99th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
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BillSponsorBill String
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HB1369Sommer, ChrissyHB 1369
 4104H.01I - Revises the definition of "service dog" to include animals that provide support or therapeutic functions for individuals with psychiatric or mental disabilities
HB1513Corlew, KevinHB 1513
 5016H.02I - Establishes a limit on residential property assessment increases for the elderly and disabled who own and live in their principal residence proportional to the increase of their Social Security benefit
HB1527Walker, Cora FaithHB 1527
 5141H.01I - Establishes the Mo HealthNet Buy-In for Workers with Disabilities Program
HB1572Rowland, LyleHB 1572
 4652H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to driver's licenses for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing
HB1601Merideth, PeterHB 1601
 5145H.01I - Changes the laws regarding taxation by reducing the amount businesses and employers may retain for timely remitting sales and withholding taxes and directing the savings created to certain funds
HB1658Basye, ChuckHB 1658
 4844H.01I - Changes the laws regarding health care for persons with disabilities
HB1694Unsicker, SarahHB 1694
 4810H.01I - Specifies that money in an individual's ABLE account shall not be considered an asset for purposes of the asset limits of the blind pension program
HB1699Quade, CrystalHB 1699
 5146H.01I - Implements the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement and directs the savings created to certain funds
HB1798Fitzwater, TravisHB 1798
 4659H.01I - Establishes an advisory committee to monitor the tracking of language development milestones of children who are deaf or hard of hearing
HB1829Houghton, JayHB 1829
 5439H.01I - Changes the laws regarding guardianship proceedings by requiring the state to reimburse the county for certain court costs
HB1868Kelley, MikeHB 1868
 4148H.02I - Establishes a statewide hearing aid distribution program for low-come individuals
HB1885Bahr, KurtHB 1885
 5094H.01I - Allows structured family caregiving as a covered service under MO HealthNet, subject to the approval of federal waivers
HB1983Ellebracht, MarkHB 1983
 5738H.01I - Exempts permanently disabled persons from the requirement that a physician's statement be provided each time a disabled license plate or windshield placard is renewed.
HB1984Unsicker, SarahHB 1984
 5805H.01I - Specifies that the first $100,000 in an individual's ABLE account shall not be considered an asset for purposes of the asset limits of the blind pension program
HB2031Sommer, ChrissyHB 2031
 5672H.01I - Modifies provisions regarding service dogs
HB2130Unsicker, SarahHB 2130
 4158H.02I - Requires state agencies to support competitive integrated employment for persons with disabilities
HB2171Wood, DavidHB 2171
 6008H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the blind pension fund
HJR57Carpenter, JonHJR 57
 4549H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment exempting from taxation certain real and personal property owned by a veteran with a total service-connected disability
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