Missouri House of Representatives
94th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session (2008)
Bills Indexed by Subject

HB 1432 --- Sponsor: Wildberger, Edward --- CoSponsor: Rucker, Martin T.
Expands the crime of tampering with a judicial officer to include juvenile officers and deputy juvenile officers
HB 1570 --- Sponsor: Franz, Ward
Adds the services of guardians ad litem to the priority list when a family court is determining how to spend moneys in the county family services and justice fund
HB 1572 --- Sponsor: Franz, Ward
Defines "unknown father" as it relates to adoption, guardianship, and termination of parental rights and specifies that written consent is not required from an unknown father to terminate parental rights
HB 2132 --- Sponsor: Smith, Jason --- CoSponsor: Bringer, Rachel
Allows law enforcement agencies to share certain information on juveniles from their records with other law enforcement agencies
HB 2391 --- Sponsor: Roorda, Jeff --- CoSponsor: Darrough, Bruce
Requires the juvenile court to publish the time, date, and location of certain juvenile court proceedings in a court docket and to post it in a conspicuous and readily-accessible location in the courthouse
SB 849 --- Sponsor: Shoemyer, Wes
Gives the Office of the Child Advocate authority to file findings or reports to the juvenile court
SB 1054 --- Sponsor: Dempsey, Tom
Modifies provisions relating to juvenile courts and juvenile court jurisdiction
SB 1242 --- Sponsor: Barnitz, Frank A.
Modifies various provisions relating to foster care and adoption
SB 1287 --- Sponsor: Scott, Delbert
Requires the juvenile court to have concurrent jurisdiction with the probate court over guardianship actions for children who under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court

Missouri House of Representatives
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