Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 1888 -- Annexation of Land within the Springfield Airport Zone

Sponsor:  Schoeller

Currently, no municipality is allowed to annex land located
within the airport zone of the City of Springfield.  This bill
allows a municipality to annex land in the airport zone if it
enters into an agreement to adopt, enforce, and administer
Springfield's airport zoning ordinance.  If the municipality
fails to enforce or administer the airport zoning ordinance or
the agreement, it will be subject to an injunction, quo warranto,
mandamus, declaratory judgment, or any other remedy provided by
the agreement.

A combined board of adjustment as determined by the agreement
will have the powers of a board of adjustment under Section
89.090, RSMo, except that the concurring vote of eight members of
the combined board will be necessary to reverse administrative
official decisions or to approve ordinance variations.

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Missouri House of Representatives
94th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
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