LR Number, Bill, Sponsor, Sponsor District, CoSponsor, CoSponsor District, Bill String, Last Action Date, Last Action, Last Activity Comments, Bill Long Title "0004L.05T","HB 4","Flanigan, Tom","163","","","CCS SCS HCS HB 4","5/11/2015","Delivered to Secretary of State (G)","","Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Revenue and Department of Transportation" "0005L.05T","HB 5","Flanigan, Tom","163","","","CCS SCS HCS HB 5","5/11/2015","Delivered to Secretary of State (G)","","Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Office of Administration, Department of Transportation, and Department of Public Safety" "0173H.01I","HB 102","Redmon, Craig","004","","","HB 102","4/21/2015","Referred: Select Committee on State and Local Governments","","Increases the membership of the Highways and Transportation Commission to seven commissioners and requires new appointees to be residents of different Department of Transportation districts" "0249H.01P","HB 133","Rowland, Lyle","155","","","HB 133","4/13/2015","Public Hearing Held (S)","","Designates a bridge in Ozark County as the ""Irwin C. Cudworth Memorial Bridge"" " "0360H.01P","HB 134","Rowland, Lyle","155","","","HB 134","4/13/2015","Public Hearing Held (S)","","Designates a portion of Highway 160 in Ozark County as ""The Jerry Corp Memorial Highway"" " "0644H.01I","HB 315","Brown, Wanda","057","","","HB 315","4/2/2015","Referred: Conservation and Natural Resources","","Requires the Department of Conservation to conduct testing of deceased deer found along state highways for chronic wasting disease " "1088L.01P","HB 338","McGaugh, Joe Don","039","","","HB 338","4/13/2015","Public Hearing Held (S)","","Designates a portion of Highway 10 in Ray and Carroll counties as the ""Ray-Carroll County Veterans Memorial Highway"". " "1303S.04T","HB 522","Cookson, Steve","153","","","SS SCS HB 522, HB 34, HB 133, HB 134, HB 810, HB 338 & HB 873","6/25/2015","Delivered to Secretary of State (G)","","Changes the laws regarding bridge and highway designations" "1320H.02I","HB 689","Korman, Bart","042","","","HB 689","3/11/2015","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Creates the Divided Highway Transportation Fund and designates how moneys in the fund must be disbursed " "1892H.01I","HB 792","Barnes, Jay","060","","","HB 792","3/9/2015","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Creates a regulatory system for transportation network companies " "2015H.01P","HB 873","Johnson, Delus","009","","","HB 873","4/13/2015","Public Hearing Held (S)","","Designates a portion of Business Highway 71 in Andrew County as ""Randy Bever Memorial Highway"" " "2237S.05C","HB 1002","Berry, T.J.","038","","","SCS HCS HB 1002","5/6/2015","Referred: Senate Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight","","Modifies provisions relating to the ownership of motor vehicles " "2146H.01I","HB 1034","Parkinson, Mark","105","","","HB 1034","5/15/2015","Referred: Government Efficiency","","Requires the consolidation of state agency data centers " "2054L.01I","HB 1051","Rizzo, John","019","","","HB 1051","5/15/2015","Referred: Conservation and Natural Resources","","Provides that any fines imposed for illegal or unauthorized dumping or littering must be doubled when the offense occurs on a scenic byway" "2549H.01I","HB 1171","Hinson, Dave","119","","","HB 1171","3/11/2015","Referred: Transportation","","Modifies provisions relating to transportation funding " "1838H.01I","HB 1198","Burlison, Eric","133","","","HB 1198","4/21/2015","Action Postponed (H)","","Specifies that no appropriation from general revenue to the Department of Transportation will be expended if the department has spent funds from the State Road Fund for the same or like purposes" "2626H.01I","HB 1253","Lavender, Deb","090","","","HB 1253","3/31/2015","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Establishes the ""Organic-Ready City Designation Program"" " "2630H.01I","HB 1257","Hinson, Dave","119","","","HB 1257","5/15/2015","Referred: Transportation","","Requires every train or light engine used in connection with the movement of freight have at least two crew members operating the train or engine" "2670H.01I","HB 1310","Korman, Bart","042","","","HB 1310","4/8/2015","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Requires the Department of Transportation to establish a utility corridor within the right of ways of state highways " "2639H.02I","HB 1360","Love, Warren","125","","","HB 1360","3/31/2015","Referred: Ways and Means","","Increases the tax on motor fuel to 2% " "2233H.01I","HJR 42","Brattin, Rick","055","","","HJR 42","4/28/2015","Public Hearing Completed (H)","","Proposes a constitutional amendment that would require the Department of Transportation to meet certain funding requirements before spending state revenues or appropriated monies" Missouri House Bill Export