Missouri House of Representatives
94th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session (2008)
Bills Indexed by Subject

HB 1310 --- Sponsor: Hoskins, Theodore
Requires independent candidates to file declarations of candidacy and petitions for nomination by the same deadlines established for other candidates
HB 1407 --- Sponsor: Deeken, Bill
Requires all petition circulators to be registered voters, residents of Missouri, and citizens of the United States and prohibits payment of petition circulators on a per-signature basis
HB 1606 --- Sponsor: Bringer, Rachel
Revises the definition of "telephone solicitation" to prohibit political campaigns from using live operators or automatic dialing announcing devices to call anyone on the No-call List
HB 1684 --- Sponsor: Meiners, Kate
Establishes the Missouri Political Cyberfraud Act and creates the crime of political cyberfraud
HB 1719 --- Sponsor: Talboy, Mike --- CoSponsor: Holsman, Jason R.
Allows individuals to vote a straight party line ticket for all members of the same political party with a single punch or mark
HB 1761 --- Sponsor: Storch, Rachel --- CoSponsor: Oxford, Jeanette Mott
Changes the laws regarding initiative and referendum petitions
HB 1763 --- Sponsor: Parson, Michael L.
Changes the laws regarding petition circulators
HB 1872 --- Sponsor: Hunter, Steve --- CoSponsor: Fisher, Barney
Establishes the Protect Missouri Employee Paychecks from Politics Act
HB 2231 --- Sponsor: Cooper, Shannon
Changes the laws regarding campaign contributions by removing certain contribution limits and the prohibition of certain contributions while the General Assembly is in session
HB 2312 --- Sponsor: Holsman, Jason R. --- CoSponsor: Oxford, Jeanette Mott
Establishes a process for funding elections that allows candidates to voluntarily agree to campaign finance limitations in exchange for public funding
SB 757 --- Sponsor: Engler, Kevin
Provides for nonpartisan elections of judicial candidates and forbids such candidates from being affiliated with any political party
SB 797 --- Sponsor: Bray, Joan
Modifies the paperwork requirements for the formation of a new political party and the nomination of independent candidates
SB 840 --- Sponsor: Engler, Kevin
Modifies the state do-not-call list and creates "paid for by" requirements for political phone calls
SB 857 --- Sponsor: Engler, Kevin
Modifies the state do-not-call list and creates "paid for by" requirements for political phone calls
SB 926 --- Sponsor: Green, Timothy P.
Modifies various laws relating to ethics

Missouri House of Representatives
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