LR Number, Bill, Sponsor, Sponsor District, CoSponsor, CoSponsor District, Bill String, Last Action Date, Last Action, Last Activity Comments, Bill Long Title "0093H.01I","HB 70","Love, Warren","125","","","HB 70","4/11/2017","Reported Do Pass (H)","","Specifies that ambulance district public funds deposited in certain banking institutions are secured " "0500H.01I","HB 86","Schroer, Nick","107","","","HB 86","1/12/2017","Referred: Crime Prevention and Public Safety","","Adds to the list of hate crimes certain offenses committed against law enforcement officers and first responders when the offenses are committed because the person is a law enforcement officer or first responder" "0563H.04C","HB 100","Swan, Kathryn","147","","","HCS HB 100","4/20/2017","Referred: Rules - Administrative Oversight","","Enacts the Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact (REPLICA)" "0893H.02C","HB 226","Hubrecht, Tila","151","","","HCS HB 226","4/6/2017","Reported Do Pass (H)","","Changes the laws regarding the powers and duties of Regional EMS Medical Directors" "0919H.01I","HB 273","Schroer, Nick","107","","","HB 273","1/31/2017","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Increases penalties for certain crimes against law enforcement officers and emergency responders " "2109H.02C","HB 1044","Lauer, Jeanie","032","","","HCS HB 1044","4/18/2017","Reported Do Pass (H)","","Modifies provisions relating to emergency medical services" "2048H.01I","HB 1057","Roden, Shane","111","","","HB 1057","3/29/2017","Referred: Rules - Administrative Oversight","","Changes the laws regarding the requirements to serve or be employed as certain public safety personnel" "2239H.03I","HB 1228","Barnes, Jerome","028","","","HB 1228","3/29/2017","Referred: Local Government","","Changes the laws regarding emergency services districts" Missouri House Bill Export