Missouri House of Representatives
99th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
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Reports to: Rules - Legislative Oversight

Fitzpatrick, Scott, Chair
Alferman, Justin, Vice Chair
Butler, Michael, Ranking Minority Member
Andrews, Allen
Bahr, Kurt
Black, Rusty
Brown, Cloria
Burnett, Ingrid
Christofanelli, Phil
Conway, Kathie
Davis, Charlie
Gregory, David
Haefner, Marsha
Hill, Justin
Kendrick, Kip
Korman, Bart
Lavender, Deb
Lichtenegger, Donna
May, Karla
McGee, DaRon
Merideth, Peter
Peters, Joshua
Quade, Crystal
Razer, Greg
Redmon, Craig
Rone, Don
Ross, Robert
Rowland, Lyle
Smith, Cody
Spencer, Bryan
Swan, Kathryn
Taylor, Jered
Trent, Curtis
Walsh, Sara
Wood, David

No Hearings Scheduled
Accessibility Accommodations are available. Please contact Greg Sandbothe at (573) 526-0594. An advance notice of 48 hours before the scheduled hearing is required. TDD# (573) 751-3969
Notice of the intent to audio or video record all or any portion of a committee proceeding must be given to the Chairman of each committee in advance of the hearing.