LR Number, Bill, Sponsor, Sponsor District, CoSponsor, CoSponsor District, Bill String, Last Action Date, Last Action, Last Activity Comments, Bill Long Title "4252H.01I","HB 1373","Miller, Rocky","124","","","HB 1373","4/13/2016","Voted Do Pass (H)","","Allows an insurance policyholder to petition the court for reimbursement of insurance costs as they occur during the pendency of a dissolution of marriage or legal separation" "4372S.06T","HB 1550","Neely, Jim","008","","","SS#2 SCS HCS HB 1550","7/1/2016","Delivered to Secretary of State (G)","","Specifies that every child custody judgment must include a written statement notifying the parties that if a provision of the judgment is violated, the injured party may file a family access motion" "5151H.01P","HB 1709","Lair, Mike","007","","","HB 1709","4/27/2016","Executive Session Held (S)","","Modifies provisions relating to the teacher and school employee retirement systems " "5203H.01I","HB 1783","Barnes, Jay","060","","","HB 1783","2/25/2016","Referred: Select Committee on Judiciary","","Changes the laws regarding retirement benefits being subject to domestic relations orders " "4240H.01I","HB 1818","Fraker, Lyndall","137","","","HB 1818","4/7/2016","Referred: Select Committee on Judiciary","","Changes the laws regarding maintenance orders " "5355H.01I","HB 2000","Black, Linda","117","","","HB 2000","4/27/2016","Referred: Children and Families","","Allows a licensed and ordained member of the clergy to refuse to solemnize a marriage which is contrary to the religious beliefs of such person" "4204H.01I","HB 2040","McCaherty, John","097","","","HB 2040","5/13/2016","Referred: Emerging Issues","","Provides that certain religious organizations or persons are not required to participate in any part of a marriage or celebration of a marriage if it would violate a sincerely held religious belief" "4544H.01I","HB 2050","Rone, Don","149","","","HB 2050","1/20/2016","Withdrawn (H)","","Only allows circuit judges and associate circuit judges to solemnize marriages " "5302H.01I","HB 2055","Swan, Kathryn","147","","","HB 2055","2/16/2016","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Changes the laws regarding child custody arrangements " "5383H.01I","HB 2077","Davis, Charlie","162","","","HB 2077","1/28/2016","Referred: Banking","","Changes the laws regarding consumer credit reports so acts in response to major life events do not affect credit scores " "6277H.01I","HB 2460","Neely, Jim","008","","","HB 2460","4/27/2016","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Requires the court to enter written findings of fact and conclusions of law for matter pertaining to child support and child custody " "6368H.01I","HB 2513","Colona, Mike","080","","","HB 2513","5/13/2016","Referred: Children and Families","","Requires certain individuals and entities to solemnize all marriages requested by persons legally entitled to marry" "6444H.01I","HB 2558","McCaherty, John","097","","","HB 2558","5/2/2016","HCS Voted Do Pass (H)","","Changes the laws regarding custody of in vitro human embryos" "6800H.01I","HB 2730","Pogue, Jeff","143","","","HB 2730","5/13/2016","Referred: Children and Families","","Allows a person authorized to solemnize marriages to refuse to solemnize a marriage which is contrary to the religious beliefs or sincerely held moral convictions of such person" "6811H.01I","HB 2754","Berry, T.J.","038","","","HB 2754","5/13/2016","Referred: Children and Families","","Changes the laws regarding marriage and replaces marriage licenses with contracts of domestic union" "6693H.01I","HCR 112","Pogue, Jeff","143","","","HCR 112","5/13/2016","Referred: Emerging Issues","","Submits to Congress a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman" "6808H.01I","HCR 113","Pogue, Jeff","143","","","HCR 113","5/13/2016","Referred: Emerging Issues","","Calls for a special session for the purpose of eliminating the state's involvement in the institution of marriage" "5172H.02I","HJR 92","Colona, Mike","080","","","HJR 92","5/13/2016","Referred: Children and Families","","Proposes a constitutional amendment to repeal the provision requiring marriage to be between a man and woman in order to be valid " "6089H.01I","HJR 96","Curtman, Paul","109","","","HJR 96","3/3/2016","Referred: Emerging Issues","","Proposes a constitutional amendment that prohibits penalties by the state against religious organizations or certain persons for beliefs or acts based on religious beliefs" "6582H.01I","HJR 97","Curtman, Paul","109","","","HJR 97","3/3/2016","Referred: Emerging Issues","","Proposes a constitutional amendment to prohibit the state from imposing penalties on individuals and religious entities who refuse to participate in same sex marriage ceremonies due to religious beliefs" "6346H.01I","HJR 110","Pogue, Jeff","143","","","HJR 110","5/13/2016","Referred: Children and Families","","Proposes a constitutional amendment clarifying that marriage is between a man and a woman and provides that any court case ruling otherwise is unauthoritative, void, and of no effect" Missouri House Bill Export