DateJrn PgActivity Description
DateJrn PgActivity Description
1/29/2015H 335Introduced and Read First Time (H)
2/02/2015H 351Read Second Time (H)
2/02/2015H 356Referred: Appropriations - Revenue, Transportation, and Economic Development(H)
2/03/2015Public Hearing Completed (H)
2/11/2015Executive Session Completed (H)
2/11/2015Voted Do Pass with Amendments (H)
2/11/2015H 475 - 476Reported Do Pass with Amendments (H) - HCA 1, HCA 2, HCA 3
2/11/2015H 475Referred: Select Committee on Budget(H)
3/03/2015Executive Session Completed (H)
3/03/2015HCS Voted Do Pass (H)
3/04/2015H 768HCS Reported Do Pass (H)
3/04/2015H 770Referred: Select Committee on Rules(H)
3/05/2015Rules - Executive Session Completed (H)
3/05/2015Rules - Voted Do Pass with Time Limit (H)
3/05/2015H 798Rules - Reported Do Pass with Time Limit (H) - Do Pass with a time limit of six hours total debate on perfection.
3/10/2015H 826Taken Up for Perfection (H)
3/10/2015H 826Laid Over (H)
3/10/2015H 833Taken Up
3/10/2015H 833Laid Over (H)
3/10/2015H 852Taken Up
3/10/2015H 852HCS Adopted (H)
3/10/2015H 852Perfected (H)
3/12/2015H 907Taken Up for Third Reading (H)
3/12/2015H 907 - 908Third Read and Passed (H) - AYES: 125 NOES: 26 PRESENT: 0
3/12/2015S 568Reported to the Senate and First Read (S)
3/16/2015S 578Second read and referred: Senate Appropriations(S)
3/17/2015Public Hearing Scheduled (S) - Thirty minutes (30) upon morning recess. Senate Committee Room 2
3/18/2015Public Hearing Scheduled (S) - Wednesday, March 18, 2015, 8:30am, Senate Committee Room 2
3/19/2015Public Hearing Scheduled (S) - Thursday, March 19, 2015, 8:30am, Senate Committee Room 2
3/18/2015Hearing Cancelled (S) - Thursday, March 19, 2015, 8:30am, Senate Committee Room 2
3/19/2015Public Hearing Continued (S) - Monday, March 30, 2015, 12:30pm, Senate Committee Room 2
3/19/2015Public Hearing Continued (S) - Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 8:30am, Senate Committee Room 2
4/01/2015Public Hearing Continued (S) - Wednesday, April 1, 2015, 8:30am, Senate Committee Room 2, Mark-up
4/02/2015Public Hearing Continued (S) - Thursday, April 2, 2015, 8:30am, Senate Committee Room 2, Marik-up
4/02/2015Executive Session Held (S) - SCS voted do pass
4/06/2015S 741SCS Reported Do Pass (S)
4/07/2015S 763Taken Up for Third Reading (S)
4/07/2015S 764SCS Adopted (S)
4/07/2015S 764Third Read and Passed (S) - AYES: 30 NOES: 3 PRESENT: 0
4/08/2015H 1324Reported to the House with... (H) - SCS
4/08/2015H 1329Taken Up
4/08/2015H 1329House Refuses to Adopt, Requests Senate to Recede or Grant Conference - SCS
4/08/2015S 797Reported to the Senate (S)
4/08/2015S 798Senate Refuses to Recede, Grants Conference (S)
4/08/2015S 798Senate Conference Committee Appointed (S) - SENATORS SCHAEFER, BROWN, CURLS, WALSH, SILVEY
4/08/2015H 1340Senate Message (S)
4/09/2015S 821House Message (H)
4/13/2015S 834Conferee Removed - Senator Silvey replaced Senator Kehoe
4/13/2015H 1416Senate Message (S)
4/22/2015Conference Committee Hearing - Wednesday, April 22 - Hearing Room 3
4/22/2015H 1872House Distributes Conference Committee Report (H)
4/22/2015H 1879Referred: Fiscal Review(H)
4/23/2015Executive Session Completed (H)
4/23/2015Voted Do Pass (H)
4/23/2015H 1886Reported Do Pass (H) - AYES: 9 NOES: 1 PRESENT: 0
4/23/2015H 1894Taken Up for Third Reading (H)
4/23/2015H 1895 - 1896House Adopts Conference Committee Report (H) - AYES: 121 NOES: 31 PRESENT: 0
4/23/2015H 1896 - 1897Third Read and Passed (H) - AYES: 122 NOES: 31 PRESENT: 0
4/23/2015S 1032House Message (H)
4/23/2015S 1036Taken Up for Third Reading (S)
4/23/2015S 1036Senate Submits Conference Committee Report (S)
4/23/2015S 1036 - 1037Senate Adopts Conference Committee Report (S) - AYES: 34 NOES: 0 PRESENT: 0
4/23/2015S 1037 - 1038Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed - AYES: 34 NOES: 0 PRESENT: 0
4/23/2015H 1927Senate Message (S)
4/23/2015H 1927Signed by House Speaker(H)
4/23/2015S 1059 - 1060Signed by President Pro Tem (S)
4/23/2015H 1927Delivered to Governor
5/08/2015H 2757 - 2758Approved by Governor (G)
5/11/2015Delivered to Secretary of State (G)

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