LR Number, Bill, Sponsor, Sponsor District, CoSponsor, CoSponsor District, Bill String, Last Action Date, Last Action, Last Activity Comments, Bill Long Title "4189H.01I","HB 1512","Ellington, Brandon","022","","","HB 1512","5/13/2016","Referred: Civil and Criminal Proceedings","","Specifies that a person applying for state employment, public assistance, or state housing assistance cannot be required to disclose any prior nonviolent felony plea or conviction with certain exceptions" "4386H.01T","HB 1565","Engler, Kevin","116","","","HB 1565","6/9/2016","Delivered to Secretary of State (G)","","Raises the MO HealthNet asset limits for disabled persons " "5183H.01I","HB 1736","Davis, Charlie","162","","","HB 1736","2/23/2016","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Modifies definitions relating to low-income housing tax credits " "4642H.03I","HB 1739","Brattin, Rick","055","","","HB 1739","5/13/2016","Referred: Emerging Issues","","Limits the types of products that may be purchased with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits " "5130S.02C","HB 1795","Haefner, Marsha","095","","","SCS HB 1795","4/26/2016","Placed on Informal Calendar","","Requires the Department of Social Services to contract with a third party to verify eligibility data for public assistance programs " "5184H.02I","HB 1808","English, Keith","068","","","HB 1808","5/13/2016","Referred: Ways and Means","","Changes the laws regarding state income tax by exempting all income below twenty-five thousand dollars from taxation " "4281H.01I","HB 1841","Gardner, Kimberly","077","","","HB 1841","4/18/2016","Public Hearing Scheduled, Bill not Heard (H)","","Establishes the Missouri Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program to provide low-income seniors with fresh Missouri-grown produce " "4100H.01I","HB 1882","Ellington, Brandon","022","","","HB 1882","5/13/2016","Referred: Children and Families","","Revises the definition of ""liquor store"" as it applies to provisions regarding public assistance benefits " "5286H.02I","HB 2072","Hinson, Dave","119","","","HB 2072","5/13/2016","Referred: Ways and Means","","Eliminates tax credits, converts all domestic and social tax credits into deductions, and reduces the top tax rate of the Missouri individual income tax" "5358H.02I","HB 2112","Eggleston, J.","002","","","HB 2112","1/28/2016","Referred: Children and Families","","Prohibits temporary assistance for needy families (TANF) benefit cards from being used at ATMs or to access cash, and limits the items that may be purchased with TANF benefits" "6099H.01P","HB 2331","Morris, Lynn","140","","","HB 2331","4/27/2016","Executive Session Held (S)","","Establishes the Missouri Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program to provide low-income seniors with fresh Missouri-grown produce " "6202H.03C","HB 2472","Franklin, Diane","123","","","HCS HB 2472","3/7/2016","HCS Reported Do Pass (H)","","Establishes the Joint Committee on Public Assistance" "6527H.01I","HB 2588","Kelley, Mike","127","","","HB 2588","4/12/2016","Referred: Civil and Criminal Proceedings","","Exempts from attachment and execution a person's right to receive a local public assistance benefit" "6682H.01I","HB 2653","Moon, Mike","157","","","HB 2653","5/13/2016","Referred: Emerging Issues","","Repeals a provision authorizing the Department of Social Services to offer grants to programs engaged in the resettling of refugees and legal immigrants" Missouri House Bill Export