
 2098L.02I - Declares the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as unauthorized by the United States Constitution and creates criminal penalties for persons enforcing or attempting to enforce the act
HB1011Hughes IV, LeonardHB 1011
 2140L.01I - Requires the Department of Conservation to establish areas across the state to be designated as six-month hunting seasons for certain animals
HB1012Hughes IV, LeonardHB 1012
 2143L.01I - Requires the Secretary of State to annually air commercials and publish items in newspapers designed to educate the public on elected government and the democratic process
HB1013Hughes IV, LeonardHB 1013
 2141L.01I - Requires any food or food product sold in Missouri which contains a hormone growth substance or any product or by-product of any genetically manipulated material to be labeled with that information
HB1014Hughes IV, LeonardHB 1014
 1997L.01I - Requires the establishment of a pilot project to implement a medical malpractice court and removes a provision regarding the limitation on noneconomic damages in an action against a health care provider
HB1015Hughes IV, LeonardShively, TomHB 1015
 1999L.02I - Requires the accusing party in a dispute arising against a farmer for unauthorized use of intellectual property based on discovery of alien seed to submit to a dispute resolution before filing a court action
HB1016Hughes IV, LeonardHB 1016
 1998L.01I - Establishes the Middle Class Reinvestment Act
HB1017Oxford, Jeanette MottHB 1017
 2074L.02I - Changes the laws regarding the structure and conditions for the transitional school district that has the same boundaries as the City of St. Louis
HB1018Kander, JasonRizzo, JohnHB 1018
 2049L.03I - Changes the laws regarding mortgage foreclosures by requiring a preforeclosure notice which contains information regarding foreclosure alternatives
HB1019Diehl, JohnHB 1019
 1255L.03I - Requires a distressed municipality in St. Louis County to provide a minimum level of public services
HB1020Barnes, JayHB 1020
 2035L.01I - Requires the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan Board of Trustees to develop a cost-neutral or cost-positive plan to provide coverage for temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) for plan participants
HB1021Nolte, JerrySmith, ClemHB 1021
 2091L.01I - Requires a telecommunications company to provide caller location information in certain emergency situations
HB1022Nolte, JerryLant, BillHB 1022
 2103L.01I - Specifies that any person who manufactures an article or a product while using stolen or misappropriated information technology will be deemed to engage in an unfair act under certain specified conditions
HB1023Kelly, ChrisHB 1023
 2148L.01I - Increases, upon voter approval, the excise tax on cigarettes from 17 cents to 98 cents per pack of 20 cigarettes
HB1024Korman, BartHB 1024
 2144L.02I - Allows any drug court commissioner in the 12th Judicial Circuit to hear a civil or criminal case that would otherwise be assigned to an associate circuit judge in the circuit under certain situations
HB1025Diehl, JohnHB 1025
 2152L.01I - Specifies that the circuit clerk in the 22nd Judicial Circuit must be appointed by a majority of the circuit and associate circuit judges of the circuit
HB1026Kirkton, JeanneHB 1026
 2151L.01I - Expands the mental health insurance parity requirements under the Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Insurance Act to include all policies or contracts providing long-term disability benefits
HB1027Grisamore, JeffHB 1027
 2153L.01I - Adds prescribed, medically necessary hearing aids to the list of services covered under MO HealthNet
HB1028Hough, LincolnHB 1028
 2154L.01I - Requires the Department of Economic Development to establish the Compete Missouri Training Program
HCR52Brown, CloriaHCR 52
 2122L.01I - Requires the Missouri Gaming Commission to make annual accounting reports of public safety moneys retained by home dock cities and counties from the taxes levied on adjusted gross receipts of excursion
HJR37Hughes IV, LeonardHJR 37
 2142L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment repealing legislative term limits
HJR38Barnes, JayHJR 38
 2132L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment allowing the General Assembly to provide financial assistance to students to pay for elementary and secondary education at any accredited school they select
SB57Callahan, VictorHCS SCS SB 57
 0115L.05T - Requires courts to transfer certain cases upon the request of the public administrator
SB62Schaaf, RobHCS SS#2 SCS SB 62
 0521L.07T - Allows providers to include any retrieval fee for outsourced records storage service in the fee for release of medical records
SB96Engler, KevinHCS#2 SB 96
 0487L.06T - Conveys certain state property in St. Francois County and the City of Cape Girardeau
SB97Engler, KevinHCS#2 SB 97
 0810L.06T - Conveys certain property owned by the state
SB226Engler, KevinCCS HCS SS SB 226
 1363S.05T - Modifies provisions relating to ambulance districts
SB282Engler, KevinCCS HCS SB 282
 1542S.04T - Moves the presidential primary from February to March
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