LR Number, Bill, Sponsor, Sponsor District, CoSponsor, CoSponsor District, Bill String, Last Action Date, Last Action, Last Activity Comments, Bill Long Title "0256H.02T","HB 179","Chipman, Jason","120","","","HB 179","6/25/2015","Delivered to Secretary of State (G)","","Allows a retired military member to provide a Veterans' Identification Card issued by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs in order to receive a veteran designation on his or her driver's license" "0730L.01I","HB 240","Davis, Charlie","162","","","HB 240","1/20/2015","Referred: Elections","","Requires a person to submit a specified form of photo identification in order to vote in a public election with specified exemptions " "0086H.01I","HB 443","English, Keith","068","","","HB 443","5/15/2015","Referred: Children and Families","","Allows a limited driving privilege to be granted to a person whose driver's license has been suspended due to child support arrearage under certain circumstances" "1289H.01I","HB 489","Phillips, Don","138","","","HB 489","3/30/2015","Motion to Do Pass Failed (H)","","Specifies that any member of the crew of a locomotive or train cannot be required to display a driver's license to any law enforcement officer in connection with the operation of a locomotive or train" "1313H.01I","HB 496","English, Keith","068","","","HB 496","5/15/2015","Referred: Emerging Issues","","Specifies that if this state issues a driver's license to an illegal alien, the license must have a distinguishing mark signifying the driver as a noncitizen" "1466H.01P","HB 562","Davis, Charlie","162","","","HB 562","5/5/2015","Placed on Informal Calendar","","Recognizes certain three-wheeled vehicles as motor vehicles " "1469H.01I","HB 580","Hinson, Dave","119","","","HB 580","1/27/2015","Referred: Transportation","","Recognizes certain three-wheeled vehicles as motor vehicles " "1458H.01P","HB 740","Jones, Caleb","050","","","HB 740","4/13/2015","Public Hearing Held (S)","","Prohibits the fine collection center from taking an individual's drivers' license for failure to appear for a traffic violation " "2067L.01I","HB 888","Ellington, Brandon","022","","","HB 888","5/15/2015","Referred: Transportation","","Requires same-day service for driver's license issuance and renewal, prior to January 2, 2017 " "1896H.05C","HB 1176","Jones, Caleb","050","","","HCS HB 1176","4/27/2015","HCS Reported Do Pass (H)","","Modifies provisions relating to intoxication-related offenses " Missouri House Bill Export