98th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: January 13, 2016

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1452Hoskins, DennySCS HB 1452
 4798S.02C - Changes the filing deadline for personal financial disclosure reports from May 10 annually to January 15 and July 15 biannually
HB1462Burlison, EricHB 1462
 4783H.01I - Prohibits an employer from requiring a person to become a member of a labor organization as a condition or continuation of employment
HB1481Walton Gray, RochelleHB 1481
 4362H.01I - Establishes the Community Relations Training Program for Peace Officers
HB1482Walton Gray, RochelleHB 1482
 4358H.01I - Requires St. Louis County, St. Louis City, and Kansas City to post instructions on the internet on how to set up a civilian review board along with other pertinent information
HB1489Walton Gray, RochelleHB 1489
 4395H.01I - Establishes the "Joint Committee on Police Practices"
HB1491Walton Gray, RochelleHB 1491
 4393H.01I - Establishes a program on police officer presence in schools and communities
HB1492Walton Gray, RochelleHB 1492
 4391H.01I - Establishes a board for review of officer-involved deaths
HB1494Walton Gray, RochelleHB 1494
 4368H.01I - Requires peace officers to complete a module established by the POST Commission to determine cultural competency
HB1501Walton Gray, RochelleHB 1501
 4392H.01I - Establishes in the Department of Public Safety a "Task Force on Police Officer Presence in Schools and Communities"
HB1502Walton Gray, RochelleHB 1502
 4396H.01I - Modifies provisions allowing law enforcement officers to use deadly force in certain circumstances and establishes a task force on the use of force
HB1503Walton Gray, RochelleHB 1503
 4397H.01I - Establishes the "Task Force To Study Community-Based Policing"
HB1504Walton Gray, RochelleHB 1504
 4365H.01I - Establishes in the Department of Public Safety a "Task Force on Civilian Review Boards"
HB1516Ellington, BrandonHB 1516
 4134H.02I - Requires uniformed law enforcement officer to wear a video camera while on duty to record any interaction between a law enforcement officer and a member of the public
HB1520Ellington, BrandonHB 1520
 4139H.01I - Creates provisions relating to racial profiling, searches and seizures, and traffic stops from law enforcement
HB1521Ellington, BrandonHB 1521
 4144H.01I - Requires a peace officer to obtain written consent prior to conducting a consensual search of a vehicle
HB1522Ellington, BrandonHB 1522
 4142H.01I - Requires the Department of Public Safety to create a law enforcement identification numbering system to track complaints against officers from one agency to another agency
HB1523Ellington, BrandonHB 1523
 4131H.01I - Requires any criminal justice entity conducting eyewitness identifications to adopt specific procedures for conducting photo and live lineups
HB1526Walton Gray, RochelleHB 1526
 4394H.02I - Establishes in the department of public safety a "Task Force To Study Community-Based Policing"
HB1535Adams, JoeHB 1535
 4094H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the use of force by a law enforcement officer
HB1536Adams, JoeHB 1536
 4105H.01I - Creates a citizens police review board in the Department of Public Safety to investigate civilian deaths resulting from an officer-involved shooting
HB1540Vescovo, RobHCS HB 1540
 4632H.03C - Changes the laws regarding employee welfare and retirement plans to require certain employers to provide a summary annual report
HB1560McCann Beatty, GailHB 1560
 4087H.01I - Specifies that if charges are filed against a law enforcement officer based on an officer involved shooting, the judge must appoint a special prosecutor
HB1568Lynch, SteveHB 1568
 4495H.03T - Allows physicians to prescribe naloxone to any individual to administer, in good faith, to another individual suffering from an opioid-induced drug overdose
HB1575Rowden, CalebHB 1575
 4598H.01P - Requires officials to timely disclose lodging and travel expenses incurred by the official, the official's spouse, the official's family that are paid by a third person for expenses
HB1578Higdon, GalenHCS HB 1578
 4120H.02C - Allows current members of the National Guard who are in good standing to carry concealed weapons at any time
HB1586Hill, JustinHB 1586
 4199H.01I - Specifies lawful owners of firearms may transport or store the firearms in locked, privately-owned motor vehicles
HB1699Lant, BillHB 1699
 5103H.01I - Establishes the School Construction Act which exempts construction and maintenance work done for certain school districts from the prevailing wage requirement upon the school board's approval
HB1700Lant, BillHB 1700
 5089H.01I - Allows public bodies to opt out of prevailing wage laws for the construction of public works projects that are $750,000 or less
HB1701Lant, BillHB 1701
 5090H.01I - Prohibits an employer from requiring a person to become a member of a labor organization as a condition or continuation of employment
HB1702Lant, BillHB 1702
 5092H.01I - Prohibits an employer from requiring a person to become a member of a labor organization as a condition or continuation of employment in counties that vote for such prohibition
HB1704Dunn, RandyHB 1704
 4160H.01I - Changes the laws regarding lobbying and campaign finance disclosure
HB1722Wiemann, JohnHB 1722
 5121H.01I - Specifies requirements for public employee labor organizations
HB1740Brattin, RickHB 1740
 4712H.01I - Requires the State Board of Mediation to conduct an election to certify the exclusive bargaining representatives of an appropriate collective bargaining unit for certain public employees every two years
HB1782Barnes, JayHB 1782
 4980H.01I - Requires the Department of Natural Resources to sell certain lands acquired through environmental settlement funds
HB1810Gosen, DonHB 1810
 5191H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the advertisement of alcohol prices or discounts
HB1855Allen, SueHB 1855
 5114H.01P - Changes the laws regarding health care facility infection reporting
HB1870Hoskins, DennyHB 1870
 5399H.01T - Changes the laws regarding the Big Government Get Off My Back Act
HB1872Cookson, SteveHB 1872
 5173H.01I - Designates a portion of U.S. Highway 50 in Pettis County as the "LeRoy Van Dyke Highway."
HB1880Lant, BillHB 1880
 5340H.01I - Modifies the law relating to the prevailing wage
HB1890Dogan, ShamedHB 1890
 5449H.01I - Prohibits law enforcement from engaging in biased policing practices
HB1891Rehder, HollySS HCS HB 1891
 5488S.08T - Prohibits any public employee from being required to pay dues or other fees to a labor organization
HB1902Taylor, JeredHB 1902
 5365H.02I - Establishes the Freedom to Work Act
HB1931Love, WarrenHB 1931
 5431H.01I - Repeals provisions relating to prevailing wages on public works
HB1958Basye, ChuckHB 1958
 5545H.02P - Designates the "U.S. Navy Lieutenant Patrick Kelly Connor Memorial Highway" and the "U.S. Army Specialist Steven Paul Farnen Memorial Highway" on two segments of US Highway 63 in Boone County
HB1979Rowden, CalebCCS SS SCS HB 1979
 5624H.12T - Imposes a six-month rule for lobbying by former members of the general assembly, by former statewide elected officials, and by former holders of an office that required senate confirmation
HB1983Dogan, ShamedCCS SS SCS HB 1983
 4197H.09T - Specifies that no statewide elected official or member of the General Assembly shall serve as a paid political consultant
HB2136Cookson, SteveHB 2136
 5704H.01I - Designates a portion of U.S. Highway 50 in Pettis County as the "Scott Joplin Memorial Highway"
HB2137Carpenter, JonHB 2137
 5702H.01I - Requires ethics training for statewide elected officials, General Assembly members, and executive department directors and acting directors after taking office, appointment, or employment, and every two years thereafter.
HB2138Green, AlanHB 2138
 5758H.01I - Removes the prohibition against department of revenue compliance with the federal Real ID Act of 2005
HB2139Rowden, CalebHB 2139
 5688H.01I - Specifies certain county hospitals may invest up to 15% of their funds in mutual funds
HB2140Hoskins, DennySCS HCS HB 2140
 5496S.04T - Changes the laws regarding sales tax on automobiles and establishes the "Missouri Task Force on Fair, Nondiscriminatory Local Taxation Concerning Motor Vehicles, Trailers, Boats, and Outboard Motors"
HB2141Hill, JustinHB 2141
 5820H.01I - Prohibits the levying of an earnings tax on nonresidents of St. Louis City on January 1, 2018
HB2142Hill, JustinHB 2142
 5776H.01I - Provides that any peace officer employed by the state or a county, city, or other political subdivision has the right to carry a firearm at all times
HB2143Smith, ClemHB 2143
 5824H.01I - Establishes the College Credit Disclosure Act that requires a higher education institution to disclose its unaccredited status to students before enrollment
HB2144Smith, ClemHB 2144
 5777H.01I - Requires General Assembly members to be subject to drug testing within 60 calendar days of the start of the legislative session or of being sworn in after election in a special election
HB2145Smith, ClemHB 2145
 5787H.01I - Raises the daily amount a wrongfully imprisoned person may receive from $50 to $128
HB2146Beard, NathanHB 2146
 4250H.01P - Requires the court to allow visitation between the parents of a minor who has been appointed a guardian and the minor if the court finds it in the best interests of the minor
HB2147Beard, NathanHB 2147
 5720H.01P - Specifies that a responsive pleading must be filed in any motion to modify a child support, spousal maintenance, or child custody judgment
HB2148Vescovo, RobHB 2148
 5714H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to fairness in public construction
HB2149Engler, KevinHB 2149
 5774H.01I - Creates provisions relating to electrical contractor certificates
HB2150HCS HB 2150
 5640H.03T - Requires life insurance companies to compare policies, annuities, and accounts against a death master file for potential matches and to either pay beneficiaries or remit unclaimed benefits to state treasurer
HB2151McNeil, MargoHB 2151
 5830H.01I - Increases the maximum upper limit used to calculate the Senior Citizens Property Tax Credit, commonly known as circuit breaker
HB2152McNeil, MargoHB 2152
 5810H.01I - Establishes the Homeowners' Solar Rights Act that prohibits entities from restricting the installation of solar energy systems
HB2153Burlison, EricHB 2153
 5784H.01I - Provides that the statutory prohibition of the unlawful practice of optometry shall not apply to optometry students
HB2154LaFaver, JeremyHB 2154
 5817H.01I - Establishes the Missouri Earned Income Tax Credit Act authorizing an individual income tax credit equal to 5% of any earned income tax credit claimed on the taxpayer's federal income tax return
HB2155Davis, CharlieHCS HB 2155
 5739H.02P - Allows individuals currently serving in the Missouri National Guard to have resident student status for admission and tuition purposes at public institutions of higher education
HB2156Davis, CharlieHB 2156
 5746H.01P - Changes the laws regarding the Missouri Returning Heroes' Education Act
HB2157Green, AlanHB 2157
 5443H.01I - Creates a tort cause of action for injuries that result from harassment in the workplace
HB2158Fraker, LyndallHB 2158
 5678H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to rate schedules authorized for certain utilities outside of general rate proceedings
HB2159Rhoads, ShawnHB 2159
 5858H.01I - Allows microbreweries to obtain license to sell all kinds of intoxicating liquor by the drink at retail for consumption on the premises of the microbrewery or in close proximity to the microbrewery
HB2160Rhoads, ShawnHB 2160
 5763H.01I - Imposes an excise tax on marijuana and other controlled substances
HB2161Marshall, NickHB 2161
 5781H.01I - Specifies that any issue to increase any tax, license, fee, or levy requiring voter approval under Article X of the Missouri Constitution must be placed on the ballot only on the general election day
HB2162Marshall, NickHB 2162
 5769H.01I - Changes the laws regarding blighted areas and the use of eminent domain
HB2163Marshall, NickHB 2163
 5771H.01I - Requires a nonprofit corporation that solicits contributions or gifts from the public to provide, upon request, the name and any compensation paid by the corporation to any board member or officer
HB2164Marshall, NickHB 2164
 5775H.01I - Requires the Office of Administration to install and maintain audio and visual recordings of the capitol office entrances for specified elected officials
HB2165Rowden, CalebHB 2165
 5854H.01I - Requires persons becoming lobbyists to dissolve all candidate committees prior to assuming such role
HB2166Alferman, JustinSCS HB 2166
 5765S.04C - Changes the laws regarding lobbyist expenditures
HB2167Alferman, JustinHB 2167
 5766H.01I - Creates a regulatory system for self-service storage insurance and the selling of such insurance
HB2168English, KeithHB 2168
 5837H.01I - Allows state employees eligible for coverage under MCHCP to include as an eligible dependent his or her spouse who is a state employee eligible for coverage under certain other plans
HB2169Reiboldt, BillHB 2169
 5115H.01I - Authorizes an income tax exemption for payments from agricultural disaster programs
HB2170Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2170
 5735H.01I - Modifies provisions of law relating to labor organizations
HB2171Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2171
 5832H.02I - Requires state certification of minority business enterprises and establishes a job training program for persons of low and moderate income
HB2172Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2172
 5363H.01I - Requires any project labor agreement on a stadium project not submitted to a public vote to be entered into by the governing body of the political subdivision in which the project is located
HB2173Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2173
 5530H.01I - Changes the laws regarding earnings taxes to exempt certain taxpayers if public funds are used for a convention center or stadium without voter approval
HB2174Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2174
 5718H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to law enforcement officers and arrest records
HB2175Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2175
 5710H.01I - Requires a runoff election for county executive, prosecuting attorney, and county assessor in St. Louis County if no candidate receives at least fifty percent of the votes cast and establishes cert
HB2176Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2176
 5711H.01I - Contains various provisions relating to tuition rates and tax credits for students at public institutions of higher education
HB2177Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2177
 5728H.02I - Establishes the Historic Revitalization Act
HB2178Higdon, GalenHB 2178
 5716H.01I - Requires high schools to offer driver's education courses
HB2179Rone, DonHB 2179
 5506H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to membership qualifications for governing boards of public institutions of higher education
HB2180Fitzpatrick, ScottHCS HB 2180
 5764H.02P - Allows for consolidation of road districts within a county
HB2181Fitzpatrick, ScottHB 2181
 5379H.01P - Establishes the State Capitol Complex Committee
HB2182McDaniel, AndrewHB 2182
 5861H.01I - Exempts federally licensed firearms dealers who sell or transfer firearms from running a National Instant Criminal Background Check if a valid concealed carry permit is presented
HB2183Roeber, RebeccaHB 2183
 5868H.01P - Designates April as "Parliamentary Month"
HB2184Fitzwater, PaulHB 2184
 5871H.01I - Changes the law regarding land purchases made on behalf of state departments
HB2185Cookson, SteveHB 2185
 5726H.01I - Creates the Missouri State High School Activities Association Interim Committee
HB2186Ross, RobertHB 2186
 5811H.01P - Allows school districts to develop policies on student recognition for participation in the Constitution Project of the Missouri Supreme Court
HB2187Ross, RobertSCS HCS HB 2187
 5785S.03C - Requires the Department of Natural Resources to sell certain lands acquired through environmental settlement funds
HB2188Hough, LincolnHCS HBs 2188, 1533, 1393, 2114 & 2113
 5474H.02P - Authorizes Greene County, or any city within the county, to impose a sales tax, upon voter approval, to fund early childhood education
HB2189Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2189
 5828H.01I - Requires ethical reforms related to testing of elementary and secondary education students
HB2190Hoskins, DennyHCS HB 2190
 4792H.02P - Establishes procedures that allow certain businesses to remit one monthly payment to the Department of Revenue for taxes and fees owed to multiple local jurisdictions
HB2191May, KarlaHB 2191
 5083H.01I - Changes the laws regarding arrearages and the expungement of certain records related to criminal nonsupport
HB2192May, KarlaHB 2192
 4343H.01I - Requires the secretary of state to establish a system for automatic voter registration
HB2193May, KarlaHB 2193
 5289H.01I - Creates provisions providing for the automatic expungement of certain records of a person when the charge or charges against the person were dismissed because of identity theft or mistaken identity
HB2194Hoskins, DennySS SCS HCS HB 2194
 5573S.05T - Changes the laws regarding insurance policy renewal so that insurers are no longer required to nonrenew when transferring a policy to an affiliate
HB2195Hoskins, DennyHB 2195
 4779H.01P - Designates Old Drum as the state historical dog of Missouri
HB2196Pogue, JeffHB 2196
 5622H.01I - Establishes the Second Amendment Preservation Act
HB2197Franklin, DianeHB 2197
 5845H.01I - Establishes a penalty for failure to comply with US Coast Guard-Approved lifesaving device requirements
HB2198Curtman, PaulHB 2198
 5742H.01I - Provides that elections to approve the imposition of, or increase in, a tax, license, fee, or levy shall only be held on the general election day or the primary election day designated in Section 115.121
HB2199Chipman, JasonHB 2199
 4716H.02I - Establishes guidelines for nomination of candidates for the position of representative in the United States Congress
HB2200Chipman, JasonHB 2200
 4446H.03I - Requires the Ethics Commission to establish an online registry for lobbying communications made to state legislators
HB2201Lavender, DebHB 2201
 5881H.01I - Changes the laws regarding MO HealthNet services
HB2202Haefner, MarshaSCS HCS HB 2202
 5024S.04C - Modifies provisions relating to records of victims of sexual offenses and creates provisions relating to records of minor victims of sexual offenses in the possession of child assessment centers or hospitals
HB2203Barnes, JayCCS#2 SS SCS HB 2203
 5856H.12T - Changes the laws regarding campaign finance
HB2204Newman, StaceyHB 2204
 5050H.01I - Establishes the Enough is Enough Act regarding college sexual assault policies
HB2205Newman, StaceyHB 2205
 5200H.01I - Creates provisions requiring permits to purchase firearms
HB2206Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2206
 5680H.01I - Changes the laws regarding nonprofit hospitals
HB2207Curtis, Courtney AllenHB 2207
 5674H.01I - Changes the laws regarding youth
HB2208Gosen, DonHB 2208
 5649H.02I - Creates provisions relating to the advertising of intoxicating liquor
HB2209Barnes, JayHCS HB 2209
 5836H.02C - Changes provisions of law related to the technical advisory staff of the public service commission
HB2210Barnes, JayHB 2210
 5827H.01I - Changes provisions of law relating to the public service commission's complaint procedure
HB2211McNeil, MargoHB 2211
 5351H.01I - Requires every health carrier to file its premium rates and classification of risks with the Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration
HB2212Hinson, DaveHB 2212
 5895H.01P - Adds emergency medical technicians, firefighters, and first responders to the list of mandated reporters of elder abuse
HB2213Hinson, DaveHCS HB 2213
 5602H.04P - Establishes the Missouri Compassionate Care Act regarding the licensure of medical cannabis centers and cultivation and prodiction facilities to provide medical cannabis to qualifying patients
HB2214Frederick, KeithHB 2214
 4975H.01I - Changes the laws regarding cell site simulator devices
HB2215Davis, CharlieHB 2215
 5869H.01I - Changes the laws regarding business fees
HB2216Crawford, SandyHB 2216
 5823H.01I - Creates the Department of Revenue Technology Fund
HB2217Morris, LynnHB 2217
 5911H.01P - Prohibits a health carrier or other insurer that writes vision insurance from requiring an optometrist to provide services or materials at a discount that are not covered and reimbursed under the contract
HB2218Messenger, JeffreyHB 2218
 5712H.01I - Specifies that certified prosthetists, orthotists, and pedorthists shall be deemed licensed for purposes of charging for certain office visits and being reimbursed for insurance purposes
HB2219Brattin, RickHB 2219
 5317H.01I - Specifies that firearms and ammunition in a foster parent's home may be stored in the same locked container as long as it is inaccessible to children
HB2220Brattin, RickHB 2220
 5468H.01I - Establishes procedures that require each state department to submit a budget analysis reporting on all expenditures to the appropriations committee which oversees the department
HB2221Swan, KathrynHB 2221
 5659H.01I - Modifies the laws relating to ethics
HB2222Swan, KathrynHB 2222
 5653H.01I - Imposes a two-year rule on serving as a lobbyist or government consultant for former members of the general assembly
HB2223Swan, KathrynHB 2223
 5657H.01I - Allows complaints to be filed with the ethics commission anonymously
HB2224Chipman, JasonHB 2224
 4672H.02I - Changes laws relating to the expungement of records
HB2225Leara, MikeHB 2225
 5898H.01P - Changes the laws regarding redevelopment of abandoned property to authorize tax credits for the redevelopment of certain former automobile manufacturing plants in St. Louis County
HB2226Barnes, JayHB 2226
 5844H.03P - Adds special executive branch appointees to the definition of public official
HB2227Barnes, JayHB 2227
 5551H.01I - Changes the laws regarding the Saint Louis Regional Convention and Sports Authority Complex
HB2228Barnes, JayHB 2228
 5577H.01I - Specifies that state employees shall receive ten consecutive work days of paid leave upon the birth or adoption of a child
HB2229Ross, RobertHB 2229
 5812H.02I - Prohibits the use of public funds for lobbying purposes
HB2230Ross, RobertHB 2230
 5923H.01P - Exempts certain types of vessels from provisions prohibiting passengers from riding in certain areas of a motorboat
HB2231Houghton, JayHB 2231
 5226H.01I - Establishes the Missouri Qualified Fuel Solid Biomass Producer Incentive Fund
HB2232McNeil, MargoHB 2232
 5897H.01I - Requires the Governor to maintain and regularly update a list of each state board, commission, committee, or council that contains members appointed by the Governor
HB2233May, KarlaHB 2233
 5331H.01I - Creates a regulatory system for transportation network companies
HB2234Dohrman, DeanHCS HBs 2234 & 1985
 5896H.02P - Requires the department of higher education to establish a website containing information directing students to resources including academic programs, financial aid, and transferability of coursework for participating institutions of higher education.
HCR55Cierpiot, MikeHCR 55
 5633H.01I - Convenes a joint session for the State of the State Address
HCR56Cierpiot, MikeHCR 56
 5635H.01I - Convenes a joint session to receive a message from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri
HCR59Barnes, JayHCR 59
 5581H.03I - Disapproves the final order of rulemaking for the proposed rule 19 CSR 15-8.410 relating to the Personal Care Attendant Wage Range
HCR69Miller, RockyHCR 69
 5388H.01I - Encourages the attorney general to take all necessary legal actions regarding EPA's final Clean Power Plan to prevent unlawful obligations being imposed on states and others
HCR70English, KeithHCR 70
 5839H.01I - Urges Congress to repeal the REAL ID Act of 2005, which requires uniform driver's licenses or state identification cards
HCR71English, KeithHCR 71
 5793H.01I - Requests the United States Congress to transfer authority for the remediation of the West Lake Landfill radioactive waste from the EPA to the Corps of Engineers Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program
HCR72Fitzwater, TravisHCR 72
 5544H.02I - Urges the federal government to establish and develop a site for the permanent siting and development of a federal nuclear waste repository
HCR73Rhoads, ShawnSS HCS HCR 73
 5833S.04T - Designates the month of May as Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month
HCR74Kirkton, JeanneHCR 74
 4233H.03I - Urges the United States government to condemn the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners
HCR75Smith, ClemHCR 75
 5798H.01I - Strongly urges the United States Army to explain chemical testing that occurred in St. Louis in the 1950s and 1960s and requests the federal government to conduct a study on the health effects of such tests.
HCR76Gardner, KimberlyHCR 76
 4290H.01I - Designates May 31 each year as "Missouri No Smoking/Tobacco Day" in order to increase awareness of the dangers of tobacco use
HCR77Gardner, KimberlyHCR 77
 4288H.01I - Designates April 4 of each y ear as Maya Angelou Day of Recognition in Missouri
HCR78Gardner, KimberlyHCR 78
 4291H.01I - Designates July 18 each year as "Nelson Mandela Day of Recognition" in Missouri
HJR74McNeil, MargoHJR 74
 5770H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to expand the term limits for the General Assembly to sixteen years total between the two houses instead of eight years in any one house
HJR75Marshall, NickHJR 75
 5773H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment changing the laws regarding sessions of the General Assembly
HJR76Marshall, NickHJR 76
 5782H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment specifying that the right of an individual to work cannot be denied or abridged on account of his or her membership or lack of it in any labor organization or labor union
HJR77Carpenter, JonHJR 77
 5744H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment exempting from taxation real and personal property owned by a veteran with a total service-connected disability
HJR78Pogue, JeffHJR 78
 5655H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to allow an elected official of this state or any of its political subdivisions to be removed from office by recall petition
HJR79Swan, KathrynHJR 79
 5660H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment that establishes contribution limits tied to the federal limits
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