LR Number, Bill, Sponsor, Sponsor District, CoSponsor, CoSponsor District, Bill String, Last Action Date, Last Action, Last Activity Comments, Bill Long Title "0009H.05T","HB 9","Fitzpatrick, Scott","158","","","CCS SCS HCS HB 9","6/30/2017","Vetoed in Part by Governor (G)","","Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Corrections " "0296H.01I","HB 163","Eggleston, J.","002","","","HB 163","1/26/2017","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Places restrictions on the television programming inmates have access to in correctional facilities" "0638H.01P","HB 207","Fitzwater, Paul","144","","","HB 207","4/10/2017","Placed on Informal Calendar","","Prohibits two-way telecommunications devices and their component parts in correctional centers and jails " "0849H.02P","HB 219","Hill, Justin","108","","","HCS HB 219","5/11/2017","Second read and referred: Senate Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence","","Modifies provisions relating to private probation services for misdemeanor offenders" "0655H.01I","HB 268","Brattin, Rick","055","","","HB 268","3/28/2017","Reported Do Pass (H)","","Requires all inmates receiving an on-site non-emergency medical examination or treatment from correctional center personnel to be charged 50 cents per visit" "0833H.01I","HB 301","Hill, Justin","108","","","HB 301","3/28/2017","Reported Do Pass (H)","","Modifies provisions relating to videoconferencing at parole hearings " "1104H.02C","HB 351","McGaugh, Joe Don","039","","","HCS HB 351","3/28/2017","Reported Do Pass (H)","","Modifies provisions relating to the detention and shackling of juvenile offenders and detention and shackling of pregnant offenders" "0731H.01I","HB 419","Peters, Joshua","076","","","HB 419","3/2/2017","Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight","","Requires the Department of Corrections, or its contracted vendors, to purchase beef or vegetable products grown or produced in Missouri " "0658H.01I","HB 474","Smith, Clem","085","","","HB 474","2/1/2017","Referred: Judiciary","","Raises the daily amount a wrongfully imprisoned person may receive from $50 to $128 " "0313H.01I","HB 508","Ellington, Brandon","022","","","HB 508","3/16/2017","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Requires the Department of Corrections to perform specified actions to improve the ability of working inmates to obtain employment upon release from incarceration" "0498H.02I","HB 639","McCann Beatty, Gail","026","","","HB 639","5/12/2017","Referred: Select Committee on Local, State, Federal Relations and Miscellaneous Business","","Establishes provisions for lifetime parole supervision for offenders serving sentences of life without parole after a minimum of 25 years of confinement" "1477H.02C","HB 688","McCaherty, John","097","","","HCS HB 688","3/8/2017","Referred: Rules - Administrative Oversight","","Authorizes a tax credit for certain organizations working with ex-offenders" "1576H.01I","HB 726","Hannegan, Tom","065","","","HB 726","3/28/2017","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Authorizes the early parole of certain offenders over the age of 65 " "1033H.02I","HB 1002","McCreery, Tracy","088","","","HB 1002","4/6/2017","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Establishes protections for pregnant offenders and offenders who are in postpartum recovery while in custody at a correctional center or county or city jail" "2081H.01I","HB 1038","Franks Jr., Bruce","078","","","HB 1038","5/12/2017","Referred: Select Committee on Local, State, Federal Relations and Miscellaneous Business","","Modifies provisions relating to good time credit" "2375H.02P","HCB 7","Fitzwater, Paul","144","","","HCB 7","5/11/2017","Second read and referred: Senate General Laws","","Requires the Attorney General to submit a monthly report detailing all activity concerning lawsuits filed against the Department of Corrections and the State Legal Expense Fund" Missouri House Bill Export