Missouri House of Representatives
94th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Daily Activity Register
For Activities Recorded on February 25, 2008

HB1310 --- Sponsor: Hoskins, Theodore (080)
Requires independent candidates to file declarations of candidacy and petitions for nomination by the same deadlines established for other candidates
HB 1310 -- (LR# 3340L- 01P)
Third Read and Passed (H)
AYES: 96
NOES: 40
Reported to the Senate and First Read (S)
HB1341 --- Sponsor: Ruestman, Marilyn (131) --- CoSponsor: Stevenson, Bryan P. (128)
Establishes Ethan's Law which requires the owner of a for-profit, privately owned swimming pool to maintain adequate liability insurance in the event of injury or death of a patron
HCS HB 1341 -- (LR# 3266L- 06T)
HCS Reported Do Pass (H)
Referred: Rules Pursuant to Rule 25(21)(f) (H)
HB1406 --- Sponsor: Deeken, Bill (114) --- CoSponsor: Day, David (148)
Establishes David's Law which requires the Department of Transportation to establish and administer a drunk driving memorial sign program
HB 1406 -- (LR# 3162L- 01P)
Third Read and Passed (H)
AYES: 82
NOES: 51
Reported to the Senate and First Read (S)
HB1550 --- Sponsor: Stevenson, Bryan P. (128) --- CoSponsor: Fisher, Barney (125)
Expands the jurisdiction of juvenile courts to include individuals who are 17 years of age for the sole purpose of status offenses by revising the definition of "child" and "adult"
SS HCS HB 1550 -- (LR# 4041S- 05T)
HCS Reported Do Pass (H)
Referred: Rules Pursuant to Rule 25(21)(f) (H)
HB1595 --- Sponsor: Swinger, Terry (162) --- CoSponsor: Kuessner, J. C. (152)
Authorizes an income tax credit for 50% of the cost of the construction of a storm shelter or $2,000, whichever is less
HCS HB 1595 & 1668 -- (LR# 3586L- 02P)
HCS Adopted (H)
Perfected (H)
HB1661 --- Sponsor: LeVota, Paul (052) --- CoSponsor: Jetton, Rod (156)
Exempts property taxes paid by certain nonresident taxpayers from being added-back to their adjusted gross income under certain circumstances
HB 1661 -- (LR# 3325L- 02P)
Second Read/Referred: Ways and Means (S)
HB1722 --- Sponsor: Wallace, Maynard (143) --- CoSponsor: Jetton, Rod (156)
Changes the laws regarding school employee liability, safety practices, and reporting acts of violence
SCS HCS HB 1722 -- (LR# 3813S- 04C)
HCS Reported Do Pass (H)
Referred: Rules Pursuant to Rule 25(21)(f) (H)
HB1774 --- Sponsor: Wallace, Maynard (143) --- CoSponsor: Lampe, Sara (138)
Changes the maximum percentage of increase in annual compensation in the final average salary for members of the Public School Retirement System of Missouri
HB 1774 -- (LR# 4530L- 01I)
Third Read and Passed (H)
AYES: 142
Emergency Clause Adopted (H)
AYES: 136
Reported to the Senate and First Read (S)
HB1876 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Jane (086)
Requires the designation of an agent for a binding signature on a placement settlement and makes the five-business-day notice applicable to all special education due process hearings
SCS HCS HB 1876 & 1877 -- (LR# 3964S- 03C)
HCS Reported Do Pass by Consent (H)
Referred: Rules Pursuant to Rule 25(21)(f) (H)
HB1877 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Jane (086)
Gives the local board of education authority to identify a designee to bind the school district in a settlement agreement reached during the resolution session regarding a special education placement
HB 1877 -- (LR# 3963L- 01I)
HCS Reported Do Pass by Consent (H)
HB1970 --- Sponsor: Wasson, Jay (141)
Prohibits a person from initiating a civil action against any licensed motor vehicle dealer with whom the person did not directly and personally negotiate or communicate
HB 1970 -- (LR# 4737L- 01T)
Perfected with Amendments (H)
HB2019 --- Sponsor: Icet, Allen (084)
Appropriates money for supplemental purposes for the University of Missouri, for the purchase of equipment, planning, expenses for capital improvements, from funds designated for period ending 5-30-08
HB 2019 -- (LR# 3019L- 01T)
Approved by Governor (G)
Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
HB2051 --- Sponsor: Kelly, Van (144) --- CoSponsor: Moore, Danielle (020)
Authorizes the Director of the Department of Corrections to serve as the acting Chairman of the Board of Probation and Parole or to appoint a board member to the position until the Governor appoints someone
HB 2051 -- (LR# 4994L- 01P)
Referred: Corrections and Public Institutions (H)
HB2064 --- Sponsor: Wasson, Jay (141)
Allows pharmacy technicians to have up to 30 days to renew their registration after expiration and authorizes the State Board of Pharmacy to issue certain cease and desist orders
HCS HB 2064 -- (LR# 4862L- 02P)
Committee: Spec Com on Professional Registration & Licens (H)
Public Hearing Completed (H)
HB2065 --- Sponsor: Wasson, Jay (141)
Repeals the reciprocity provision which allows a licensed or certified psychologist in another state with similar qualifications to receive a Missouri license without meeting the required criteria
SCS HB 2065 -- (LR# 4864S- 02T)
Committee: Spec Com on Professional Registration & Licens (H)
Public Hearing Completed (H)
HB2066 --- Sponsor: Wasson, Jay (141)
Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to establish a schedule of fees for architectural plan reviews of construction documents for certain health facilities
HB 2066 -- (LR# 4912L- 01I)
Committee: Spec Com on Professional Registration & Licens (H)
Public Hearing Completed (H)
HB2081 --- Sponsor: Dougherty, Curt (053)
Revises the definition of "practice of embalming"
SS SCS HB 2081 -- (LR# 4865S- 04F)
Committee: Spec Com on Professional Registration & Licens (H)
Public Hearing Completed (H)
HB2082 --- Sponsor: Dougherty, Curt (053)
Changes the laws regarding the State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners
HCS HB 2082 -- (LR# 4991L- 03P)
Committee: Spec Com on Professional Registration & Licens (H)
Public Hearing Completed (H)
HB2117 --- Sponsor: El-Amin, Talibdin (057) --- CoSponsor: Hubbard, Rodney R. (058)
Allows the City of St. Louis to control its police force without state intervention by passing an ordinance
HB 2117 -- (LR# 4019L- 01I)
Re-referred to Committee (H)
Referred: Special Committee on Urban Issues (H)
HB2222 --- Sponsor: Smith, Joe (014)
Renames the Guard at Home Program to the Hero at Home Program, extends the time period for assistance to spouses, and expands the assistance of finding work to certain returning reservists
HB 2222 -- (LR# 5155L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2223 --- Sponsor: Pratt, Bryan (055)
Creates the crimes of assault of an employee of a mass transit system while in the scope of his or her duties in the first, second, and third degrees
HB 2223 -- (LR# 4902L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2224 --- Sponsor: Jones, Kenny (117) --- CoSponsor: Nance, Bob (036)
Revises continuing education requirements for peace officers
CCS SS SCS HB 2224 -- (LR# 4606L- 08T)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2225 --- Sponsor: Robb, Ed (024) --- CoSponsor: Dixon, Bob (140)
Adds the costs of gifted education programs back into the school foundation formula as categorical funding
HB 2225 -- (LR# 4416L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2226 --- Sponsor: Muschany, T. Scott (087)
Clarifies that married taxpayers filing jointly may deduct up to $16,000 in contributions to the Missouri Higher Education Savings Program from their taxable income
HB 2226 -- (LR# 5211L- 01P)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2227 --- Sponsor: Wilson, Kevin (130) --- CoSponsor: Nance, Bob (036)
Allows the court to order a person's vehicle impounded for up to one year as part of a penalty for driving while intoxicated
HB 2227 -- (LR# 4710L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2228 --- Sponsor: Wilson, Kevin (130) --- CoSponsor: McGhee, Mike (122)
Requires the registration of home inspectors with the Secretary of State
HB 2228 -- (LR# 4933L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2229 --- Sponsor: Page, Sam (082) --- CoSponsor: Schaaf, Robert (028)
Requires health insurers to provide coverage for ancillary medical services for outpatient diagnostic screenings and surgical intervention services when medically necessary
HB 2229 -- (LR# 5178L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2230 --- Sponsor: Page, Sam (082) --- CoSponsor: Talboy, Mike (037)
Requires immunizations for certain school children for the human papillomavirus at the option of the child's parent or guardian
HB 2230 -- (LR# 5095L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2231 --- Sponsor: Cooper, Shannon (120)
Changes the laws regarding campaign contributions by removing certain contribution limits and the prohibition of certain contributions while the General Assembly is in session
HB 2231 -- (LR# 4482L- 03I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2232 --- Sponsor: Cooper, Shannon (120)
Limits the number of excursion gambling boat operator licenses issued by the Missouri Gaming Commission to a total of 13
HB 2232 -- (LR# 5232L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2233 --- Sponsor: Page, Sam (082) --- CoSponsor: LeVota, Paul (052)
Prohibits an employee or official of any political subdivision from seeking a political appointment in exchange for anything of value to any political subdivision
HB 2233 -- (LR# 3425L- 02T)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2234 --- Sponsor: Page, Sam (082) --- CoSponsor: Talboy, Mike (037)
Authorizes an exemption from motor fuel tax on fuel used for school buses to be deposited into a fund for the school district to purchase or lease buses equipped with lap-shoulder safety belts
HB 2234 -- (LR# 3427L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2235 --- Sponsor: Komo, Sam (090) --- CoSponsor: Darrough, Bruce (075)
Requires the Joint Committee on Terrorism, Bioterrorism, and Homeland Security to include the feasibility of compiling information relevant to enforcement issues in their studies
HB 2235 -- (LR# 3836L- 02I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2236 --- Sponsor: Komo, Sam (090) --- CoSponsor: Darrough, Bruce (075)
Requires the Office of Administration to conduct random audits of certain contractors and subcontractors performing publicly funded construction projects
HB 2236 -- (LR# 4243L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2237 --- Sponsor: Komo, Sam (090) --- CoSponsor: Schieffer, Ed (011)
Prohibits any person from transporting, moving, attempting to transport, concealing, harboring, or sheltering any illegal alien in this state
HB 2237 -- (LR# 4011L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2238 --- Sponsor: Schad, Rodney (115) --- CoSponsor: Fisher, Barney (125)
Allows any person holding a valid turkey permit to hunt wild turkeys without affixing a safety sticker to his or her shotgun
HB 2238 -- (LR# 4554L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2239 --- Sponsor: Stevenson, Bryan P. (128)
Specifies that any lien claiming to secure the payment of a transfer fee convenant on real estate recorded in Missouri on or after September 1, 2008, will be void and unenforceable
HCS HB 2239 -- (LR# 5206L- 02C)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2240 --- Sponsor: Stevenson, Bryan P. (128)
Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to establish rules governing the use of switch communications that recommend a patient to switch from a current medication to a different one
HB 2240 -- (LR# 4883L- 02I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2241 --- Sponsor: Stevenson, Bryan P. (128)
Changes the laws regarding merchandising practices, the requirements for maintaining an action for unlawful merchandising practices, and the qualifications of expert witnesses in civil actions
HB 2241 -- (LR# 5083L- 02I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2242 --- Sponsor: Cooper, Robert Wayne (155) --- CoSponsor: Guest, Jim (005)
Creates a civil penalty and a cause of action for damages for coerced subcutaneous implantation of an identification device
HB 2242 -- (LR# 4569L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2243 --- Sponsor: Curls, Shalonn (041) --- CoSponsor: Tilley, Steven (106)
Establishes the Missouri Fibromyalgia Awareness Initiative Program and allows a health care professional with prescriptive authority to override certain restrictions on medications for fibromyalgia patients
HB 2243 -- (LR# 4978L- 02I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2244 --- Sponsor: Page, Sam (082)
Renames the Intractable Pain Treatment Act to the Pain Treatment Act and removes the term "intractable pain" from its provisions
HB 2244 -- (LR# 5207L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2245 --- Sponsor: Robb, Ed (024) --- CoSponsor: Bivins, Walt (097)
Authorizes fire protection district boards to delegate certain powers to the fire chief and to rescind that delegation upon a majority vote of the board
HB 2245 -- (LR# 4770L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2246 --- Sponsor: Robb, Ed (024) --- CoSponsor: Bivins, Walt (097)
Decreases the corporate income tax rate to 5.5% and requires the sales factor to be multiplied by three for the purpose of calculating the apportionment of corporate income
HB 2246 -- (LR# 3308L- 02I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2247 --- Sponsor: Nolte, Jerry (033) --- CoSponsor: Silvey, Ryan (038)
Exempts certain local sales taxes imposed for public transporation in the City of Kansas City from being used in tax increment financing or redevelopment projects
HB 2247 -- (LR# 5004L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2248 --- Sponsor: Deeken, Bill (114) --- CoSponsor: Ruestman, Marilyn (131)
Changes the laws regarding the use of credit information when underwriting insurance contracts and prohibits insurers from taking adverse actions based on a person's credit report or insurance score
HB 2248 -- (LR# 5174L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2249 --- Sponsor: Onder, Bob (013)
Authorizes a tax credit for qualified research costs paid by a qualified Missouri business
HB 2249 -- (LR# 4705L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2250 --- Sponsor: Sutherland, Mike (099) --- CoSponsor: Kraus, Will (048)
Establishes the Show-Me Green Tax Holiday Act which authorizes a state sales and use tax exemption on the purchase of certain energy efficient products each November
HCS HB 2250 -- (LR# 5100L- 02P)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2251 --- Sponsor: St. Onge, Neal C. (088)
Changes the laws regarding commercial driver's licenses and the transport of hazardous materials
HB 2251 -- (LR# 4079L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2252 --- Sponsor: St. Onge, Neal C. (088)
Changes the laws regarding commercial driver's licenses
HB 2252 -- (LR# 4080L- 01I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2253 --- Sponsor: St. Onge, Neal C. (088)
Changes the laws regarding motor vehicles, trailers, vessels, outboard motors, and aircraft
HB 2253 -- (LR# 4081L- 03I)
Read Second Time (H)
HB2254 --- Sponsor: Quinn, John (007) --- CoSponsor: Pratt, Bryan (055)
Establishes the Conservation Commission Advisory Board within the Department of Conservation to assist the Conservation Commission
HB 2254 -- (LR# 4520L- 02I)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB2255 --- Sponsor: Guest, Jim (005) --- CoSponsor: Franz, Ward (151)
Allows any local governing agency to establish a work for restitution program and requires certain nonviolent offenders to participate in and complete the program
HB 2255 -- (LR# 5125L- 01I)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB2256 --- Sponsor: Schaaf, Robert (028) --- CoSponsor: Dougherty, Curt (053)
Changes the laws regarding the reporting of information related to medical malpractice insurance
HB 2256 -- (LR# 4926L- 02I)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HB2257 --- Sponsor: Bruns, Mark J. (113) --- CoSponsor: Wildberger, Edward (027)
Establishes the Fire Safety Standard and Firefighter Protection Act which prohibits the sale of any cigarette that has not been tested, certified, and marked that it has met certain performance standards
HB 2257 -- (LR# 3797L- 01I)
Introduced and Read First Time (H)
HJR71 --- Sponsor: Fisher, Barney (125) --- CoSponsor: Jetton, Rod (156)
Proposes a constitutional amendment authorizing a sales tax for funding veterans' homes, services, and programs and constitutionally establishes the Missouri Veterans' Commission
HCS HJR 71 -- (LR# 4064L- 02P)
Read Second Time (H)
SB718 --- Sponsor: Kennedy, Harry (01)
Extends the sunset on job retention project tax credits under the Missouri Quality Jobs Act
CCS HCS#2 SS SCS SB 718 -- (LR# 3497S- 10T)
Read Second Time (H)
SB762 --- Sponsor: Wilson, Yvonne S. (09)
Modifies the definition of "bullying" as used in school dist antibullying policies to include cyberbullying and electronic communications
HCS SB 762 -- (LR# 3104L- 03C)
Read Second Time (H)
SB1038 --- Sponsor: Shields, Charles W. (34)
Repeals campaign contribution limits and modifies reporting requirements
SB 1038 -- (LR# 4464S- 01T)
Read Second Time (H)

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