LR Number, Bill, Sponsor, Sponsor District, CoSponsor, CoSponsor District, Bill String, Last Action Date, Last Action, Last Activity Comments, Bill Long Title "0205H.01I","HB 96","Green, Alan","067","","","HB 96","3/14/2019","Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight","","Establishes the ""Missouri Office of Equal Opportunity"" in statute." "0208H.01I","HB 99","Green, Alan","067","","","HB 99","5/17/2019","Referred: Special Committee on Small Business","","Requires the Office of Administration to commission a study on socially and economically disadvantaged businesses every five years." "0197H.01I","HB 100","Green, Alan","067","","","HB 100","5/17/2019","Referred: Workforce Development","","Changes the laws regarding purchases to be made on competitive bids." "0216H.01I","HB 103","Green, Alan","067","","","HB 103","5/17/2019","Referred: Judiciary","","Requires the Commissioner of Administration to procure a blanket bond or crime insurance policy to protect the state against loss from the acts or omissions of any state-compensated person within the judiciary." "0807H.01P","HB 214","Trent, Curtis","133","","","HB 214","5/16/2019","Placed on Informal Calendar","","Changes the laws regarding purchases to be made on competitive bids." "0812H.01I","HB 228","Swan, Kathryn","147","","","HB 228","5/17/2019","Referred: Judiciary","","Modifies requirements for written offers in condemnation proceedings." "0843H.01P","HB 265","Taylor, Jered","139","","","HB 265","4/9/2019","Second read and referred: General Laws","","Requires all nonfood items sold in the state capitol to be made in the USA." "0836H.01I","HB 277","Andrews, Allen","001","","","HB 277","1/17/2019","Referred: Special Committee on Small Business","","Modifies employment security provisions relating to the transmission of certain documents." "1286H.02C","HB 460","Dinkins, Chris","144","","","HCS HB 460","4/30/2019","Reported Do Pass (H)","","Creates new provisions relating to mining royalties on federal land." "0846H.04P","HB 762","Wiemann, John","103","","","HCS HB 762","5/1/2019","SCS Voted Do Pass (S)","","Establishes the ""Missouri Municipality Government Expenditure Database.""" "0898H.02C","HB 813","Veit, Rudy","059","","","HCS HB 813","4/25/2019","Reported Do Pass (H)","","Authorizes the conveyance of certain state property." "1658H.01I","HB 825","Hicks, Ron","102","","","HB 825","5/17/2019","Referred: General Laws","","Prohibits public bodies from entering into certain contracts." "1774H.02P","HB 842","Griffith, Dave","060","","","HCS HB 842","5/9/2019","Reported Do Pass (S)","","Establishes the ""Capitol Complex Tax Credit Act.""" "0746H.02I","HB 862","Roden, Shane","111","","","HB 862","5/17/2019","Referred: Workforce Development","","Modifies provisions relating to leaves of absence for public employees and workers' compensation for firefighters." "1986H.01P","HB 930","Ross, Robert","142","","","HB 930","4/30/2019","Voted Do Pass (S)","","Allows the Commissioner of Administration to conduct a reverse auction." "2111H.02P","HB 1006","Rehder, Holly","148","","","HB 1006","5/17/2019","Second read and referred: Government Reform","","Prohibits public bodies from entering into certain contracts." "2291H.01I","HB 1085","Hansen, Jim","040","","","HB 1085","4/9/2019","Reported Do Pass (H)","","Authorizes the conveyance of certain state property." "2314S.07T","HB 1088","Houx, Dan","054","","","SS HCS HB 1088","7/10/2019","Delivered to Secretary of State (G)","","Establishes the ""Million Dollar Boondoggle Act of 2019.""" "2322H.02C","HB 1168","Taylor, Jered","139","","","HCS HB 1168","5/7/2019","Voted Do Pass (H)","","Modifies provisions for state contracts." "2478H.01D","HB 1237","Fitzwater, Travis","049","","","HB 1237","5/16/2019","Reported Do Pass (S)","","Authorizes the conveyance of certain state property." "2484H.03P","HCB 1","Roden, Shane","111","","","HCB 1","4/29/2019","Second read and referred: General Laws","","Modifies provisions relating to the conveyance of certain state property." Missouri House Bill Export